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April 8th, 2012, 05:42 AM
Asha Greyjoy has been changed to Yara Greyjoy. Osha is still Osha (the wildling girl hanging out with Bran and Hodor).
Ah, so Osha is one of my favourite characters then.

Brienne, Yara and Osha. Got it. :D

April 8th, 2012, 10:14 PM
Another good episode. I really like the portrayal of Davos. I think Peter Dinklage is right on track to get himself more nominations too. "Yara" and Balon were both great!

April 8th, 2012, 11:33 PM
I liked it too. The standout scene for me was Tyrion and Cersei, and the look on Tyrion's face as Cersei blamed him for their mother's death. (The mom in me wanted to hug him and tell him it wasn't his fault.) Is this where he really starts to hate his sister?

Evil Agent
April 9th, 2012, 03:16 AM
Holy crap…

I absolutely loved this episode.

Personal highlights for me were:
-The Tyrion/Janos scene
-Yoren vs. the Goldcloaks
-The Balon Greyjoy scene

Special mention to the invented scene between Littlfinger and Ros. Seeing Littlefinger shift from consoling to threatening was incredibly disturbing.

I was especially impressed with Balon and Yara (I wasn’t convinced by the photos I’d seen of Gemma Whalen as Yara, but she owned the role 100%. LOVED her).

I’m curious whether non-reader might be a little confused/lost at this point (especially by the Davos/Sallador and Balon/Yara scenes)?

Fantastic episode all around.

April 9th, 2012, 01:06 PM
For me, this was the first episode of the series where I had big problems with it in a number of areas, although there was stuff in it that I liked a lot. I know that they have to cut stuff, but they seem to have cut a lot of stuff in order to have scenes that do little but waste time. I know that they got more money from HBO to cover CGI and to stage the battles they need, but I'm beginning to think they're trying to shunt everything into small talking scenes again until the very end.

April 9th, 2012, 05:15 PM
I had problems with this episode too, but for different reasons. If anyone was noticing my Twitter feed, I moaned about the sex in it. Three times in one episode - really, HBO? Really?! That's not counting the oral scenes or anything else, that's just the full on "proper" sex. Ew, icky.

Yara seemed cool, but... that horseback scene didn't sit well with me, to be honest.

Still not convinced about Emilia Clarke, either. I just don't find her convincing in any way, shape or form. At all. Ever. In a way, I guess it's like she's a woman playing a girl's role, and it just doesn't work for me.

What I did like, however, was Tyrion (again). I think we're seeing a much more human side of him now, especially in this episode. He's not honourable like Ned, but... it seems to me that he's perhaps the least evil of the lot. The baby-killing thing doesn't sit well with him at all, even when it's his best buddy (whose name I don't know).

Arya is pretty good, too, and I liked the scene with the blacksmith, although from my view point, some of the gender stuff just didn't sit well with me and made me a little uncomfortable.

Hopefully we'll see Brienne soon. I need a woman to root for, and hopefully she'll be it.

April 9th, 2012, 07:28 PM
That was the worst episode of of both seasons so far. Salador Saan was unconvincing and completely un-Braavosi-like. I'll bet you people who haven't read the books don't realize he comes from the same place as Syrio. They are spending far too much time in Littlefinger's brothel: Lots of sex goes on there - we get it. Baelish is a jerk in many ways - we get it! My memory of the books is fuzzy at this point, but it doesn't seem like they're advancing Jon's and Dany's story lines fast enough either.

April 9th, 2012, 08:12 PM
That was amongst the best episodes of both seasons so far. Salladhor Saan was acted with real swagger and bravado, as he should be, just as Syrio Forel was. And I have little doubt that the scene in the brothel was mainly there to further establish Ros as a serious character for this season; one of the s1 DVD commentaries said the writers have big plans for her, and I await future developments with much interest. And although I don't share the American puritanism often displayed in this forum and have no qualms at all about sex scenes, even I thought the wiping of that girl's mouth was a bit much. Not necessary, by this stage.

Still very unconvinced by the portrayal of King Stannis. So far he is not at all as I'd envisioned him. I can only think the writers have changed his character from the iron-hard autocrat to a rather dismal petulant fool. We'll see where that goes, but I'm not really happy with that.

Apparently Shireen has been airbrushed out of existence, interestingly. I wonder if that was because they knew there is no actor in the world who could play Patchface without seeming entirely ridiculous? I'm not sorry to see him get dropped from the show (oh, oh) - he's pretty much Jar Jar Binks in Westeros as far as I'm concerned. A ludicrous character altogether.

Davos is outstanding, and the lad playing his son did rather well too. "Yara" doesn't look quite right for my mind's eye but acts the part very nicely, as does Patrick Malahide as Balon. The neat exposition of the meaning of the Iron Price was deftly done.

Even though I knew what was coming, I was genuinely saddened at that moment when Cersei showed some vulnerability in front of her brother ("It's all fallen on me") and he just couldn't resist sticking the knife in. I was aching for him to reach out to her then, monstrous as she is. I guess that can be put down to the quality of their performances.

And for the second week running, a direwolf shot that made me exclaim out loud. All fears on that score are now extinguished.

April 9th, 2012, 10:45 PM
I was also a little mixed about episode 2 (and episode 1 to some extent though there the excitement of the new season muted that); thinking a little more why, I arrived at the conclusion that the TV series started moving away significantly from the books in spirit even if not yet considerably in action (though noticeably like in Bronn's new position or the Cersei vs Littlefinger confrontation which makes his later actions less of a shock than in the books when he seemed the happy power climber on the Lannister bandwagon

Taken on their own and aside from the books, both episodes 1 and 2 had great stuff and while there was a little over the top in this or that, the characters, dialogue, action... were all excellent but they have been becoming more and more modern in feel

April 10th, 2012, 03:54 AM
Even though I knew what was coming, I was genuinely saddened at that moment when Cersei showed some vulnerability in front of her brother ("It's all fallen on me") and he just couldn't resist sticking the knife in. I was aching for him to reach out to her then, monstrous as she is. I guess that can be put down to the quality of their performances.
I wasn't. She's a horrible, horrible person. I'm not a huge fan of the actress, either. Some minutes she's absolutely brilliant, other minutes she basically stands around looking like a fish out of water, and it kinda takes me out of it.