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Scarlett O'Hara
July 31st, 2003, 12:41 PM
My apologies to Cadfael, e-Morgana and Eldanuumera. I could not locate the beginning of the inner dragons for all of you, nor could I locate where Cadragon found Scarlett's inner dragon. So I am starting with what I could find. Feel free to add in your backgrounds!

Originally posted by Scarlett O'Hara

Daphne Comes of Age:
Scarlett slipped into her silk sheets and was quickly asleep. This is when Daphne’s deepest thoughts were able to slip out and assert themselves. She would gently nudge Scarlett’s memories and experiences, usually confused at the images and feelings she experienced along with Scarlett who thought she was dreaming yet again! But Daphne’s curiosity had been growing steadily and stronger. She had even started nudging Scarlett’s most personal experiences. Her most favorite ones, though baffling, she would nudge over and over.

Then one night, the inevitable happened. Daphne had reached dragon-puberty. Her wings slowly unfurled like lace unrolling and she stretched them. Stretched and flexed and was in awe at her own superiority. But this small apartment was inappropriate for a dragon to truly test her range and power. Slipping back inside Scarlett, she awoke her host and had her go for a midnight stroll. Once on the outskirts of the village, Daphne let sleep overcome Scarlett in a safe place. And once again, Daphne stretched and unfurled and became herself in the world.

She slowly stretched each muscle in her neck, in each wing and even those controlling her beautiful talons. Then suddenly she felt like flying and leapt skyward. And like the breeze swirling leaves about, she dipped and flitted, flew and swirled and climbed. From far above the earth she saw an expanse of lake and quickly dived towards it. The first time she sped over the water, she was close enough to feel the spray on her talons and wing tips. It wasn’t until near the shore line that she actually noticed her reflection in the lake. SHOCK!

She landed quickly and approached the lake and leaned over. The initial reaction was to pull back in shock but then female curiosity got the better of her. Slowly she peered over the edge again, her head cocked to one side, then the other. Flexing each muscle of her face, she admired what she saw, unconsciously comparing herself to the image she had of Ye Master Cadragon. Different. They were alike but........different somehow. As she studied her reflection closer, and flexed more of her facial muscles it finally occurred to her. And she smiled. Then Daphne held her head even closer to the water to get a better look at herself. Her eyes were tinted blue! Blue? Her skin was pale gold and she had blue eyes? Is that normal for a dragon to have blue eyes? She needed to ask Ye Master Cadragon if blue eyes were normal for one of their kind. But joy overtook her and she leapt skyward again and played with the clouds, for hours until she became lonely.

Then she returned to the lake and admired herself even more in the water. It was in that instant she became aware of a deeper yearning. Yes, she needed to search out Ye Master Cadragon but not to ask him about her eye color! She had a sudden urge to mate. And since he was the only male dragon she knew existed, then he must be the one. And again, she leapt skyward, searching.......................

Poor Sad Lonely Daphne:
That's the thing about dragon-puberty. Just when the female feels her first blossoming of dragon hormonal surge, she flies about for hours gently cooing the one male name she knows. And no responding answer awaits her.

Her wings tired and beginning to falter, her heart even more tired and sadly tiring of the images she doesn't truly understand, she feels like she must be the loneliest and poorest excuse for a female dragon. If cooing Cadragon's name gives her no return answer, then she must be ugly, undesirable, truly offensive to the one prospective mate.

So she slows and heads back towards the sleeping Scarlett. Daphne is so dejected she promises herself to lie dormant for eternity and let Scarlett have all the fun. Her wings are so tired and the tips are drooping more quickly. Does she even have the energy left to make it back to her host's body? What's the point she ponders and looks sadly down at the lake that was so beautiful to her just hours before. And she wonders how cold a watery tomb would be for eternity?

Daphne contemplates loneliness
::: Daphne sulks in the apartment, her wings pulled in tightly, curled from non-use. Her bronze eyes look sad and dejected. Every night for a fortnight, she has ridden the thermals, cooing and calling for a mate, but no answer. She has finally given up and sits and sulks:::

Originally posted by Cnaeus Valerius

In the depths of her saddened state she hears something...calling from above.

Only her imagination, she suspects.

But no! There it is again! The clear, low bugling of a bronze finds its echo deep within her.

In her excitement Daphne unfurls her wings to search out the male dragon so obviously searching her territory.

"Oh...bother!" Daphne snarls at the injustice of apartment doors too narrow for unfurled wings. She tucks her wings close in and leaps out to the ledge in front of her apartment. She scans the sky for trumpeting male...

She spots him, climbing high into the sun, and with a powerful leap she launches herself into a cloud strewn sky. She roars a challenge sunward and dares the bronze to try and catch her.

Far above, Illim catches sight of the draconian form bursting in the air. Daphne's challenge takes a moment to reach his ears and when it does he bellows his acceptance. Down he dives to meet her climb, pulling his powerful wings close to his body and trading altitude for airspeed.

It was the most basic of manuevers and one Daphne had expected. A timid female would break off her climb and attempt to put more distance between herself and the male. Such a female would soon find herself overtaken by her suitor for there was no way she could generate more speed using muscle alone than the male had achieved with the aid of gravity. A bold female would meet the charge of the male head on.

