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April 4th, 2003, 03:12 PM
I hope the mods don't mind me posting it here - it is very short (178 words).

I went up the stairs, softly. The house was large, darkness looming around me - but it held no fear for me. I could hear gentle snores, a child's.

I reached the landing. A long, magnificent carpet stretched out before me.

I followed it down the corridor, past the butler's room. Softly.
A door opened and light blasted out. An adolescent boy stepped out. He did not see me.

I stopped to look at him more closely. He is face was handsome but twisted with worry. He paced off in front of me, turned a corner. I didn't see him again.

I walked slowly. There was a junction with two ways to go. I knew exactly which one to take.

I saw my target - a door twenty feet away. As I came closer, I could read the name painted on the door - 'Elizabeth.'

I pushed the door open, softly.

Inside, it was dark. But I could see her, faintly. I went closer. She was sleeping softly, peacefully.

I sat on the bed. I looked at her; I looked at her the whole night.

She never heard me.