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December 29th, 2002, 03:37 AM
(I nearly posted this in the general forum, but it occured to me that it was better suited to here.)

A brief explanation -

Last night , in an uncharacteristic move, I got deliberatly drunk to ease the frustration of being in a (self perceived) "outburst of coherence" that I knew would not last. (as indeed, it has now gone.)

In such moods, I find it much easier to write - but they very rarely last into the next day. I was particularly frustrated with it all last night, hence the uncharacteristic drinking. :rolleyes:

I will now, by your leave, repost portions of my initial outburst (non inflammatory - it's okay!) italics are further additions from me, now.
most importantly - ALSO, I will repost a most sterling reply. (permission to do so has been given by the author of it.)

I do so, for I thought that response was really a good piece of advice, and someone here may also benefit from it, as I feel I did.

* * * * *


Drunk as an effin' skunk.
.. okay so drunkeness is scarcely a café attribute (go back to your lattes, mochaccinos and other words too fancy for the simple word "coffee"!)

I am so tipsy I can barely spell (woohoo that I cannot edit this when done~!) note ~ apparantly I have an unaffected mental spellcheck, even when influenced!

It is true that you drink to forget.

How do you inspire yourself? Tell me.
Is there no way to retain one's happy moods of coherence?
I am only drinking tonight, becuse the knowledge that it will soon pass (from experience) hurts so.
Otherwise I very rarely drink.

Today, it is about mental states. I found myself in a rare state of coherence, which I am seeking to drown, because to have coherence at the whim of one's moods, is painful in the extreme.

WHY oh WHY sweeeeet lord can I not retain my fiery moods of creative-ness when they come upon me at inscrutable times?
Why can I not write coherently when I want to?
I love this forum precisely for my inability to edit afterwards. On that forum, no editing can be done after the submission of a post.
(I would only add more spelling mistakes, even if I could edit.)

Y'all must have had it, confess - where you liked the mood you were in, so much, that you wished it would never change.

Aye well, and if this sinks without a trace, have a Happy New one none the less.
And people who write rude comments in reply... edited :)
That is the only good thing of having one's good sense suspended - the lack of being self censored.
What a bloody shame I can't be as brave when I'm sober.

I am truly sad that I should be like this, just from the simple frustration of my inability to be as coherent (read- "speak my mind") as I'd like to be, whenever I choose.
(hence, my rare act of insobriety )

I am not a stupid person - I hope - yet I sure can act like one most of the time, in attempting, (for the sake of keeping the peace in my "real world"), to be self editing , but I feel I can also come across as a very neutral emotionless soul.
I'm not sure that it's worth it, right now.
Such moments make me feel like a tiny tiny fish in a very big pool of a universe.

Thankyou for your tolerance.


response from "Skeezix": reused here with permission

Tblue: If I'm reading you aright, I may have a potential solution. Carry with you at all times a small notebook and a pen. The inspiration can strike (as you seem to be well aware) at the most unlikely moments. For this reason, carrying a small pocket recorder is also not an unwise practice to cultivate.
(Y'know, it being rather difficult to jot down notes whilst driving at high speed in heavy traffic. With the recorder it's a push of one button.)

Write everything that enters your head, and seems to you to have some worth. Hell, even if it doesn't, write it down anyway. Sometimes you'll go back through your notebook and find something you barely remember writing, and realize that it's either pretty damn good after all, or would be with a little polishing.

The trick isn't to "write coherently when I want to?" but to write coherently whenever you can. Eventually, after some practice at this, you may find it easier to recall or reattain that creative state of mind, when you've got more time or inclination to write.

A theoretical example:
You're grocery shopping, and the subliminal commercials hidden in the store's Muzak (just go with me here for a minute) trips some creative circuit in your brain. Doesn't matter the details, you're in the middle of a "hot run" in your head. Go for that notebook, and ignore the curious stares of your fellow shoppers. Write stream of consciouness, don't bother much with spelling or punctuation if it's slowing you down, just get the ideas on paper.

(Of course, if the "normals" are disturbing you, abandon your unpurchased foodstuffs, and leg it for the parking lot, posthaste. Strike while the iron's hot, so to speak, and go back to the hunting and gathering when you're done writing.)

You may well find, upon re-reading the material (and for the luvva Pete, don't skim over it, read it as if you never saw it before) that you can recapture the mood of the moment, now that you're at home, and can devote your attention to the piece at hand, without setting off any silent alarms for the guys with the butterfly nets.

Two things, though.
1) Ink. Make sure the bloody pen isn't gonna give out half a page into a creative frenzy. Sticking yourself and writing with your own blood in a public place is not conducive to your being undisturbed at a later time, to polish up that wonderful bit of prose.
2) Batteries. If you go the pocket recorder route, carry blank tapes and fresh batteries for the thing. I once dictated half an hour of stunningly inspiring material* into a dead tape recorder, and upon realizing I'd got not one single word on tape, I wasted another half hour or forty minutes of Pitworthy ranting on the stupid thing. I could recall the best bits of neither, by the time I got home.**

* It was something or other about a flatline ribbon of asphalt... but the good bits vanished from my head, leaving me only the cliched opening.

** Something to do with a blistering condemnation of three generations of the families of the workers who produced the batteries, recorder, tape and wandered into territory bordering on homicidal assaults involving magnetic tape and the iron in thier bodies... but again, the funny parts that I could have recycled for a decent pit rant, if nothing else, still elude my memory.


Thankyou :)

December 29th, 2002, 03:44 AM
Originally posted by Tblue

response from "Skeezix":

The trick isn't to "write coherently when I want to?" but to write coherently whenever you can. Eventually, after some practice at this, you may find it easier to recall or reattain that creative state of mind, when you've got more time or inclination to write.

I singled this bit out, as being the most important advice to me, as I usually do carry a sketch/note book.
It makes sense to be using it more in the moment, rather than just noting something to write about "later" - which was in danger of becoming my habit. :)

Aik Haw
December 29th, 2002, 07:03 AM
I am wholly in agreement with skeerix.

My only addition to this excellent point your friend raised is if you do not have a PDA is to get a hard covered book. More often than not, a hard surface to write on during one of these "the Goddess of Inspiration has arrived time" will result in your work being legible after the frenzy is over!!