The two dragons passed each other in a blur of metallic colored scales with mere feet separating them from disaster. Daphne had the advantage now - Illim would have to be strong indeed to regain his lost altitude and catch up to her. She was careful not to pull too far away from him and the casual strokes of her wings served as another challenge to the bronze.

Illim rolled to the right as he passed Daphne and pulled slowly out of his dive keeping her in his field of vision as he changed direction. He had hoped she would not turn away. He came out of his turn climbing upward and heading toward a point in front of the beautiful female. Of the two he was the stronger flyer and at the pace she was setting he would certainly catch her soon.

If Illim was the more powerful flyer then Daphne was clearly the more agile. She rolled left and snapped into a sudden dive through a cloud. Illim followed, mere seconds behind her now, and emerged from the cloud to see Daphne breaking off from her dive and streaking off to the west. Illim followed, his greater mass pulling him slightly lower and forcing him to climb again to her altitude. Now he shifted his tactics from lead-pursuit to pure pursuit and fell in behind Daphne.

They were over the hill country now and Daphne dove low to skim over the rounded glacial terrain. An ancient faultline had allowed a river to carve its path through a section of the rounded hills and Daphne dropped still further until the sheer cliffs of the narrow valley rose above her. Illim trumpeted his joy, the challenge of the chase driving his passion ever higher. The air roared in the wake of the pair as they rolled and turned through the minor gash in the Earth.

When they slipped free of the rocky channel Daphne led the chase upward. Lonely though she may have been, Daphne was not about to allow just any male to catch her. Illim would have to work hard indeed for the privilege. Dragon wings beat twisting paths through the sky as the pair rolled back and forth in the classic scissors of the aerial dogfight. In a scissors, as any dragon will tell you, the one with the faster rate of roll will most likely win. Daphne was eventually able to roll to the left as Illim rolled to the right and she banked sharply away.

Illim reversed his roll and pulled up and to the left. He kept Daphne in his field of view by continuing to roll slowly as he rose while Daphne continued turning. He reached the apex of his climb and began arcing downward once again aiming for a point slightly ahead of Daphne.

Daphne knew Illim was behind her somewhere but had not caught site of him in her peripheral vision as she circled around. Illim's path, arcing up and then down, very quickly intercepted the arc of her path. Her heart gave a startled leap as she realized Illim was directly above her. She tried to roll away again, to prolong the joy of the chase, but Illim reached out with his powerful forelimbs and pulled her to him. Then with their wings overlapped and their necks and tails intertwined the two dragons soared together on a convenient thermal.

They glided that way for a very long time...

Scarlett O'Hara
July 31st, 2003, 12:45 PM
Originally posted by Scarlett O'Hara

The Golden, her youthful and delicate shape, was ensnared by the larger and more powerful Bronze, just a moment after she glimpsed his eyes searing with intensity. Daphne didn't know exactly what she expected, the instinct was simply in her soul. But having her upper metallic scales rubbing sensually against his softer underscales sent shivers of heat racing through her. She even thought at one point that having the cold air rising off the glacial fields below had kept their pairing from becoming too intense, too quickly.

But she smiled shyly to herself, when she realized that it was the Bronze who controlled everything. Obviously, he was a well-bred male with many draconian concubines! He was strong but gentle and cooed to her even as his neck rubbed slowly and gloriously along hers. His thicker and longer tail gently held her, along with the powerful forelimbs, and controlled each of their movements, while maintaining a relaxed flight for them both.

Daphne tried to curl her lace delicate wings out of the way, but his wings would ripple teasingly and cause her wings to automatic open again. Then shyly she would press her wings tightly under his thick ribbed wing structure, secretly rejoicing in the very feel of him, and those soft underscales so warm with desire. She could feel the strong beat of his heart through her back, melding with her own heartbeat.

For a fortnight, she had searched for a mate. As each day and night passed unsuccessfully, she had returned to that first lake she had flown over, landing by its banks to stare at her reflection. Convinced that no draconian male wanted her because of her strange and mysterious pale blue eyes, she thought herself cursed above all females. And didn't know why.

But now, she realized with this first coupling that she was blessed among all. To search desperately and then find such a splendid male was most.....most.....Daphne didn't even know how to compare. But she had a feeling deep in her soul, that this pairing between the powerful Bronze and her more delicate Golden wouldn't be the last. Again she smiled shyly to herself and crossed her talons as she made the wish again.

But the Bronze nuzzled her more and began to sing deeply to her. She listened spellbound to his soft insinuating notes, rich and issued from deep inside himself. It was the greatest sound she had ever heard and she responded from her deepest recesses. Her voice was higher notes than his but every much as successful she thought. His response was nothing less than impressive. He murmured seductively as his face and neck caressed under her chin and down the length of her neck, then moved over to let her stroke his chin and long neck. Daphne hoped this would never end.

Suddenly, he rolled them over and pulled them up quickly, catching a different thermal layer. The Bronze adjusted her smoothly beneath him, and she could feel his strength and power pulsating through him, as he sought deeper access to her. He began the slow, sensuous flight towards fulfillment, causing her blood to heat and seek the sensations welling up inside her. Together they pushed the boundaries and limits, stretching themselves to an explosive burst of pure crackling pleasure - like sunlight off a lake.

