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September 2nd, 2002, 03:43 PM
As much as I love the RPG genre the majority of the games seem to follow a certain pattern.
You start off with a single character, go on quests, missions etc and meet and recruit other characters to build a little posse of adventurers, which slowly gain levels, spells and abilities. The typical roster would include the usual suspects of magicians, thieves, warriors, clerics... well you all know the format.
The most refreshing game for me was Severance- Blade of Darkness.
What a great game in it's simplicity and operation.
No spells or multiple characters to control with multiple commands by constantly pausing and un-pausing the game. Just a warrior with a sword that hacks his way through anything that blocks his path in real-time, melee action.
Robert E Howard would have wet himself with joy if he had lived long enough to see it.
I do love the classic old RPG style too (I first played Bard's Tale on a Commodore 64 many aeons ago) , and games like Baldurs Gate and Dungeon Siege have advanced the genre greatly since then, but Blade was so different and new, combining elements of RPG and real-time combat (not to mention the very graphic maiming and decapitations!)
I know the company that created it no longer exist, but I wish someone, anyone would make another game just like it.
I, for one, would run out and buy it immediately.