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November 3rd, 2011, 06:39 AM
I think I might have been around 7 or 8 when I saw this, way way back in the days when cable providers would give you a month free "sample" of the Disney Channel. I don't have a whole lot of memory to go on, but what I do remember is the movie had a robot that looked like one of those cylindrical trash cans you see in hospitals; white with a domey bubbly kind of top.

There's a scene with the two kids (a boy and a girl?) who are helping the escaped robot flea through a sewer or something and he accidentally falls into the water and the kids have to take his dome top off and dry him out. In another scene, the kids are in the back of a semi truck and the robot shows them maps or something projected on the inside of his dome top.

And in another scene, the kids are trying to escape from the facility that is trying to reclaim him or whatever and they spot a jeep, (the open top kind the military uses) and one of the kids asks him "Can you drive?" and he responds "No, but I can learn" and he pulls out the manual from the glove compartment and they take off.

It is -not- Short Circuit, though it might have been made around the same time to try to capitalize on its appeal. And it definitely is -not- "And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird" as that movie was made in 1991 and the robot was made of scrap parts like a washing machine and the robot in the movie I'm trying to remember is more like a plain white R2D2 or the old TOMY Omnibot toy and AYTYPWW had an older brother and younger brother who wished their dad into the robot, this robot escaped from his creators and the two kids were the same age as one another and both rather young.

This is one of those things that is probably going to remain an unidentifiable scrap in the back of my head til someone comes along and throws me a title, like The Elmchanted Forest or The All American Rabbit. Jeeze, the things you'll think are good when you're a 7 year old in the 80's.

Aside from this one, there is also another weird obscure robot thing I remember seeing as a kid on ABC Weekend or CBS Storybreak or something where a teenage kid builds a robot that has a paper face that changes with his emotions and goes homicidal/suicidal when the teen accidentally spills some orange juice on him and he lures the teen to a secluded junk yard where he tries to kill him or himself or whatever.

I think it came on once before they showed The Mouse and The Motorcycle.