Then she wondered what this Bronze was called? What is his name? His expectations? Then she quickly decided those were questions for later......if there was a later. Her instinct told her that after the coupling, he would simply release her and with his strong massive wings, he would climb away from her and return to his origins. Suddenly, the joyous mating held more than a degree of bittersweet sadness.

But Daphne knew one thing - she was his, irrevocably, forever his.

Scarlett O'Hara
July 31st, 2003, 12:47 PM
Originally posted by Zack Ryan

I think you went a bit too far with the shock therapy.
Zack! Zack!
Damn... and I'm all out of marshmallows...

Lt. Tisiphone handed her commander the bag of marshmallows and a stick. She also had brought chocolate bars and graham crackers. S'mores anyone?

Geeze, would you guys hurry up. The smell of roasting marshmellows is getting to me. But they have all gathered close. I

CV, the metal in the marshmellow sticks was a brilliant stroke.

<Snap> Got em, they are all attracted to my magnetic personality, and they are stuck to me like glue.

Hmmmm swamp prawns on the Zack barby? I'll bring the cocktail sauce and Commander Sheepie can bring the Victoria Bitter!

Does a pay rise come with the promotion to Captain? What's 0% of Zero?

Good thing we got Zack and his special Copani talent of appearing to burn without actually being consumed..........WOW....how Biblical is that?

, would you guys hurry up. The smell of roasting marshmellows is getting to me. But they have all gathered close. I

CV, the metal in the marshmellow sticks was a brilliant stroke.

<Snap> Got em, they are all attracted to my magnetic personality, and they are stuck to me like glue.

Galen, unable to stand the heat any longer, emerges from Zack, opening his wings and fanning the flames beneath the sheep on the spit. Looking down at Scarlett and winking, he shouts across the battlefield, inviting Issabella to join him, so that she can see how Undisappointing he can actually be.

Originally posted by Tisiphone

Issabella heard the cry of her potential mate and waged an inner battle with Tisiphone. The Fury finally struck a bargain with her inner dragon and transformed into the beautiful white (with shades of purple and all those other colors Scarlett described) and flew into the air.

Galen spotted his prey and dove after her, chuckling in his dragon mind as she attempted to elude him. Issa flew into the clouds then dove just as Galen nearly reached her. She had been practicing alone for weeks and had nearly mastered her initial clumsiness. Note the word nearly.

The jet stream caught her by surprise and she tumbled head over tail in the turbulence, allowing Galen to clutch her to him. "Gotcha" his deep voice rumbled. Issa struggled (well she appeared to) but was no match for the slightly older (and no that was not a slam against his age) and bigger drake.

Galen, once assured she could not try and escape him, led her to a cave deep into the forest. Issabella had not spoken to him, but simply rubbed her head against his in submission. Their wings furled and they walked into the cave, setting off tiny avalanches in places. Once they were deep inside, Issa declared her immense hunger and let Galen know that there was no possible way she could do anything with him until he had fed her.

The drake glared for a moment before leaving her. He lucked out in finding a juicy doe, bringing her the fresh kill. Issa ate daintily for a dragon and left the rest for Galen to finish. He quickly showed her how a real dragon ate, with gusto, then flopped over on his side in a manner nearly as clumsy as Issa. She looked at him sadly and made sure he was fine. You see, the bargain was this. She was to get Zack out of the picture, in order for the Sheep to have one less pawn to deal with.

Oh do not worry, gentle readers, Zack and Galen both will be fine in a few hours as soon as the sleeping drought wears off For you see it's all part of Ogg masterful plan of Chaos. And Issabella will MORE than make it up to Galen later.

Hmmmm now to take on another. Scarlett? The Roman? Carmichael? Ogg himself? The mind just boggles or is that boggle the oggle?

Scarlett O'Hara
July 31st, 2003, 12:49 PM
Originally posted by Scarlett O'Hara
Scarlett and her inner dragon Daphne had watched as Galen escaped the barby and rose quickly calling to Issabella. It was not surprising to see Issabella rise short while later to flirt with the drake. Scarlett smiled and Daphne knew that if Galen was successful at bringing over the other side's ONE dragon, it would be 3 dragons (an sizeable Air Force long range strike ability) against the sheepies with none.

It was surprising to Daphne, however, when she saw the beautiful white reappear later without the massive black. She waited for several minutes, but knew something was wrong when the young white flew straight back towards the Sheepie's back line of withering, cowering flock.

Without a moment's hesitation, Daphne unfurled from Scarlett, apologizing for the abrupt departure and flew anxiously skyward. She called and flew large circles looking. Something was seriously wrong. Daphne wished repeatedly that Illim would appear and help her search, but it was probably hopeless since he had not appeared in weeks.

Almost by accident, she saw the displaced rocks caused by a recent cave-in and since it was the only thing out of place besides the rotting corpses of sheep clone littering the battlefield, she dove for the forest and followed the displaced rocks.

