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August 19th, 2002, 04:49 AM

Was reading this article and thought of posting this in the forums. Wasn't sure whether to go with the fantasy board or the writer's board but I figured this could give us an idea of the influences of our writings and also help us figure whether we're just re-hashing the same old ideas or moving on.

For the record, I've read both books reviewed here and found "Silver Call" so-so while "Dragondoom" ranks as one of my best reads all time.


On to the show: what influences your writings?

kassimir funk
August 19th, 2002, 05:25 AM
I would have to say(somewhat reluctantly) that the strongest influence on my writing, is the work of other authors. The ones I like as well as those I don't.

Do you ever read something by Jordan, Martin, Goodkind, Williams etc... that just leaves you.... I dunno.... annoyed? Like somehow you think that you could do it better. Know what I mean?

I don't mean to sound pretentious, but that really motivates me.

August 19th, 2002, 10:58 AM
I too think that everything that I read influences me in writing and world building.

For I am an avid roleplayer and write stories in our own fantasy world I mostly have a 'Tolkien-like' thing going on, with elves, orcs and so on. It is the best for background in roleplaying - inventing very new and very different ideas is good too, but at the moment I do not have the time and motivation. And with character creation etc. I have enough to do in my stories anyway.

Just like the article states, I have my own ideas and views on some things and change things like I want them to be. I think that is okay - the writing, the characters and the story line(s) need to be good and different.

Now, hope that is clear - somehow.

Today is not my day. :(

August 20th, 2002, 01:48 AM
Reading Jordan at the moment is having a positive affect on me. I am picking up on a lot as I read and my writing is improving steadily.