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August 29th, 2002, 09:44 AM
I saw a movie on TV a few years ago, it was a British or Irish childrens movie set on an island. In it the mother had once been a seal but had fallen in love with a human male and changed to human form, married and had children. The mother then goes back to sea (I think) with the youngest baby boy. A few years later the older sister keeps seeing glimpses of a young boy on another island. I not sure if you would consider the movie fantasy.

Does anyone know the name of the movie? And if you've seen it what did you think of it?

I thought it was an excellent movie with a spooky, mysterious feel to it. I'm suprised that I've never heard anything about it. I would love to get it to watch it with my daughter.

August 30th, 2002, 01:51 AM
I'm pretty sure I saw part of it a few months back whilst flicking channels. Couldn't say what it's called though.

September 3rd, 2002, 09:20 AM
After ages searching the web I finally found the movie. It's an Irish movie called "The Secret of Roan Inish" (no wonder I couldn't remember the title) apparently the seal people are called "selkies" according to Irish mythology.

Anyway I'd recomend it to any one who likes a mysterious, magical, sweet (but not sickly) movie.:D

September 15th, 2002, 06:50 PM
"Selkies" are part of Celtic mythology in general, we (in the Orkney Islands, Scotland), use the name in daily usage to refer to seals. The "selkie folk" change form by shedding there seal skins on the shore and are reputed to be very beautiful in human form. They can be captured by stealing there skins and hiding them. They will then become your willing slaves untill they can recover there seal skins and return to the sea.