She found the cave and the "dead" Galen inside. Her furled wings tightened in sadness and she bowed her head out of respect to the drake. But then a loud snore erupted from him. Out of anger that an old drake could have been outwitted by a lesser female, Daphne reared back and kicked him hard. Then again, and again. Galen began to move, his firey breath coming in only small flickers. She kicked him several more times and finally in desperation she reached out and grabbed his sensitive wing in her talon and pinched with all her strength.

The eruption of flames actually tinged her left wing as she dodged the flame. Then she started laughing......Galen's eyes horrible out of focus and, she could not stop laughing. The more he roared his anger and the hotter his flames flared, the harder she laughed. Dodging another burst at the last second, she ran from the cave and launched upwards, still laughing.

What a story to tell back at the camp grounds!

Originally posted by Zack Ryan
Galen and Daphne
Galen was angry, angry at Issabell angry at Ogg, and maybe just a bit angry at Daphne.

Angry at Issabella because she had tricked him, and him being so damn confident that he could win her over and make her his that she easily tricked him into abandoning his post.

And angry at Daphne because she found him like this and saw his utter shame.

And OGG because everytime that Galen issued forth a column of fire the smoke wafting up from his nostrils was pink, that same damn pink.

This thought of Ogg set Galen off again and he belched out more and more fire, finally realizing that he was roasting himself. He turned quickly and ran to the cave entrance, where he launched himself into the air, circling higher and higher, into the cooler air until the effects of the drug and the flames were finally gone.

He looked down from where he was gliding and saw the battlefield and the fires. He recognized the layout of Oggs forces tents and then across to what must be the sheeps. Then he spied her, white against the blackness of the fields. He formulated his plan and dipped his wings, making a very slow descent towards the arrogant white female.

Below, Daphne sat retelling the story of the Galens pink smoke, to the amusement of all of her listeners. When she looked up she saw a quick flash of white, barely large enough to register on her vision. It was descending towards the other side. "OH S**T" she yelled, "it's that fool Galen going to capture Issabella." All who had been sitting there looked up and Galen was that much more visible.

Daphne launched herself, flapping her wings to speed her journey and when she was but a few hundred yards from Galen, flapped her wings furiously, then folded them in and became a missile, aimed at Galen's body, where his wing met his body. Girding herself, she hit him exactly where she aimed, knocking him sideways and stunning him. As he plummeted towards the ground Daphne feared she may have killed him this time.

Galen recovered, and saw Daphne. He roared out his renewed anger and went at her. He being smaller, and less able to gather great speed right away, felt him pull up suddenly, grabbing her behind the wings, next to her back legs. Again he roared and then she went limp, causing him to have to use all his strength to lower them both to the ground gently. As soon as they had landed, she jumped up and began beating him with her wings, and kicking him. Finally in self defense he enfolded her into his arms and she slowly relaxed.

He let her go, but reluctantly, enjoying the feel of her in his arms. She said, calmly as she could, "I had to stop you, you were about to go after her and she was probably expecting it. There was likely a trap for you and you would probably be dead, or worse, if you fell into their hands." He digested that and nodded, then launched himself towards Oggs side of the battlefield, finding Zacks form and melding again with the Copani.

Daphne landed and became as one with Scarlett. She thinks of Illim and wistfully wishes it had been him instead of the Great Black Drake that had enfolded her in his wings.

Originally posted by Zack Ryan
Galen had left Zack and now sat atop the promitory overlooking the battlefield. The Clone sheep were beginning to rot when Galen felt the first drops of rain. He looked up and saw Daphne floating in the thermals and stepped off the promitory. He flapped his powerful wings and soared up into the thermals and pulled up next to Daphne. He looks over and nods and asks if she minded if he joined her for a while. Daphne greets Galen and welcomes him. They soar and dip and soar again, companions in flight as he knows her heart belongs to another and his to the white, who has not acheived her full maturity yet. They go unnoticed save the occasional high flying bird or person staring into the sky.

Scarlett O'Hara
July 31st, 2003, 12:50 PM
Originally posted by Scarlett O'Hara
The two friends soared higher, laughing as they caught the early morning thermals over the mountain peaks. But Daphne could tell that Galen was deeply saddened over Issabella's treachery. Instead of talking about the white, she chose instead to tell Galen jokes that Scarlett knew. His deep laughter would ring out but then he would lapse back into quiet reverie.

That is when they saw her tentatively approaching them. Daphne's eyes narrowed and reddened, expecting more treachery but Issabella approached gently, riding the thermals nearby, slowly circling ever closer. Finally Galen couldn't stand the teasing and growled angrily "Daphne I can't be around her. I have to leave now." and the black drake was gone. He simply tucked himself in and dove rapidly back towards his mountain top perch.

Issabella circled closer to Daphne, knowing she would first have to make amends to the Golden. But she would not allow herself to be too humble or to appear as cowering. She approached with respect and humility and got close to Daphne. Upon closer inspection, Daphne saw the changes beginning in Issabella. It was not long ago, that she herself had reached that crucial transition and knew the agony the white was in. At that moment, the weakened and stressed white floundered about in a strong cross current and fell earthward.

Daphne gave chase, aiming for the space in front of Issa. Luckily she caught her on the second attempt and was able to support her with her own wings. Cooing to Issa, Daphne assured her that she was safe. It was just a few miles to Daphne's high mountain cave. She guided the two of them to the cave and managed to get Issabella inside before the maturing white completely lost her strength.

