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I, Brian
December 14th, 2002, 08:19 AM
Who do members here feel are the reputable small and independent publishers?

I figure I may as well introduce some of them to Chronicles of Empire before I chainsaw it, just on the off-chance ;)

Looking at the USA or UK.

No self-publishing names please.

[picking at the brains of SFFW].

James Barclay
December 14th, 2002, 10:31 AM
If you haven't finished your book to your own satisfaction (assuming by chainsawing it you mean revising it and editing it), I wouldn't send it to any publisher just on the off-chance. No reason why any of them should buy it if you don't think it's as good as it can be.

And remember the small independents have less money to spend and often have more rigourous selection criteria than the larger houses.

Gary Wassner
December 16th, 2002, 12:28 PM
HERE IS A LIST: granted, it is not selective. everyone has their own idea of what a quality small press means. some of them, like NESFA, Arkham house, Wildside, Fedogan and Brenner are very well thought of. Others, like PublishAmeric, are not. Some are so small that they publish one book a year, and not all publish fantasy. Some publish horror, dark fantasy, scienfiction etc. There are also some conspicuously missing. But I think this gives you somewhere to start:

Small Press Publishers
Cherry Hill Publishing
Night Shade Books
Futures-Past Classics
Runestone Hill
Sidecar Preservations Society
Tyrannosaurus Press
Hippocampus Press
Pentegram Komix and Graphix
Stealth Press
TriQuest Publishing
Babbage Press
RazorBlade Press
Ash-Tree Press
Dark Lotus
Legion Press
TTA Press
Black Dragon Press
ProCord Publishing
Meisha Merlin Publishing
Boneyard Press
Ministry of Whimsy
Charnel House
Red Rabbit Press
Edgewood Press
Tesseract Books
Necronomicon Press
Donald M. Grant, Publisher
Stone Dragon Press
Cheap Street Publishers
Bereshith Publishing
Paint Rock River Press
Sense of Wonder Press
Old Earth Books
Flying Dolphin Press
Writers of the Future
Riptide Press
Gauntlet Press
Phantasia Press
Moontress Press
Fine Line Publishing Co.
Fedogan & Bremer
Unifont Books
Silver Dragon Books
Pigasus Press
American Fantasy
Arkham House
Sarob Press
DarkTales Publications
CD Publications
Gnome Press, Inc.
Mirage Press
Necro Publications
Overlook Connection Press
Transylvania Press
Four Walls - Eight Windows
Dark Highway Press
Anamnesis Press
Subterranean Press
CFD Productions
Deadline Press
Wildside Press
Mark V. Ziesing Books
The Master Page
Three Stones Publications
Mythspinner Press

I, Brian
December 16th, 2002, 04:47 PM

I have it in the form I want to see it published - but I'm under the impression that mainstream won't look at it properly unless I remove about two-thirds. My current reasoning is to have a cut-down version for mainstream, and a full version for self-publishing. But if I can find a common ground with an independent...

Gemquest -

Sincere thanks for that. I've got a ground to start the researching from. Should be more than enough.



Gary Wassner
December 17th, 2002, 09:02 AM
My pleasure, Brian. But, I believe that if you want to publish with anything other than a vanity press, they will not allow you to put out two versions at the same time. You cannot publish with exlibris, for example, and also expect a traditional press to publish the same book, even if it's a different length and version.
In fact, sadly, many main stream publishers will not even look at your book if you publish it yourself first anyway. Agents panic when they hear that you published it yourself, and they back away from it as if it were diseased. Your best bet is to go the traditional route first, and it that fails after all your efforts, then consider self publication. It all depends upon how much pride and perseverence you have. If your perseverence is more powerful than your pride, you may find someone to publish you if the book is good. If pride is greater, then just do it yourself. It's a nasty, nasty business full of disappointment. But you need to remember always that one thing the rejections cannot alter is that you, out of the millions and millions of people out there, were able to write a book!!!!!

I, Brian
December 17th, 2002, 05:22 PM
Hm...good point about not being able to have two versions - that's definitely a rights issue. I know that publishing companies never seem particularly keen if there's a grey area in the rights purchased.

I'm hopefully taking a sci-fi novel to the agents around Easter 2003. Figure it'll get attention. When I get an agent with that work, I can then broach the issue of the fantasy epic, and take advice on it from them.