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Russell Burrows
October 9th, 2011, 03:51 AM
I purchased a science fiction book many years ago but have since forgotten who the Author was, what the title was??

All I can remember about the books story was that it involved curare in darts to paralize so that the hunters were able to organ harvest??

One of the story characters had an wristband that once placed was very difficult to remove.
Strangely I remember a quote from that book where they said that to get the wristband off the doctor that they had to amputate the entire arm.

The main Character and a girl both had to try to escape when haveing these wristbands on them and at a motel?? hotel?? they are unable to sleep unless the wristbands are touching since the wristbands produce a tingling sensation that increases in pain level the farther they are apart.

Please help me find my book.
Thank you.:)