There, Daphne huddled closely to offer warmth and support as Issa needed. She would not leave the white alone to face the great transition like she had been left alone. So throughout the rest of the day, the older nursed the younger and they talked quietly.

Back at the Sheepshed {{{by Tisiphone, with her permission}}}
Tisiphone was once again waging a battle. Her inner dragon wanted her to do something that normally she would never allow herself. Finally the Fury threw up her hands in capitulation. She marched over to Scarlett and Zack, smiling sweetly. Zack knew that smile and merely glared at the little blonde. Even Scarlett looked smug.

"What's up, Blondie?" Zack asked suspiciously.

"Oh, I merely had a message to deliver" Tisi said innocently. "It's
from Issabella to Daphne actually." She pulled her hand from behind her back and smashed the cherry pie in Scarlett's face (not even for her inner dragon would Tisi waste a chocolate pie on another human). "Issa says to leave Galen alone, she saw him first." Tisi waved her fingers and dashed off to the other side, calling over her shoulder. "Toodle pip".

Originally posted by Zack Ryan
Galen had returned to his spot overlooking the battlefield, brooding over his fate. To fall in love with the treacherous white doomed him to lonliness for his lifetime and for that he cursed to the gods and at Morchtod, the wizard who had cursed him into what he was today. The white was not only to be his mate and lover, she was to be his salvation.

He thought back hundreds and hundreds of years to the time of the curse. He was an officer in Odin's army, leading the charge against Loki and the Fenris wolf, and his minions. When Odin was devoured by the monster wolf and Loki's army proceded to devastate my troops, I was captured easily by 14 of Loki's best. I was brought before Morchtod who proceeded to oversee my torture and beatings before ordering my release, but not until he cursed my eternal soul. I was made into a Big Black Drake. A Dragon cursed to be evil for my life time. My release, the love of another dragon. The white had dashed all hopes of that ever happening by doing what she had done to him since he was allowed only one true love in this lifetime.

Originally posted by Tisiphone
Issabella tried to keep her mind off the changes in her body as well as how in the world she was going to make things up to Galen. She and Daphne talked between the changes until finally the younger dragon gave her friend what could be a sheepish grin, in draconian terms. "I'm really sorry about the pie in the face thing. Living inside a Fury can be...."

"A pain in the arse?" Daphne snorted.

"I was going to say a challenge, but you described it better" Issa giggled. "So what's it like living inside a hussy?" she teased and tried to duck as Daphne whacked her upside the head with a wingtip, sending them both into laughter between the growth and changing pains.

Scarlett O'Hara
July 31st, 2003, 12:52 PM
Originally posted by Scarlett O'Hara
Night came upon them quickly tucked high in the mountain cave, and the worse had come upon Issabella. Daphne tried to steal her pain by telling her great Dragon tales and prophecies. Finally Issa fell into a sleep and Daphne left to find them food.

Daphne stepped from the cave and looked up to search for her favorite star patters, but instead she gave a loud screech. The night was auroral and filled with comets. She shivered despite herself, remembering The Great Prophecy. The prophecy said on a night such as this, a beautiful Queen was to come into being which would be the soul love of a great Platinum King. But the love story was only the beginning for it signaled the coming of strife through the Dragon Realm! The Fire-Drake and his Queen would raise the ire of of Cold-Drake and his Queen and it would send the Dragon Realm into civil war. Daphne shiver again as a particularly long and firey comet swept through the sky near their cave.

Gathering her strength she launched and glided searching for food. Quickly finding and subduing, she headed back to the cave. As Daphne stepped into the cave, she screeched again and dropped the catch. Standing in her cave where Issabella had lain only an hour earlier was a beautiful Amethyst female. And the white was no where to be seen. Daphne splayed her wings in the cavernous space only to hear Issabella's voice issued from the Amethyst. Lowering and furling her wings slowly, Daphne began to ask questions to which Issabella didn't know the answers. How could a white turn into an Amethyst?

The two ate quietly and drank fresh water and Daphne watched as Issabella's changes continued. By sunrise, she was changed, her wings dried and her physical pain gone. The two stepped from the cave and perched for a long while surveying the land beneath them. Issabella was love lorn and lust-yearning for a mate.

"You have to go find him, Issa!" Daphne cooed softly.

Issabella's head drooped and her wings curled tighter. "He doesn't want to see me. He wants nothing to do with me. Look at me. I am no longer as I was."

Daphne laughed and as Issabella looked questioningly at her new friend, Daphne laughed harder. Finally she said "Issa, they may have far more muscle and strength than we, and they are faster. But we have cleverness on our side. Go and find him, and do not tell him who you are. Flirt and gain his interest. Then tell him of your change. Trust me when I tell you, he will like the new you!"

Issabella smiled and immediately spread her wings and jumped skyward. Daphne's mouth opened in awe and the long slitted pupils of her blue eyes opened wider as she looked upward to watch. Issabella was larger than herself now, and she was beautiful! Her hide was a deep violet-purple and her scales ranged from pale lavender on her sensitive underneck to deeper shades of purples and violet-blues. It was when the sun hit the delicately thin wings that Daphne understood why her kind was called Amethyst. She was breathtaking - good enough to be a Queen.

