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February 19th, 2012, 05:57 PM
Hi Everyone!

I’m been trying to track down possible book/story titles on the following sci-fi book and story I read when I was younger. If anyone give any help or suggestions that would be fantastic.

1. (Book) I have no idea when this was published, but it would have been prior to the 1990s as I read it sometime around then. The elements from the book I remember are a main character with a genetically or scientifically altered hardened skin, a spaceship with AI that falls in love with this character, a species of cats in the book (called hellcats, demoncats, devilcats or something similar) which have two brains.

A time machine is also introduced at the end of the book, by a character who calls himself H.G. Wells (or an anagram) as he wants to bring attention to the fact he has a time machine. There were at least two books in the series, as I remember reading a sequel. For some reason I associate the name Striker (or Stryker) when I think of this book, but that word could have nothing to do with it.

2. (Short Story) This would have been published prior to the 1980s, and I would imagine it was an early sci-fi story (50’s maybe?) I can remember this story almost in its entirety. There are a group of people who are able to read minds who are called “readers”. Their telepathy depends on sight. When they are discovered to be readers they are branded with an “R” on their foreheads and blinded. The character of this novel is blinded and sent to the moon, which is used as a prison. The doctor who was originally supposed to blind this character did so temporarily and the “reader” escapes from the moon back to earth.

Thanks for your help!