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June 18th, 2003, 08:21 PM
I read a book a long time ago. It was about a boy who was sent from his village by a spiteful shaman. The boy had a dog that followed him everywhere. He also wore a egg-shaped jewel (soul-egg?) around his neck. It pulsed with strange colors. The idea was that when he found someone whose egg flashed like his that would mean they were soulmates. There was also a plant-man. He could see the trails left behind by all living creatures and all the trails were unique, like fingerprints. This was useful because a rat-man who stole the Hero's soul-egg. (sorry for the lackluster descriptions, but I was about 10 when I read this, I'm only 20 if that helps narrow down a time-frame) There was this
evil queen who wanted something from these characters. There was also a vast highway made up of some sort of indestructible material that the character's traveled along. There was a scene where the characters were flying in ships that looked similar to pirate ships but had walls that were filled with a gas that allowed them to float. The setting was something like a billion years in
the future. The soul eggs were described as kind of a quartz rock. The hero's was dark red, that pulsed w. blue striations. These "eggs" grew on huge trees that looked like trees that had been crystalized, glittered w. the quartz kinda. The Hero was asleep one night and his "egg" got stolen, thus the journey. The "Plant-man" spoke in a series of buzzing sounds, kinda like a bee. There was one scene where the Hero was asleep in an old temple that had a moss growing on the floor, in the middle of the night some big insects came out from beneath the moss and started attacking the Hero and his dog. Turns out that the moss produced a narcotic scent that made victims fall asleep, the bugs sucked the blood of the victims and the moss digested the rest.

June 19th, 2003, 09:32 AM
this was answered over on the fantasy forum by Bison, who says it's "Dark is the Sun" by Phillip Jose Farmer.

Sounds like an interesting ecosystem. Cannibal moss... ;)

Rocket Sheep
July 18th, 2003, 02:58 AM
What about the cyber science fiction short story set in an apartment building... I think in Moscow... St Petersburg maybe... where a group of young people rent the whole apartment complex living rough, mattresses on the floor, verging on starvation, and throwing all their meagre wages into cyber tech basically with the aim of living their lives in some earlier version of the Metaverse? It was originally Russian or maybe even Polish and would be between 8-15 years old?

Oh... scuse the face... Ogg did it to me...