Originally posted by Zack Ryan
Galen had spent the night perched upon the promontory above the battlefield. There was finally some activity below, large machines were pushing the bodies towards two large holes in the ground. The sun had risen almost an hour ago and he was about to launch himself into the air and to carry out the decision he had made. He heard the beat of large wings and, expecting to find Daphne, he raised his head and looked towards the sound. Instead of Daphne he found himself looking at the only Amethyst he had ever seen. He had heard of their beauty, but never had seen it before.

As he watched her, she glided in ever-smaller circles until she began to flap her wings and land, about 25 feet away. There was something about this female that he could not place, something familiar yet not familiar. The Amethyst had sidled closer and began to coo at him. He moved away, turning slightly, until he could move no further. Again she cooed, and flapped her wings, stretching her neck and undulating it. “Please, I am not interested, though you are the most attractive female I have ever met, my heart belongs to another, one who has broken my heart beyond repair. NOW, please, go.”

Galen then launched himself, stretching his wings and beginning to climb, determined to carry out his plan. Glancing back he saw the Amethyst launch herself and follow, calling out to him. He turned then, not making out what she said, but it could not be important enough to deter him. She was rapidly gaining on him as he turned, tucked his wings and plummeted towards her and the earth below. As he got closer to her she called out again, more urgently this time and the voice, it was Issabella’s, but how could that be. He opened his wings, breaking in the air, and turning, flapping his wings until he was along side her and gliding next to the larger female.

“Who are you, you sound like Issabella, but she is a small white, you are a large Amethyst.” He heard the female coo once, then she said, “Can we land, I have not had that much to eat, and need to rest.” In answer Galen turned and headed back to the promontory he had been staying at. She landed next to him, folding her wings into her body then turning.

“It is I Galen, I am Issabella, I changed last night, from the small frightened little white to what you see. Damn, Galen it is I and I am so sorry for tricking you. I didn’t realize what I had done to you, or how I felt. Please, forgive me.” Galen turned towards her then, moved up next to her and reached up and rubbed his neck down hers.

“I too have deep and loving feelings towards you Issabella, but look at our differences, I am average and of the evil Fire Drakes, you are an Amethyst, royalty among us, and not aligned with the evil ones.” Issa opened her wings, and rubbed them along his back, saying at the same time, “I care not about the differences Galen, only that my feelings for you go beyond the barriers you have placed on yourself.”

Galen felt something then, a stirring deep in his chest, and the need to soar, to leave this place and go home. “Wait for me Issabella, I will return soon” and he launched himself, climbing into the air, his wings flapping and lifting him higher and higher. He heard it then, a tearing sound, then another and another. He looked back upon himself and watched as his scales fell away from his body, in their place Platinum scales. As the the scales fell away, he began to remember the curse, and then what he was to become. Higher he flew, seeking the East Wind, seeking his path home. He found it suddenly, without warning and without preamble.

He followed his path home, behind the East Wind. As he came upon the fortress he was joined by 7 Goldens, his “Palace Guard”. He landed in the forecourt of a large fortress and watched the Gold’s land around him. “I am here but for a moment. I needed to find this place on my own. You will stay here and wait for me. NO, no protest Captain, I need this time alone. And with that the mighty Platinum rose from the ground and flew back to claim his bride. “The beautiful Issa shall reign as queen of my domain,” he thought to himself. He disengaged from the East Wind and flew into the west, to his future Queen.

Scarlett O'Hara
July 31st, 2003, 12:54 PM
Originally posted by Tisiphone
"Galen wait!" Issabella called out as he flew away. She watched in fascination as the black scales fell away, allowing the platinum, Bahamut, to emerge. She lost sight of him as he flew the East wind and picked up a rock in her talon, tossing it angrily over the cliff. "Drakes!" she exclaimed in a fit of temper. She remembered her earlier argument with Tisiphone and shivered. Issa had been furious with Tisi over hurting Galen, tricking him. But the Fury had simply laughed and once again promised Issa she would have all the time she wanted to make it up to Galen. However, she had also advised the dragon to have fun with him, play all she wanted but not to ever fall for him. "He's just a male" Tisi had shrugged, not understanding at all the bonds that dragons felt for their lifemates. "In the end, he'll use you and toss you aside. So don't let him engage your heart."

"You're wrong, Tisi" Issa whispered to the wind. "You have to be." As the hours passed and the afternoon waned into evening, Issa became discouraged that Galen had not yet returned. The Amethyst dragon unfurled her wings and stepped off the promontory, catching a current and letting it lift her. Her larger size was something she still had to get used to and rather than losing her earlier clumsiness as the White, she had added to it by the change. It took a heavier wind to unbalance her now than before, but when it eventually happened, she tumbled even less gracefully. She overcompensated, nearly crashing into the top of a mountain before whirling the other direction and plummeting towards the tree covered ground. She screeched several words taught to her by Tisi that were very unbecoming such a regal dragon. Just as her wingtip, flailing wildly out of control, crashed into the tree, she felt a strong pair of talons grip her around her neck and lift her from danger. She was choking, but alive when she was eased down to a clearing.

