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February 15th, 2005, 09:56 AM
I'm/We're mixing up our genre's here (not always a bad thing!). Perhaps Sunshine would be better described as romantic fantasy? My thoughts on the story (that which little I know!) is that it all sounds a bit 'Dick-like' :) - All that erasing memories and playing with perceptions.... but I haven't seen it, so I don't know.

Solaris - I once sat through the 3 hour Russian version from the 1970's and was very very bored. I am quite interested in Clooney's version, though.

Surely though there must be something out there that could engage the masses and make you think, though.

I enjoyed the Matrix film, but feel that it was a victim of its own success and overreached itself in the last two: they became more stylistic and less well acted, IMO.

(That's going to upset some... but my daughter really enjoyed them, so what do I know?)

How about Donnie Darko? (Again not particularly SF, but i'm trying to think of recent films with a bit more umpf behind them....)


March 7th, 2005, 03:38 PM
The Matrix is the closest good sci-fi movie I can think of, recently, although some would disagree with me. But it does a decent job of raising some philisophical questions (although pretty shallow stuff), and it has an amazing visual style and look.

Actually I got more out of the original Matirx movie (philosophically) then any movie I have seen. The other two movies were pointless and deviated from what I saw as the "message" of the first film though.

Anyway, I realize this is my own interpretation but to me the Matrix was about mankind's inability to realize we live in a world of our own creation. And its a pointless world. Its a dream. We don't look at what is truly "real". Everyone is just going about their daily lives without continuously looking (from minute to minute) into why we do the things we do. We don't look at the big picture.

For me everytime I see a reality show with people trying to make themselves over or witness a judgement upon another person based on past experience or a person hurting another to satisfy a selfish desire...I cringe and wonder if I'm alone in the world. That is what I saw and instantly rang true for me in the Matrix movie. Not that the movie makers intended it that way...although to a degree I'm sure they did.

March 10th, 2005, 07:19 PM
I am not a fan of this movie in the slightest - it is worse than Minority Report. It's commercialisation of SciFi. I tend to like more traditional Sci Fi than some of this newer product placement crap that is coming out.
Even some well done low-budget SciFi is really good (Equilibrium) as to the Matrix debate I liked the first way better than the other two becasue it was unique and very different (plus had a great marketing strategy with the What is the Matrix? You'll just have to watch and see...).

I haven't read the books but I went with someone who did and he was very dissapointed. Though we did have a good chuckle about the shoes :D.