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May 23rd, 2003, 12:45 AM
Hi. How's it going?

I'm hunting for an e-mail buddy, whom I don't know personally, to exchange a sizable chunk of writing with--preferrably the first five chapters of their book. And here's why. . .

I've started a fantasy novel. I like to write all kinds of fiction, but this time around it's in the aforementioned genre. It isn't exactly traditional, though, so I'm looking for some opinions from fantasy fans, who also write themselves, so I can get a reaction from someone familiar with the genre. Which has led me here.


The critiques need to be in-depth. No "I liked it" or "It sucked" kind of responses. If you didn't like it, state why. If you loved it, explain yourself. This is precisely why I want to do it in e-mail form as opposed to simply posting--so there's a little more time and thought spent on the comments. I promise to do the same for you.

All comments, positive or negative, need to be honest. I'm not proposing this for a pat on the back. I want to hear your thoughts, no matter how brutal they may be. And please don't be offended if I speak my mind about your piece, too. I'm a very open-minded individual, but I'm going to give it to you straight.

Lastly, it would be nice if the work was fairly polished. I'm not talking about perfection here, but if there are spelling errors in every paragraph, it's hard to concentrate on the other, more important aspects of the story.

But that's about it. If anyone's interested, please e-mail me at radicalface@bellsouth.net and we can get this baby on the road. And, of course, this proposal is a first come, first serve kind of thing (I hope someone actually responds, so I don't eat those words ;) ).

Also, if any other members would like to use this thread to set up a similar venture, feel free.