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January 15th, 2003, 09:35 AM
One thing that annoys me is that people even try to make movies into games, and the other way around. The results almost never turn out good. It seems they are only planning to sell copies of the game because of the file ( and the other way around ).

I have seen Resident Evil and I liked. Tomb Raider was not a good movie, but it was entertaining.

Final fantasy might have made good movies, if only the movies were final fantasyish. The only thing that links the Final fantasy movie to the film is the spirits. Where are all the fancy swords and magic? :mad:

(Is this the right place to put this post, or should it be in the games forum? (would have put it in both, but that would create chaos))

January 16th, 2003, 02:19 AM
They should a CG Final Fantasy X movie. Yuna, Rikku, Titus and co. on the big screen would be cool.

Most Sum of all Fears, Minority Report, Farscape and Men in Black style movies are made poorly into games. The main problem is they have to churn them out before the hype of the movie ends. Some games eg. Spiderman have been done well though.

There are heaps of games you could make movies out of, even if they're all CG. Halo, Splinter Cell and some RPGs come to mind.

January 16th, 2003, 09:37 AM
I'd love to see a drawn out anime series for Suikoden. That would be so cool.

January 16th, 2003, 02:39 PM
I heard a rumour that Max Payne was being made into a film, although the game itself is highly derivative of John Woo's films anyway. There are in fact references in the game to Mr Woo and also Chow Yun Fat, who was a stalwart cast member in Woo's earlier stuff.
Looks like the old "chicken and egg" syndrome again.

January 17th, 2003, 07:01 AM
The guy who play Max Payne would have to be constipated if they want to be true to the facial expressions of the game.