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June 1st, 2003, 01:01 PM
Synopsis: Goodness knows. It was started at a laugh. No one knowing where it was going till they put up a post, just we tried to keep the characters created in sync. The present adventure is done. Next one?

"Born to be wildddddddddd........." A small voice echos in the depths of the shower. The water stutters to stop and the occupant emerges from a cloud of steam. He shakes the droplets of his whiskers and tail and hops up onto the sink to admire himself in the mirror....

"Mouse or man? Man or mouse? Which to be to night? To night to night won't be like any other night" The mouse bursts into song. "I think man, yes.... two legs walking." The air shimmers and a tall well made man in his late thirties is looking at himself in the mirror. He runs a hand through his thick black hair and his dark hooded eyes twinkle. "Now what clothes has Hol got that is suitable? He does have other thinks besides velvet and silk... Leather?.... born to be wildddddd" The song begins again.

In half an hour the gent is dressed in black cord trousers, neat crisp white cotton shirt and black leather jacket (A grey silk tie is curled up in his pocket among other things. He is ready for anything.) He walks quietly through the darkened cottage picking up the car keys on his way.

He gets into the morgan and starts the engine and is away.

In the front bedroom of the cottage the figure in the bed sits upright at the sound of the roar of the morgan and bellows "Albertttttttttttttttttttttttttttt"

Scarlett O'Hara
June 1st, 2003, 04:55 PM
That’s the nice thing about writing fantasy concerning a Mage like Albert or Holbrook. A quaint English village can be a short Morgan drive from a Moulin Rouge gambling den or a Tangiers seaport. The story is not required to meet any universal rules governing quantum physics. ;)

In this case, the darkly handsome Albert drove into the Moulin Rouge of Paris and chose an upper class gambling house where he was known. Paying the attendent to watch closely over the Morgan, Albert entered the gambling den looking dashing and immediately his face fell.

“IT! I can not get away from IT!” he mumbled under his breath. Scarlett was across the room, dressed to kill in a basic black “little” dress - deep cut bodice with little cap sleeves, short skirt that had a split half way up her thigh, black stockings and heels. “Her makeup is flawless.” thought Albert and then shook himself for thinking in such terms about IT! . He ordered a brandy and kept his distance but still found himself wondering what IT was doing here. And since Holbrook liked IT and was IT’s friend, Albert did feel a responsibility to watch over IT.

Scarlett was surrounded by five men of various ages, nationalities. All looking as far down her dress as possible. She was beaming and laughing, lightly touching their arms, laughing at their stupid jokes. Albert mentally shook himself again. He realized he was feeling a touch of jealousy over her behavior to them. That was not a good thing to feel.

He worked himself slowly across the room and closer to her. He was partially concealed from view by a very large fern. His eyes opened in shock when he heard Scarlett say “Gentlemen, are we ready for our poker game?”

Quickly Albert snagged a casino worker in his view and followed him. Once finding the employee’s lounge, Albert quickly stole the jacket and tie from someone’s open locker and made his way as fast as possible to the gaming rooms. He grabbed a drinks cart from an approaching man and said “I have this room.” He pushed the drinks cart into the room and closed the door behind him. He watched as a handsome blond man pulled Scarlett’s chair out for her and then sat across the table from her.............

Scarlett O'Hara
June 1st, 2003, 05:37 PM
The brown haired man, apparently was the “old-timer” in the group, the one that couldn’t lose! He officially introduced Scarlett to the gaming participants as she made quick mental notes about them. “Pirayeh Pourafar” (a dark healthy man showed no nervous ticks or tendencies; possibly Indian or Pakistani); “Hans Dieter” (flushed pink with too much booze and puffing on cigars and his hands shook slightly; possibly German or Dutch); “Dennis Montgomery” (large pouches under his eyes and his skin was an unhealthy shade, almost raw as if he had been deep in the desert recently; definitely British); “Jim McGrath” (blond and blue-eyed, with a ruddy complexion, and desperately needed some kind of scar or attribute to give some character to his face; Canadian); and “David Evrett” (tall and far too good looking, light brown with a few gray streaks, face was boyish and always seemed full of some joke about to break through; definitely American).

Scarlett thought “So, the American thinks he can win a poker game against these other men and especially me.” She smiled her sweetest smile at them and said “Gentlemen, let the games begin!”. Albert kept his back to Scarlett, hoping she wouldn’t recognize him. He made drinks and served them to the men around the table. He deepened his voice and asked her preference and she replied “None, thanks.” Albert was surprised. He thought the twit would surely be drinking wine and getting in over her head. She isn’t quite as stupid as he thought!

