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Scarlett O'Hara
April 2nd, 2003, 01:09 PM
"WHAT DID I SEE? Damn, Danielle, I thought I saw......well.......it must have been some kind of illusion.......DAMN you looked like you were turning into a MAN! A MAN! The Cameroon government must be burning illegal marijuana fields further down the valley or something because I was definitely hallucinating! You look nothing like a man." I'm NOT about to tell her that suddenly I have memories of a woman named Scarlett inside me! She'd have me locked up for sure! Nope, keeping that little secret to myself. I am a 64 year old, ex Navy SEAL captain and I'm sticking to my story!

We both look back at the mist which seems to linger knowingly nearby.

"Danielle, you're gonna think I'm nuts but while we were in the mist, I swear it smelled just like martinis!" I hear her laugh and turn to look at her and brush a lock of hair off her misty wet face. It's like an electric shock through my fingers and I jerk my hand away.

Suddenly, rolling thunder can be heard coming across the mountain. I quickly bend down to retrieve my stake and untie us from the rope. As we take a few more steps in the direction of my sanctuary, I stop in mid step.

"This isn't my mountain! The vegetation is similar but..." The thunder isn't stopping and is continuing to roll louder towards us but now the earth seems to vibrate as well. Suddenly I have a sick feeling about this and I grab Danielle by the arm and pull her quickly into thick plants off the trail. She has that look on her face again.....the one where she's thinks she doesn't need a man to take care of her. I can tell she's going to rip into me but I quickly make the "be quiet" sign. Just at that moment, the thundering descends around us, the very earth vibrates through us. Staring out through the vegetation we see a line of Panzer tanks, with the Swastika blazing on each. Following along the side of each tank are German soldiers, fully loaded for war. Where the hell are we? When are we? Or more importantly, where is the damn mist when we need it? Oh **** this can't be good!

Hereford Eye
April 2nd, 2003, 02:27 PM
This is definitely not good. Pulled me down so that we're kind of closer than your average boy meets girl second date with disaster scenario. Certain portions of my anatomy are fitting rather snugly in his back and while it feels okay...while it feels pretty good..we've got Germans to worry about.
Panzers? Infantry running along side. Rommel's troops? Certainly got the tactics right.
Remind me next time to take the little frights the mist throws at me and forego the pleasure of what's outside. .45 with two clips, knife, and Gabe against the AfrikaCorps. These aren't good odds, even in the movies.
Where the hell did the mist go to? Thought it was supposed to be protecting me. Isn't that what we were testing before I scared the hell out myself?
I think we find a place to hide until we can figure how to relocate the mist but then I never did have a need to save the world. So, I think now is a good time to be the shy retiring type and let Gabe decide what to do. I'm fresh out of ideas.

Scarlett O'Hara
April 2nd, 2003, 02:44 PM
Damn, this is definitely NOT good. One 64 year ex-Navy SEAL (in ruggedly good physical condition however) and one 35 year old vixen, against the AfrikaCorps? Nope, not good. One thing about old Navy SEALS, they remember their training about the better part of valor or is it honor? Whatever.

The roar of the Panzers are deafening. I grab Danielle by the neck and pull her head over to mine so I can scream right into her ear. Not like any of THEM will hear us! God, she smells nice! Anyway.......

"I say we find the mist and go where ever it sends us.....its gotta be better than this!" I scream into her ear. She nods. Then gets that wise ass female look on her face and points. My eyes follow the trail of her finger. The mist is on the other side of the path, just sitting there.

Damn, Panzers and the German AfrikaCorps between us and the mist. We wait. This procession has to end eventually right?

Just our luck, someone had snapped off a "Stop" signal and all the Panzers slow to stop and idle. The soldiers fall out of formation and most step towards the woods for a pee. DAMN DAMN DAMN! Do I remember any of my German vocabulary learned from service in Germany? Shieza comes to mind!

Hereford Eye
April 2nd, 2003, 03:00 PM
I already played this scene. Before they get it out of their pants, I roll off Gabe.....has a nice sound to it, doesn't it? I roll off Gabe.
High ground behind us, a couple of rocks, not what you call your world class boulders, but decent size rocks.
Take Gabe's hand and tug then take off running low trying find bushes to hide behind, trees to break silhouettes, ravines to fall out of sight in.
Now, in a good B movie, the ravine would show up right away. This isn't even a mediocre B movie. No ravine, running out of trees, and the rocks still 20 yards away when this droning sound begins. With the tanks parked, the sound of new engines carries pretty well and this sound keeps increaing volume.
Behind the last bush, on the ground, clinging close to his back - for cover and concealment, of course - we look and espy the cavalry arriving. The RAF bombers beginning their run.
Isn't that special ? Now we got pissing soldiers, parked tanks, and falling bombs to deal with and the mist is sitting pat on the other side of the bad guys.
We get to the rocks, find some that overhang a small little ditch, and nestle close. I whisper into his (now that I've time to think about it...her?) ear. "You sure know how to show a girl a good time."

Scarlett O'Hara
April 2nd, 2003, 03:11 PM
"Don't I just! All my old girlfriends said the same thing!" I laugh. I think to myself "Did I have old girlfriends or were they boyfriends?. I figure the time is right. Not like either of us are gonna live more than five more minutes anyway. I reach over and pull her tightly to me and take her lips with mine, a deep and passionate kiss, while my hands explore just a little.

