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October 21st, 2002, 04:53 PM
The Murull live in the extreme north of the planet. Their appearance is beast-like but that is contributed to their harsh environment. Murall men are tall, shaggy, most with hunched backs, and a wide frame. The women are slender and beautiful much like humans.

The Murull people are much like wolves: they clan together, and are very loyal. They are also very isolated from the rest of the world and do not explore because they were taught and choose to live on the same land that their ancestors did. Murull are a very simple kind of people. Not completely human but not entirely different either. They live in hollowed out caves created by the men in the rigid mountains. This protects them from the hazardous conditions as well as their most feared predator the snow leopard.

Traveling is mostly done on foot and sometimes by snow sled, but because long distances of travel are not required a lot of it is done on foot. In their society men are the underdogs and women are the rulers. A man's job is to provide food, protection and children. The reason why women are considered so important is because it is believed that Aleniver, the Goddess of the living created the women with a piece of the Goddess within them, thus enters a little magic into their society. Magic is present but is not openly accepted and practiced because only Aleniver is to use magic.

In the Murull culture bringing women harm is the deadliest of all sins. A lot of their culture and society is based around the Goddess and the women. Because it is a sin to turn your back on the Goddess most of the Murull people won't leave their land. Anyone who leaves the land, which there is a few, is never aloud to return. Because of the dangerous snow leopards most think the person has little to none chance of survival but because of the recent explorers who enter their territory they know that other are others who are aware of their existence. This is something they definitely donít want, and they will not hesitate to defend their sacred territory. Since the Murull are highly sensitive to the discovery of their people they do not trade with anyone or explore. There is no money and the society works together as whole. This works for them because they are not widely spread out. Currently, there are five different cities or regions within the nation. Each functions independently and there is rare contact between the cities and rarely any inner-fighting.

The ratio of men to women is 3:1. This is another reason why women are so cherished. Families are typically 3 wives and 6 or 7 husbands. There is usually one "head wife" with 2 under them and then the men (usually the best warriors). There are no set rules for mating and it's basically a free-for-all. The men bring home the food and the women raise children and teach the life skills while the men teach them how to fight and defend themselves.

The winter in the regions is extremely harsh and lasts 11 months of the year. There is one month where they have their summer/spring. This is believed to be the month that the beautiful Goddess of Aleniver created the people. It is also believed that they once lived in a paradise with fruit, flowers and sunshine but was all changed when Cherchim, the God of light betrayed his love for Aleniver and she turned everything into rigid mountains, snow and ice out of anger.

In order to survive they depend on the snow leopard. This is truly ironic because this beast is their biggest enemy. The snow leopard has an average height of about 5 to 6 feet and a length of 6 to 7. Although highly developed and dangerous, a leopard if killed provides enough food to last a few months in a family and the soft, heavy coat provides the needed warmth.

In the summer there is a much needed medicine plant that grows called the Nunvi. If picked properly and prepared carefully the plant can cure all known Murull sicknesses. The plant is magical and people believe it comes directly from the Goddess herself. If the victim being treated doesnít believe in the magic of the plant or believe in the Goddess then it doesnít work.

As far as their social structure there isnít much of one. Stories are widely shared and told but singing and dancing doesnít exist. Art is just starting to emerge and often men will tell stories of killing the snow leopards by drawing pictures on the cave wall with the same blood that spilt from the leopard.

The Murull society is very un-developed. Communication, structure, government are not present. Although times are early and much developing will occur these people for now just exist and their way of life is set by the stories passed down by previous generations.

**This is a work in progress and was done at about 3:00 am so if anyone wants to make some suggestions or add something to this then go ahead **