Hereford Eye
June 1st, 2003, 05:51 PM
Pardon me, young lady. But could you please tell me what you might be doing in this gentlemen's endeavor? Did I miss something and the stakes are to be items of clothing? Or do you actually intend to wager true coin of a legitimate realm?
Can't speak for the other gentlemen, but the sight of your cleavage is certainly a joy to behold and, for those hands where I am not able to call, I will certainly endeavor to pay full and honest tribute to that portion of your body as well as any other portion you'd care to expose. However, when I am in the game, I doubt that any behavior short of totally undressing will distract me and even then my cards must be pretty poor.
Just thought you ought to know, my dear.

Albert comes very close to spitting out the sip of water he had just taken. He wonders if he should kill the Brit now or wait and enjoy the fleshing Scarlett is certain to deliver.

Scarlett O'Hara
June 1st, 2003, 05:59 PM
David chuckled in light of Dennis Montgomery's comments and then issued instructions to the other men and the Scarlett woman. “One thousand ante, ten thousand raise limit until final card per hand is dealt. Then no limit. Dealer’s choice, of course.” Scarlett smiled sweetly and for Dennis' benefit, purred “I usually don’t waste my time on such low stakes. But for such handsome men I am willing to make an exception.”

Albert actually groaned out loud at such an obvious ploy but was surprised to hear the men gushing their thanks. “What morons!” thought Albert. He could easily freeze these people for an instant, take over the body of one of them and clean them all out. He considered it then dismissed it. He wanted to see IT get humuliated. Then as soon as he thought it, he knew he’d never let her stay in here that long. If any of the men tried to hurt her in any way, he would rush to her defense. It would be a cold day in hell though before he ever admitted that to Holbrook or Scarlett!

A hostess finally arrived to assist the other attendant. Quietly, they saw to each man, taking the personal stakes check of $100,000 and issuing each the proper poker chips. The lights were dimmed until the only light in the room was the one hanging above the green felted table. The two attendants were ready for any drink order, as well as unopened fresh decks of cards.

Albert watched Scarlett from the side and realized how beautiful she was. Then moaned again. This time Scarlett looked up and over at him. Her finely arched eyebrows suddenly knitted together in the center as she recognized him! Her lips opened slightly but Albert shook his head “NO” and she quickly refocused on the dealer. “WHAT THE HELL IS THE RAT DOING HERE?” screamed Scarlett’s mind. She almost decided to pull out of the game, suspecting that he had set this all up to humuliate her. But she had to stay in for a few hands to save face. Glancing at Albert one more time from beneath her thick lashes, she tried to smile in his direction and couldn’t.

Scarlett O'Hara
June 1st, 2003, 06:12 PM
As they began to play, each person initially played cautiously, sizing up the opponents and their small habits. Scarlett made sure she lost as frequently as she won. She played conservatively and many times folded early. Other times she bluffed poorly on hands with nothing to back up the bluff, and made sure everyone realized she had bluffed miserably.

Pirayeh Pourafar was no poker player and loses miserably each game, simply because he didn’t know when to bluff and when to fold.

The others won about the same amount that they would lose later. There wasn’t anyone left at the table who was actually winning more than the others. Not yet anyway. Losing could be a great way of putting people at ease, and sizing up their poker skills.

Scarlett made them think she was no threat to their gambling. Then she began to win, slowly at first and building up to greater and greater pots, but never winning the really large pots which went to David Evrett, Jim McGrath or Dennis Montgomery. Suddenly, Evrett got an excellent hand and almost cleaned Jim McGrath out completely. And the German guy wasn’t looking too healthy, either physically or poker-wise!

