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Ian W.
September 6th, 2002, 06:45 AM
ĎThere is something very different about you, something that sets you apart from the other members of your species yet Iím not too sure what it isí
Dalisius looked up, ĎAre you talking to me?í He squeaked.
The creature smiled, showing off his teeth, Dalisius shrank back. The last animal that had exposed his teeth to him was a snapper worm and that had tried to tear his face off.
ĎYou canít fool me Bayan, you are not as timid as the rest of your species, no Bayan would ever try to raise his voice to an aggressive looking species such as myself, Donít worry Iím not going to eat youí. He lifted the chains holding him to the bench, ĎIím in the same position as you are, besides I like my meat cookedí
Dalisius shrank back even further.
ĎI also eat fruits and vegetables just like you so climb back out from behind you skin and try to relax, look normal. I donít want the guards to think that we are plotting against themí
Dalisius coughed and tried to put on his deepest voice and bristled his fur to make him look a little bigger,
ĎWhat are you talking about? Iím not plotting against anyone. Now if you donít mind sir can you please stop talking to me? I donít particularly require company if thatís what you are looking for and I would rather continue this journey in silence if you donít mind. Thank you very muchí Dalisius turned his head away from the stranger to signal that the conversation was at an end.
The creature suppressed a chuckle, he had noticed that the Bayan had attempted to drop his voice down an octave. This was good, it was unusual to find a herbivore, and especially one who had lived under Vel-Dion oppression all itís life to act in such a dominant fashion. He wondered if the slave would act so arrogant if it knew what was in store for him.
The creature leaned back and put his head against the metal hull, he could feel the hum of the shuttle engines running through the metal. It soothed him. It wouldnít be long now before the ship landed and the hunt began. He needed to be calm, calm for what he was planning. He needed this Bayan, hopefully for distraction and if that didnít work he could always use him for bait. He knew that it would be pointless to try to engage any of the others in conversation, they only disappear up their own rectal cavity or start squeaking in panic. He would have to continue working on the one opposite him.
This one attracted him, nothing sexual; he wasnít in the habit of mating with anything that had twenty times more body hair than him. Besides he wasnít even sure what gender it was. This Bayan didnít think like the other members of his species, he wasnít as timid and he didnít think that he would freeze up at the first signs of danger like all the others would. It didnít matter how many drugs the guards pumped into their systems, a few of the unfortunate ones always stopped dead when the hunters approached and consequently got rips to bits.
The Bayans could never get it through their thick heads that the Vel-Dion hunted by sight and smell and not by movement like most carnivores which used to inhabit the cluster. ĎSome species never learní He thought