"What the hell did you think you were doing?" Galen asked angrily as she coughed after his release.

"Uh....practicing?" Issa gasped, finally spitting out a violent lozenge of flame. It hit a tree at the edge of the clearing, exploding into a concussion force. "Wow, that is so kewl" Issa said in delighted surprise. "I had no idea I could do that."

Galen shook his powerful head in frustration, wondering how he could have possibly fallen for such a dingbat of a dragon.

Originally posted by Scarlett O'Hara
Daphne was singing to herself and cleaning her lair. Afterall the new Amethyst Issabella had molted quite of lot of "stuff" which now cluttered Daphne's usually spotlessly clean lair. She moved all the molting stuff outside and then quickly burned it with a quick burst cone of fire.

Then back inside, she rearranged her large cache's of gems and jewels. Daphne was particularly fond of opals and had them all displayed prominently around her beautiful home. She stood back and admired her work. It had taken her a long time to find this cave. It had to be completely stone, no dirt of course, and the fact that it had veins of shiney stuff was a plus for a dragon who liked shiney stuff.

Taking all the silk scarves that she took from Scarlett's apartment, she flung them about femininely and then sat and poured out the large golden bowl of sapphires. "YUM!" she said to herself. She loved their color and ran her talons through them.

That's when she heard something outside and quickly scooped her gems back into their bowl.

Originally posted by Zack Ryan

<Galen had stopped on his way back to Issa at Daphne's Lair.>

She heard Galens voice asking her to step outside, that he wasn't able to enter. Daphne wondered what he meant, he was only slightly larger than she was. As she stepped from the entrance she was confronted by the Platinum visage of a King Dragon. Without thinking she knelt and dipped her head.

Galens voice told her to stand and relax, here he was just her friend.


"Yes, it's me. When Issa came to me last night I felt the shroud fall away from my curse. I will never be human again, but I am no longer an evil black, but now a Platinum. I wish to only thank you for giving aid to Issabella as her true self emerged."

He dipped his head then, rubbing her neck, as a Dragon would do the quivelent of kissing someones cheek. Then he turned and launched himself. As Daphne watched Galen, he soared into the sky and disappeared.

When she re-entered her cave she found the largest sapphire she had ever seen, nestled in the center of a basket full of brightly colored silk scarves.

Scarlett O'Hara
July 31st, 2003, 12:56 PM
Originally posted by Zack Ryan
Galen walked up to Issabella and looked at her closely, walking around her and decided that, like humans, some people, even of the aristocracy,can be lacking in some of the graces. He also thought that with much needed practice she would be as graceful as a seasoned Dragon.

"Come Issa, fly with me and I will teach you grace in flight." Without another word Galen launched himself and, when he was airborne, he turned back and watched Issa launch. She sank as soon as she was off the ledge and he was already heading towards her when she recovered and flew up to meet him. He overshot her and turned back and caught up with her. She kept over compensating and recovering badly when a wind gust hit her. They spent the rest of the afternoon with Galen showing her how to fly, float, ride the thermals, and climb.

Finally, when the sun was low on the horizon he floated in next to her and told her to follow. He rose then, flapping his powerful wings, into the sky, moving higher and higher. He checked continuously and saw that she was very close to him now, and finally he found the East Wind. They followed the course of the wind and then again he found his fortress, landing in the courtyard. As he moved to make room for Issabella, she landed, a little less gracfully than he, but a vast improvement over the first time he watched her.

"Come Issabella, we eat." They walked through a massive arch, and laid out before them were half a dozen large cows, plus several baskets of fruit and three large tanks of fish. "Issa, take. You must be hungry" Issabella dipped her large head into one of the tanks and scooped out half the fish, swallowing them after chewing. Galen took three of the cows, one after the other and two baskets of the fruit. Issa took the other half of the fish in the tank and some of the fruit. Galen took the last two cows, then pushed the fruit pushing the baskets of fruit towards her. She took one of them and downed it rapidly.

When they had finished Galen took her on a tour of the keep, staying in form so the walls changed sizes as they aproached and reverted when they had passed. Issabella was pleased at what she saw and very pleased with the way she was feeling with Galen. Galen led her out side once again and through the entrance, across the draw bridge and out into the open.

Galen lifted off, followed by Issabella, soaring higher and higher until they reached an easy floating height, then Galen slid over to Issa and rubbed her neck gently with his and she rubbed his in return, then they flew in lazy circles until Galen again slid over to Issa and enveloped her in his wings. Issa, joyful, nuzzled into him, comfortable and secure.

Originally posted by Scarlett O'Hara
"Discovering Brade"

Daphne had spent three days at her dragonholt admiring her newest gem. She had moved it around the lair until the right spot was found. It received the sun's dying rays through the front of the lair entrance and would erupt in color, blazing the inner lair with rich blue sparkles. But she needed to rejoin with her host Scarlett for a brief respite. Returning to Sheepshed, she looked for her host, finding her not. Dominus approached the golden dragon and asked if he could touch her wings, then playfully pinched them when Daphne offered one. "Ai-Oi! By the Beasts of Olden Days!" Daphne swore in ancient dragons' tongue when her very sensitive wing was abused. But it also sent a shock through her!