Hereford Eye
April 2nd, 2003, 03:34 PM
Oh! That's what she's doing.
Is this how it's supposed to be done? You just roll on top and start kissing? Okay, that's what I would have done. But...something not right about this.
And his tongue? Now, wait a minute!.........
Um, never mind, don't wait a minute. He's not as heavy as he looks.
Wait just a damned minute. He's a man! I'm a man! I ain't kissing no man! Time to put a stop to this right now.
On the other hand.....
The earth moves.
The earth moves? Isn't there supposed to be other stuff that happens before the earth moves?
The earth moves again.
Shove the bastard off me and he is decent enought to roll away. You see, he's not all bad....correction, she's not all bad....
The earth moves again.
That's enough of this.
"C'mon, Gabe, they're getting too damn close with those bombs. The mist or bust." We're off running and the Germans are too busy ducking to notice us running and I'm too scared to think about where the next bomb is going to hit.
As we run, the mist runs to meet us.

Scarlett O'Hara
April 2nd, 2003, 03:46 PM
"HOLY CRAP!" I know I am screaming it in my mind but I take her hand and pull her along behind me, with my knife ready in my right hand, just in case. The Germans are scattering, as the RAF bombers and fighters keep plugging away. No one seems to notice us and our strange clothing...........or almost no one. One of the Panzer captains see us, and starts after us. I can hear the German commands he's yelling and a couple of the foot soldiers obey him. Now there are three chasing us.

Come on mist, help us out here. It seems to be slowing. Isn't it supposed to help Danielle? That's the theory anyway. One foot in front of the other, explosions around us, the German captain is good! Very good and very long legged. Of course, he doesn't have a dang woman slowing him down either! I hear the zing of a bullet from his Luger. That's good. They say you never hear the one that is marked for you! They do say that, don't they? Just a few more feet and the mist consumes us (martini smell again). We're blinded but our feet keep running.

No sounds, no scenery, just the thick whiteness enveloping us. On Crap! I noticed Danielle is doing that shimmering stuff again and is starting to look vaguely like a man, but I don't dare drop her....his hand and get separated. If the mist is her...his protector, then I'm staying with her....him.....whoever!

I can't stop running. I know the German captain and those two soldiers were just a few feet behind us when the mist surrounded us. Did it trap them as well? When we come out of the mist, assuming we do, will they be with us? It can't be as bad, no matter where we end up, it can't be as bad as trapped by the whole AfrikaCorps and RAF bombers and fighters.

As if she....he can read my thoughts I hear Danielle say in a deep husky voice "Famous last words - it can't be as bad. Right Moron!"

Hereford Eye
April 2nd, 2003, 04:03 PM
I stop. His momentum carries him a step forward.
He's doing that shimmery thing again; well, she's doing that shimmry thing. Definitely a she in there and I can handle that.
"If you haven't paid attention; try now. They're not following us; they can't. They don't belong in the mist and we do."
She steps back; Now, it's my turn.
"Back there you started something we have time to work on now. I'm in no hurry to leave this place, well, not in too much of a hurry.
We're see inside each other right now. I know you're female and you know I'm male so there's no secrets there. So, I think I'd like to try that kiss again. You're wearing the male body, I know. Maybe you understand how that one works. I'm still learning this one so when we try, let me show you something."
I take her face in my hands and tug. This always works better when you're the taller of the two, but you work with what you've got, right?
She bends down and I kiss her lips, gently, tenderly, no tongue.
"Now, you see how that feels?"
What am I saying, here? I'm getting just a little bit confused....no, I'm getting pretty damned confused.
"What say we try to get out the mist?"

Scarlett O'Hara
April 2nd, 2003, 04:08 PM
"Look Danielle, I know this is strange.....really strange, I grant you that. But I'm open to a little experimentation." Hell that didn't sound right! "I mean...uh...so what if you're a and I'm a. Oh HELL!" I grab her, not harshly, but firmly and pull her back to me. I can fell every inch of us melding together. I kiss her urgently and my hand starts to caress down her side to her nice rounded hips. HELL......they aren't so rounded anymore. DAMN. I really wanted that too!

"If we stay in the midst any longer, we're both going to need shrinks. So pick a direction and lead on, Lady! And make it quick before either of us change too much more!"

Hereford Eye
April 2nd, 2003, 04:29 PM
We start walking away from the direction we came. Been in the mist longer than the first time and changing more. With everything shimmery its difficult to determine what's happening to us but chnage is coming.
I've had enough walking. Right turn, march ahead. Walk out of the mist. "Remember that the next, okay?"
And the I look at Gabe, only Gabe isn't there any more. Now there is woman in her....late 40s...with Scarlet hair only tinged with gray and what yesterday was probably the most dynamite body you've ever seen cause today its ntiro. Wheweee!
And then there's me. Always wanted to be a 20 year old nerd. No, wait a minute, I already did that one.
Take in the surroundings and start laughing. Sonoran desert between two ranges of mountains I've seen before, the Mules and the Huachucas, but there's trees on the Mules and no mesquite trees in the San Pedro valley and no sign of civilization anywhere.
Okay, who's in charge?