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July 15th, 2011, 07:17 PM


Minerva is an interactive CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) that is set in many places with many characters. The base of the story is that you awaken in an apartment with no memories, a splitting headache and an empty stomach. The rest of the backstory will be revealed as you play. (providing you guys don't get killed / go insane! :p)

The idea is simple, I'll post several pictures with some description inbetween then four choices and you just have to pick which action you'd like for this turn. The first action to get to an odd result above the others each day is the choice made. The skills the character has will be decided in the prologue.

At the end of every action the characters status / inventory will be displayed in the following format. (Shown is all of the status levels)
Head:Fine; No injuries
Upper Torso:Minor Injuries; Minor lacerations to shoulders
Lower Torso:Injured; Laceration; Moderate bleeding
Left Arm:Fine; No injuries
Right Arm:Injured; Fractured forearm
Left Hand:Minor Injuries; Dislocated index finger
Right Hand:N/A; Limb Missing; Cauterized
Left Leg:Critical; Compound fracture; Lacerations; Bleeding
Right Leg:Danger; Internal Bleeding
Left Foot: N/A; Limb Missing; Heavy bleeding
Right Foot:Injured; Crushed limb

Satchel: 7/15; Canned vegetables [3] x2; Spork [1]
Left Pocket: 5/5; 9mm Handgun [5]
Right Pocket: 5/5; Zippo [1]; Cigarettes [2]; 9mm Magazine [2]
Left Hand: Kitchen Knife [5]
Right Hand: N/A

July 15th, 2011, 07:24 PM

You wake to an unfamiliar ceiling above, your vision swims in and out and your tongue is stuck to the roof of your mouth. Your head hurts and it takes you a moment to work out that you're thirsty.

Do you...

A)Get up and check your surroundings?
B)Go back to sleep, you might feel better after some more sleep?
C)Check your pockets for anything while remaining prone?
D)Try to work out what happened?

Head:Good; Headache
Upper Torso:Fine; No injuries
Lower Torso:Fine; No injuries
Left Arm:Fine; No injuries
Right Arm:Fine; No injuries
Left Hand:Fine; No injuries
Right Hand:Fine; No injuries
Left Leg:Fine; No injuries
Right Leg:Fine; No injuries
Left Foot:Fine; No injuries
Right Foot:Fine; No injuries


N. E. White
August 31st, 2011, 12:53 AM
What the fu--? Lisa's room? No. My room? No...

Pain streaks across my temples as I get up, swinging my legs off the lumpy bed. I pat the dusty, blood-red bedspread and say aloud, "Not my bed." My voice cracks. I could use a glass a water.

I look around for a glass, cup, anything. The room I'm in looks like one of the standard, run-down hotel rooms I invariable find my mother in, but she's not here. There's a small backpack next to the bedside table and some coffee making stuff over on the TV console. I stand, wobble for a moment, and quickly walk over to the coffee-maker. I grab a paper cup and head for the door next to the bed.

I pause.

What will I find in there? My mother? Her boyfriend? Both of 'em?

As I place my hand on the cold door knob, I wonder how the hell I got here in the first place.