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January 15th, 2003, 03:32 PM
This is a message i posted up at a board not too long ago, and i'm soooo proud of it, and i only wonder why i can't write a book like this!

There is no such thing as age difference. Would you rate a writer by his looks rather than mind? Speaking of which, is there a difference between writer and reader? yes. A reader is someone who is enjoying the book. Someone who might not be intelligent, or someone who is incrediblly smart, it makes no difference. A reader is someone who wants to be this person in the book, to expeirience the fantasy laid before him. He dosn't just look at the letters, thats not what he sees. He reads "The dog runs fast" And though how boring it may seem, it is not to the reader. He reads that sentance, but he sees a dog, a wonderful collie just like Lassie, running through a wheat field and shining in the golden sun. The reader eats this up, he wants that dog or, just to be that dog, running in the wheat. The writer? He made that dog, he created that Lassie, no matter how he thought of that dog, it is still a dog he created. The writer is knowledged in creativity and imagination. That is all you need to know. Without that knowledge, you see a blang page. The writer creates these worlds, and it is even more fun to him then any other person in the world. He lives in you, he IS you. That person in the book is you, you can take over this world, and you are the king. You may command an army to storm a castle, create a starship defender, or, you can have romance. You are what you write, and that is what i believe. My book i'm writing is very much like that.