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January 5th, 2012, 02:47 PM
I read the most amazing series a few years ago after I had back surgery. I was heavily medicated and cannot remember the series title, book names, nor much about the books.

The most vivid things I remember are that the space ships had to land on water after entering the atmosphere controlled by colored navigation beacons. The spaceships were driven as wet navy ships on the water to and from the moorings.

The other thing I remember clearly is in one of the books there was a satellite/moon that contained ancient cannons that were needed to defend the planet. The secret to using the cannons was located in a tower on the planet and the hero eventually activated the power source that powered the weapons.

Can anyone help me?

Many thanks!

marshal atkins
January 7th, 2012, 09:40 AM
The second point about the ancient cannons defending the planet reminds me of a "Berserkers" short story "Sign of the wolf"


Was what you read a series of short stories?

January 7th, 2012, 10:50 AM
Thanks for the reply. These were not Berserker stories and I am pretty sure they were full length novels.

I have remembered also that the protagonist starts out a low ranking officer, and the first book starts with him on a planet and it is cold and he is about to board his ship. The ship is moored (in a mooring ring), floating a few feet off the ground.

There is a huge battle and he receives the highest decoration and has to travel to the seat of the empire and meets the royal family.

He is given greater responsibilities and so on. In a later book he comes back to the same planet where it all starts and meets a girl. This is also the same planet that has to be defended by these ancient cannons but a religious order controls the satellite network and the tower that has a glowing star on the inside at the top that he uses to activate the cannons. Members of this religious order are decedents of the people who manned the satellite network but have forgotten the function and means to use them. One of the clues is the sun.

In a different book he is again on this planet but enters a race in a one man ship for a faction, also I seem to remember he is drafted as head of security or some such. He is also on a diplomatic mission in one book, gets decorated again, defends the royal family and so on.

I am sorry this is so disjointed but I was on Morphine and Percocet for the few months when I read this series and I only remember bits and pieces, but I remember that I really enjoyed it.

Oh one more flash. The protagonist leads an assault on an impossibly huge space station (a relic from a previous empire) on the edge of their territory in order to keep it out of the enemies' hands.