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January 18th, 2012, 04:17 PM
[Reposting this from main SF forum]

Trying to source a book I read in circa 1983. It was pre-teen SF, and (as far as I can recall) dealt with a (human) boy transported (somehow) to an alien world where he became friends with an alien "boy". I think the alien boy's race/people may have been nomadic types, whose existence was under threat.

Think the title was along the lines of Moonchild/Timestone/Runestone/Timechild or some combination of those elements! Pretty confident the author was female. Margaret something-or-other perhaps? Cover of the book depicted the two boys staring straight at the reader.

It had a slightly mystical/otherworldly edge to it. Quite earnest. A bit like Michael Ende's work maybe.

Know it's not much to go on, but any help would be much appreciated.