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March 12th, 2003, 07:08 PM
Well, I have finally got round to setting up this other STORY Thread. This is actually an idea that Holbrook had, and we all thought it would be both fun and challenging to try. It is different to the other Muse Thread, in that there will be definite rules to follow here. It would be appreciated if everyone stuck to the format set out below and again, please NO SPAMMING and NO CHATTING in here.

The story will be set in a mansion with 10 different rooms (to start with). Each room will be a different world and can either have its own plots and cast of characters, or it can be related to another/adjoining room. There will be a set number of characters allowed in the house at any one time. When this undisclosed number is reached, we will implement a further restriction. No new characters will be allowed entry into The Hub, without first ‘removing’ one of the old ones.

Each person can write a MAXIMUM of 200 words to further the story and we thought it would be fun to introduce a “No Edit” clause. ;) That means that whatever you type the first time, has to stay AS IT IS – no corrections allowed. (I guess it would be okay to look it over in the preview window first – just to make sure everyone can make sense of it). But once your passage is posted…….THAT’S IT!! There’s no going back – no tampering with the “edit” button. :D

For any non-writers out there who may feel intimidated or daunted by the 200 word limit – remember …… it’s a MAXIMUM. Please don’t feel obliged to fill the quota. I personally find it a relief to come across a shorter, lighter section now and again (but that’s just me). ;)

I’ll now leave it to someone else to get the ball rolling – perhaps Holbrook has some ideas on how this should begin (or anyone else who has their creative juices flowing at the moment)

Have fun everyone!! :D :D

March 12th, 2003, 09:04 PM
Always curious about anything that e-M comes up with, Radthorne wanders in the front door of the Hub Mansion, a rather dingy looking place at first glance. He notices that the front parlor is lined with doors: some on the first floor and some reached by stairs above. He turns to his left and opens the first door, wondering if e-M had enough foresight to stock the place with a massage table. Before Radthorne can even blink, a fellow in a samurai outfit reaches out and grabs him. “Hei-ye-ahhh!” shouts the samurai, as he pulls Radthorne through the doorway and into the room. The door slams shut behind him.

All is quiet once again in the foyer...

March 13th, 2003, 01:28 AM
Until Bane the invincible :D eager to catch a piece of the action charges up the stairs and through the Hub's decaying front doors which creak against the strain of being forced rapidly open. Surveying the interior Bane counts five doors on the first level all lined around the outside of the structure in an alcove which is dominated by a dramatic stairway, carpeted in an eye-catching red hue. Unable to restrain himself the impulsive fallen angel takes the grandiose stairs two at a time and alights on a green marble door that slides easily open at the slightest touch. Perplexed by the eerily eager, almost sentient door Bane takes a single step through the doorway and out into a beautiful mediterranean lanscape. He stands atop the brow of a small hill amongst a cluster of trees while a soft, caressing breeze blows cooly against his skin, the light is fading to dusk and down below a few houses lie in a group set back from a lake so blue it seems to merge with the very sky itself. At peace for once in his turbulent life Bane turns to leave back into the Hub only to find no door in sight only the splendid majesty of the star-speckled sky.

Lucky Joe
March 13th, 2003, 01:41 AM
After another heavy night on the grog Lucky Joe wakes up to discover that once again he has absolutely no idea where he is. He finds it distrubing just how familiar this feeling is becoming, the fact that he no longer even worries about what might have happened to him is almost enough to send him in search of a bar.

Looking around he realises he's on a golf course and slept in one of the bunkers. He stands up, shakes the sand off, tries to get as much out of his ears as possible and notice a big old mansion infront of him, figuring that must be the clubhouse he heads straight for it.

He goes in through the front door, It's very odd for a golf club, one long corridor with doors all the way to the end. He notices something on the floor and picks it up, it's a small book, "Massage for beginners." He goes in through the nearest door and to his utter astonishment sees a samuri giving somebody a massage.

"Oops sorry." Lucky Joe closes the door quietly and tries the next one certain there has to be a member's bar somehwere.

March 13th, 2003, 12:07 PM
Wincing against the siren of pain in his right hip, the Mamb part limps and part drags himself into the beckoning shelter of Hub Mansion. It is awesome. The cool glow radiating from each of the many carved doors in this hallway tells a story of centuries of expertise in stone-masonry and sorcery. The walls are draped with numerous tapestries that could only have been woven by the Old Generation. The exhausted Mamb simply lets the images to enter his eyes and cradle his fear-tainted soul. His body clatters to the ground, yet his mind perceives the descent more akin to an autumn leaf, fluttering and spiralling gently downwards.