Hereford Eye
June 1st, 2003, 06:27 PM
She looks okay, even in porr light, but looks aren't everything. Let's see if she can play the game. Six people in the game allows seven stud but five is the better game. Hole cards hit the table and then up they come. Dieter deals a King of Diamonds to Pourafar, an 8 of clubs to Montgomery, a Jack of Spades to me, the Ace of Hearts to Scarlett, a six of clubs to McGrath and a 9 of hearts to Everett. To himself he gives the Ace of clubs. Montgomery and McGrath fold before a bet is placed.
The bet is to Scarlett who places a thousand on the table. Everett calls as does Dieter. Pourafar thinks for moment, then calls.
Next card up. Pourafar gets a King of Clubs. I get the Ace of Spades. Scarlett gets the last ace in the deck. McGrath gets the Deuce of hearts. Dealer gets a King of Clubs. Scarlett bets ten thousand. Everett folds his pair of nines. Dieter looks longingly at his hole cards then folds. Pourafar has that lovely pair of Kings and thinks he ought to look at one more; Pourafar isn't going to last this night. He calls Scarlett.
Three of us remaining. Last card up. Pourafor gets a Five of Hearts. I get the 10 of Spades. Scarlett gets the Queen of Hearts.
Everett makes a comment about the appropriatenees of the deal but Dieter tells him to shut up. Scarlett doesn't need his help.
Scarlett bets another ten thousand. Pourafar raises ten. I call.
Scarleet raises back ten. Pourafar is now in a dilemma. His two pair are not good enough if Scarlett also has two pair. On the other hand, he can fill the house with another King and Scarlett cannot get another ace. He calls.
As do I.
Last card time. Pourafar gets a 10 of Hearts. His face cannot conceal his disappointment. I get the King of Spades. Scarlett gets the Queen of Diamonds.
Two pair showing and the best hand she can have is queens full.
Her bet. Scarlett checks.
Pourafar is amazed at the check but knows he is beaten. He folds.
Just Scarlett and I.
Choices. Life is full of choices. I can bet large and chase her out and she'll live to play another hand. I can check and take the pot.
Or I can show her my own mettle.
"I bet five dollars," and I pull a five dollar piece from my pocket and place it on the table.

Scarlett O'Hara
June 1st, 2003, 06:44 PM
No way my two pair are going to beat a royal straight flush. I'm not an idiot. I wiggle slightly, and adjust my bodice - down even more. Then I smile at Dennis, sweetly, and hear Albert clear his throat. I can't stop myself from looking up at him and he stares at me intensely, his eyebrows flex so slightly but I know he is warning me. THE RAT is warning me? Albert is warning me! About Dennis' royal straight flush. Right? Or is he warning me about something else? I watch his dark eyes drop suddenly to my bosom and back up to my eyes. THE RAT! thinks I'm flirting with the British guy? DAMN, he's jealous? That is too rich!

I start laughing and look at the Brit. I lean over slightly, letting him get a really good look and say "I call your five, sir. I have nothing on me smaller than a hundred, however." I smile again and wiggle slightly, hearing Albert coughing nearby. I laugh out loud..............

Hereford Eye
June 1st, 2003, 06:53 PM
"Well, ma'am, you're pretty certain that I have that royal flush and I am too. So, when I turn this Queen of Spades up netiher one of us is surprised at the outcome. If you had a five dollar piece. I'd just place it with this down in the middle of all that cleavage. So you just accept the thought, okay?"
I place the five dollar piece between her breasts and let it twinkle back at me. Then I rake in the stakes.
"I'm still willing to play for items of apparell, you know" The look on the waiter's face is priceless. Sure hope he is not a friend to anyone at the table. Would hate to think the game is less than honest.

Scarlett O'Hara
June 1st, 2003, 07:25 PM
Pirayeh calls the next deal "Five Card Stud" and begins to deal. Everyone pushes their ante to the center and gets the first down card:

Dennis- 8 hearts
Scarlett - 8 clubs
Jim - 5 clubs
David - queen diamonds
Hans - jack clubs
Pirayeh - ten clubs

Automatically a minimum bet is just quietly thrown in so deal can quickly proceed to first up card:

Dennis - 10 diamonds
Scarlett - king clubs
Jim - 3 diamonds
David - Ace spades
Hans - 4 clubs
Pirayeh - Ace diamonds

David bets $1000; everyone calls and next deal up:

Dennis - queen clubs
Scarlett - king diamonds
Jim - 5 spades
David - 4 spades
Hans - jack spades
Pirayeh - ten spades

Scarlett with pair kings showing bets $5000; Jim folds; David folds; Hans now drunk on his scotch straight up raises another $5000; Pirayeh throws in $10,000; Dennis folds quickly.

The game proeeds rapidly with Scarlett being dealt once again queen hearts and this time the queen of spades. Dennis watches her closely and can't see any nervous habits in her other than she continually adjusts her bodice down and rearranges "the girls". But then Albert has already noticed that "the girls" better not come out for any additional light or he's going to have to draw his sword. Then remembers he didn't bring a sword and would have to conjure one.

Sensing Albert's thoughts, Scarlett smiles sheepishly as she leans over to rake in her winnings...........