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January 17th, 2003, 09:52 AM
This is a message i wish for all to see that i typed

quote: Yes, i believe that is true. An author isn't an easy life. as for all authors, i think this goes for everyone that writes, you can think better then you can write. I'm driving home with my brother, and he's asking me what the matter is because i am silent. (we just went to see a movie, lotr2) In my head all sorts of wireworks are going off. "Up the steep hill we drive, leafs flinging to and fro in every direction. Jeremy speeds up. It was very quiet, unnaturally quiet. "What's the matter?" he asks, tilting his head a bit to see me out of the corners of his eyes. The smell of smoke still in the car after he dropped the ciggarrette out of the window. I shook my head. I didn't know, to tell the truth. Was i tired? I had just seen a movie, i guess that can happen to one who sat in a seat for an hour or two. I continued looking out of the window, my eyes moving back and forth with the trees passing by. "Your not angry because i'm smoking, are you?" "no!" i said in a loud protest, i would never be angry because of that, even though i did disagree with him doing so. We began going straight again, and we pulled by our mailbox. he rolled down the window and i reached and pulled the box open. It was dark, and i could barely see. I could see enough, though, that i knew it was junk-mail. I grabbed the mail and the paper and we pulled out again, turning up the dirt road and bumping up and down the steep hills. I didn't utter a word. We pulled into our driveway and he opened the door for me, that was a fun day, but it was still days ago, as i remember. My brother still smokes to this day, and i still go to the movies with him..." I think i should title that one, "Me and my Brother" What do you think of that little paragraph? You'r so right, i don't know whether or not i can have what it takes to be an author, the time, the work. To be a real man, (or woman), you have to do what it takes to get what you want, be it being a burger flipper at mcdonalds, or a multi-milliionare company owner. But an author... I don't think i can do what it takes, hell, i am ten times a better musician than anything, for sure. I can play all of "Turkish March" by Mozart, but to write about Mozart is another thing. I wish i could get all experience in one day, but then that would be cheating. They say that the fact you know means your not too late. So i have to try hard, maybe until I'M 40. When i am, i'll look back to today and say, "If it wasn't for those guys, i'd never be the author" when i do, of course, you guys would be 60 or 70!!! i'm sorry, i have to laugh. When i become a famous author, maybe i'll pay off you guys, be you in a nursing home, a married life or a grave. (No offense). I thank you guys sooooo much for helping me, and i don't know what i would do if i had never met you, you guys give me insparation and the courage to work REAL hard to be an author, thank you, one and all...

Mike :( :( :(

January 17th, 2003, 11:17 AM
Guys, just to say, i'm going to PROBABLY be gone for a week, i might post an occasional post once or twice. So, either be glad that i go... or, i'll see you in a week (or much less). Bye!!!!

Mike-thanks again!