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September 22nd, 2002, 12:09 AM
i finished my fantasy novel months ago, and have began to edit the first few chapters. its approx 130,000 words long (bout 380 pages i think).
ugh...this is such a chore and the only things i look forward to doing whilst editing is if i have to add something, like more scenes for a character, or more description of a place.

its very tedious work, especially since i began the ms by putting dialogue in on apostrophe (') then realised later on that i had better use the clearer (") double. so i have to correct the first sections of dialogue, which is from chapter 1 to about 6.
and, in addition to that i have so much technical restrucuring to do.

make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, writing is a labourious task.

but what ive noticed that the early chapters are not as well-written as the later chapters, this is because i started writing the ms two years ago, then got really into it this year. its really refreshing to see how well my writing's developed.

so, is anyone else editing atm? and if so, what r your woes and what r your joys?

September 22nd, 2002, 04:21 AM
Joys?! :eek:

R u nuts? :D

There are more woes than joys in editing, when you try to do it as well as you can. Like yourself said you have to go back to earlier pieces and edit AGAIN, sometimes!

The main problem when I edit is that I see letters dancing in front of my eyes. :D

I remember the other I had problem last time. I forgot a minor character in the writing procces (sic), and I had to add him in about 50 scenes, in the editing!

That was one of the worst things in editing that have happened to me lately. Surely, there are wost to come. :)

September 22nd, 2002, 04:58 AM
Editing for the most part is a chore.

Making sure your characters keep the same eye colour *g* checking spelling, grammar etc...

My last bit of editing though was very different. A freind agreed to act as my editor/demon from hell. The friend does professional editing, among other things to earn a daily crust.

It was quite an experience. I sent a chapter off. It came back with things like....

What one earth do you mean here?

Nope that doesn't work....

You don't spell that like that...

Get a grip on the commas!

You need more here or there.

I learned a hell of a lot, worked a lot harder and came out with a very polished piece..

Will we do it again? Not sure... It certainly stengthened our friendship and cost us bit, transatlantic phone calls are expensive:eek:

It also helped me realise that I need feed back, good or bad during the process of my writing. It also means I am going to be a bigger pain in the butt to my friends *sigh*

September 22nd, 2002, 06:55 AM
When I wrote my novel, I write everyday except the days wher I edited a chapter after I'd finished it, and it is quite long. Since I finished it, I've been editing it with a non-biased friend (having a friend reading aloud makes it more fun, and helps find more errors).

With my short stories I am now writing, due to the shortness it is a pleasure honing them to perfection.

September 22nd, 2002, 08:54 PM
i agree that it is a chore, but some little consolations while your doing it r fun. for example, like bardos, i have a character to add, and she has turned into a delight to write, and everytime i have a scene of hers to add, i look forward to it.

i know it is for the most part a chore, but sometimes things like that make it at least bearable.