When he is capable of coherent thought again, Mamb surveys his surroundings and ponders his next move. He has already registered the series of doorways, but from his current vantage point, the most accessible route appears to be a small, subtly disguised trapdoor in the mosaic floor. He approaches this, his movement resembling that of a weary reptile and prises the panel open. When he realises that there is no ladder or stairway to allow safe descent into this subterranean domain, Mamb mutters an wordless grunt of frustration and proceeds to throw himself through the trapdoor.

The landing is painful, but Mamb is no stanger to pain...

March 16th, 2003, 02:45 AM
Knowing nothing of where he was, the fallen angel looked to the stars as a guide, he had spent many centuries in the world but had not seen such a configuration. The night was cold and like a master thief stole the warmth from his body, giving him but few options - to approach the village or to cut wood from the trees in the copse around him to light a fire, a fire that would, from this elevation above the village, inevitably be seen. Better to face a stranger on your own terms Bane decided and set to with his small chopping axe.

Scarlett O'Hara
March 16th, 2003, 05:16 AM
Since Scarlett has always enjoyed a mystery and an enigma, she purposefully heads for the Hub. Only a few people have been seen going in and she is curious. Stepping into the mansion, she sees the stonework masonry and the tapestries, dramatic stairway carpeted in an eye-catching red hue, the mosaic floor assembled from ancient Turkish tiles, and the doors.

She stands there, wondering which of the doors to take. All are highly polished with brass hardware slightly tarnished. Only one door seems less used that the others. The paint seems new yet the brasswork is more tarnished than others, as if it has not been tried in eons. Tentatively she tries the lever and pushes. A cool darkness is sensed with a soft light beckoning inside.

She takes a few eager steps into the room, hearing the door click soundly behind her. Just as her eyes are becoming used to the low level light, her ears are accosted by the most horrific screaming. Then she sees it....there's a stage and people in ridiculous Nordic type outfits. "OHMYGAWD, Its Opera" screams Scarlett and turns to flee the room.

But the door has completely disappeared into the surrounding wall and no door handle can be found. She has stepped into HADES! And the horrific squealing and screaming continues undaunted.

March 16th, 2003, 06:25 AM
This certainly could not be right. He might be battered and bruised from a long journey and many desparate fights (actually more brawls than honourable duels), but his mind retains sufficient focus to recall that he had fallen down from the Hub. Yet Mamb finds himself scrabbling for a grip on a steeply inclined surface of ice-glazed rock. The only evidence that the Hub ever existed was the distant, wailing singing that created an eerie ambiance to both worlds. When his own survival has been secured on rare ledge on this sheer face - the only reason why Mamb has survived the last few months is his irrepressible, single-minded survival instinct - he takes a moment to contemplate. The terrain around him is fairly hilly, but all of the other peaks appear to be lower than his current position and none seem to be high enough to enter the grasp of the fingers of frost. This observation is easy enough to perform.
But typically, the most immediately necessary observation was also the most daunting. Having given up the conundrum of how he could fall onto the top of a mountain, Mamb has to determine how far he would have to descend to reach the safety of the ground, but this would involve looking down. A bead of sweat rolls off his creased brow and splashes onto the frost. The warm brine carves a channel in the ice as it trickles its way down.

sorry, this editing was not to cheat - I just spotted a tense error in the final sentence. I did not edit any of the content.

Scarlett O'Hara
March 16th, 2003, 11:59 AM
Scarlett was sure she was screaming louder than those singers performing that ridiculous Götterdämmerung opera but no one seem to notice her. She had pushed herself back into a dark corner, with her hands tighty over her ears but still the horrific noise would not stop.

Finally, her throat was closed shut from exhaustion and she waited until she could resume. Her attention was drawn to the stage and to the audience, or rather lack of an audience. A dress rehearsal perhaps? Suddenly the man on stage pulled a gun and shot the woman on stage to Scarlett's horror.

Time seemed an unknown quality here. How long between the shot and the door opening again, seemed like hours, but luckily Scarlett saw the opening before it was totally gone again and dove through it. She was able to pull her feet clear of the closing door, and then collapsed, letting her sweating face cool against the ancient Mosaic tiles. As soon as her energy returned, she ran like the wind out of the Hub, screaming never to return again.

March 17th, 2003, 02:06 PM
It was with careful steps that Dallandra entered the Hub Mansion. The car seemed to have stopped, as if a spell hade been casted on it, right in front of the big and scary mansion. She had a strange feeling about this place. But as there was nothing else she could do, her cell phone was dead, she had to go and try to find a phone. She entered the first room...