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June 27th, 2003, 03:56 PM
I know that many of you don't have the problem I have:
-I don't know in what language I should start writing, I've been in Swedish school all my life but home I speak finnish... and I wreally would like to write on english... but I guess I don't have enough words to manage that......

This forum is new for me... and I have just started to write a bit more seriously and i have been trying to create a nice world of my own but that language thing keeps holding me back...


June 27th, 2003, 04:58 PM
I'd suggest to start writing in the language you feel most comftrable with.

June 27th, 2003, 10:19 PM
If you're writing for yourself, write Finnish or Swedish, whichever feels most comfortable for writing.

If you're writing with a hope of being published, would you like to start with the Finnish market, if there is one; the Swedish market, if there is one; or are you hoping to reach the American and British markets, which would require English? If it's the last idea, then you may have to take an English class to attempt it. But if there is a viable market for what you are writing in your home country, that language would probably be your best bet.

I, Brian
June 28th, 2003, 02:20 AM
If you plan to write in English but are not comfortable with the language, then I highly recommend you take some education courses on English, where the technicalities of the language are properly dealt with.

James Barclay
June 28th, 2003, 06:40 PM
It's a difficult one.

In terms of your writing for yourself, then as has been said, the language with which you are most comfortable has to be the right one. But writing in English is more commercial and getting a translation into English from any other language (like American, for instance :D ) can be a tough nut to crack.

June 29th, 2003, 12:40 AM
Another option to consider, Bel, would be to do a collaboration with a native-English speaker. In that way you could present your creative vision to an English-reading audicence without having to master every nuance of the language. Your choice of partner would be key, of course; you'd want someone who can grasp the subtleties of your story and be able to provide those fine shades of meaning for you. If your stories are intriguing, then with luck you might find someone willing to share the load and the two of you can create something together...

July 2nd, 2003, 04:52 AM
Hi everyone, new here !

Beldaran, I can understand your problem, I had quite the same not so long ago, the only difference being that I'm French. :(
When I first started to write, it was in my own language, before I realized English was far more convenient. Now I'm only writing in English (which had become my favourite language so far); plus I feel more at ease with it, rather than with French.

Anyway, if you want to learn more English vocabulary, at least enough to write, I suggest you read many English books. This is the best way to learn some good expressions and narrative vocabulary.

Hope I helped

(Nice avatar Beldaran) :)

July 10th, 2003, 01:29 PM
thanks, Halinor :)

Halinor, I started reading english-books too, I relized that I actually could read english after reading G.R.R Martin... still the most that I read is finnish or Swedish

hmm...I think I'll try with both Finnish And Swedish first and then see what I'll make of it.... I think that I'll write better on Swedish than Finnish, although This summer I've only spoken Finnish...

This is so complicated! I'm very thankful for the fact that I speak both Finnish and Swedish as mothertongues, but that fact drives me mad sometimes! And on the autumn I'll start learning French too, We'll se how that'll work out, I'll also continue learning German

July 11th, 2003, 01:34 AM
Read, read, read.
Write, write, write.

You could try writing in your most fluid language and have someone translate your writing with your input.

Dierd Silet
July 30th, 2003, 07:05 PM
I'm sorry for bringing this back to life again after so long, but I have xactly the same problem as you; choosing between languages and I chose damned english and I'n sooo bloody unhappy 'bout it. however, I also write lots in my mothertongue, so....dunno, the prob is that I'd like to include some of my other wok in my english novel, so there's a big prob with translating it and I end up on nothing, 'cos I'm a foe to translation, I have to admitt....so, I'm stuck with it, but usually I end up writing in the language that comes naturally...somehow, erhm...the novel came in english, probably 'cos I read almost only in english and if speaking of fantasy, than all the more, english...

but a choice btween finnish, swedish and english is....erm, awesome:D you're lucky, but, I can tell you- writing in a language that you're not exactly a master of, it will teach you a load of that language, 'cos you'll learn the dictionary by heart and that's useful:rolleyes: didn't give no reply to yer question...or did I? go to sleep, Dierd