Dominus carried an incubi and was obviously unaware. And it was ready to be brought forth. Daphne wondered if Dominus was ready to commit the necessary fortitude to care for his inner dragon. It was a large commitment to carry one of the great beautiful beasts! She narrowed the slits of her blue eyes and puffed a small cone of smoke, then glared at Dominus. He laughed and started to turn from her. Daphne reached and grasped him in her talons. The surprised look was quickly relieved as Daphne whispered "I have to release your inner dragon! Are you ready?" Dominus smiled and said "Cool! Always wanted to fly!"

Daphne turned and leaped skyward, tucking her young charge securely under her leg. Her golden wings whipped slowly as she took her time climbing to the thermals. Dominus kept yelling "This is incredible. HIGHER! HIGHER!" Daphne laughed and purred "Soon, young one, you will learn to fly on your own." Finally she arrived at the rocky outcropping and placed Dominus softly before she furled her wings tightly and took him inside her dragonholt. "This is brah!" Dominus whistled when he saw the large bowls of gems and jewels about. "DON"T TOUCH!" snapped Daphne. "I don't like anyone touching my gems!"

She offered Dominus a seat on her pile of silk scarves and she lit all the candles as she began to chant in ancient dragon litinany. Slowly Dominus fell into the deep sleep and Daphne loomed over him. Throughout the early hours of nighttide, she chanted and stood guard as the incubi emerged. The parting was as expected painful but soon the young dragon sat next to his host, who slept still. Daphne purred and coo'ed to the young dragon and cleaned him. Gently she helped his untried wings to spread, and told him to keep himself splayed until his wings could dry and harden.

Nighttide slowly crept along until morningtide was shooting rays of the sun over the horizon. Suddenly Dominus sat up rubbing his head "WOW....that was some dream I had!" he stuttered. Then he caught sight of the young dragon next to him and the smile slowly dawned on him. "You're mine?" he asked. "No, you are my host!" snapped the young dragon.

Daphne laughed and said "You belong each to the other. You will care and protect the other! Dominus this is Brade, he is a.....uh.....um.....a Pathfinder"

Dominus looked at Daphne with suspicion. "What is a Pathfinder?" "Oh great, I have a host who doesn't know anything, Daphne!" Brade said with annoyance.

Daphne giggled and explained "During the great dragon peace, some of the evil dragons mated with the good dragons and produced young who were neither good nor bad. Your father was a Green, and your mother an Emerald dragon. Thus they have no place they belong solidly. Thus they must find the right path for themselves. A Pathfinder! Luckily Brade looks like an Emerald Dragon, even if his personality is a little....uh.....coarse like Greens. But with time, I think you two will learn trust. Stay here Dominus while I train Brade to fly. AND DON'T TOUCH MY GEM STONES!"

Daphen took young Brade and began his flying lessons.

Scarlett O'Hara
July 31st, 2003, 12:57 PM
Originally posted by Scarlett O'Hara
Leaving Dominus behind in her dragonholt, Daphne took Brade to the cliff point outside. She watched as Brade got his first good look at their heighth already. His brown eyes squinched as he looked down the mountain face to the valley stretched below them and then up into the bright blue sky laden with overlapping fluffy clouds. "This is going to be so cool, Daphne!" he smiled.

"Brade, pay attention and do like me!" Daphne instructed. She slowly crouched onto her back legs, and Brade saw the muscle tension through her chest to support her wings and across her back as well. Then suddenly she jumped skyward, her golden wings slowly making deep and powerful arcs through the air. Brade mimic and jumped from the cliff point.

"Daaaaaaaapppphhhhhhhnnneeeeeeeeeeee!" he squealed as he dropped like a rock and plummeted towards the ground. Daphne heard the sound finally catch her and she looked back and didn't see Brade. A second bugle and she looked down, her blue eyes widening in shock. Daphne pulled her wings in tightly, streamlining her body she dove. As she neared the youthful green dragon, she reached out and grabbed him with her talons, pulling him tightly to her chest.

"You didn't do exactly like I did, Brade." she chided.

"Obviously, Daphne! It's a lot harder than it looks." he confessed. She pulled him back skyward and placed him gently on the cliff again. Once more she showed him the proper stance and wing placement, the crouch of their powerful back legs. In a moment of self-doubt, Brade said "Daphne, I don't think I'm ready."

The golden smiled and with a whallop from her wing, she swatted him off the cliff, watching him flap in a frenzy. Again he fell like a rock and she dove after him. After retrieving him again, she placed him back on the cliff and gave him more instructions though she saw his frustration. "Concentrate Brade. You are a beautiful and proper dragon. You can do this."

August 8th, 2003, 04:15 PM
Galen led Issabella back to his fortress for the night. Her flying had improved a great deal with his patient tutelage but she still had a long way to go to reach the grace and beauty of Daphne in flight. Issa flopped down on the courtyard and propped her chin in her talons, eyeing Galen with no small amount of envy as he landed lightly. He laughed at her baleful expression and nuzzled her neck. "You are getting better, my love," he chuckled.

Issa just rolled her eyes and lumbered to her feet once more. They feasted together and Galen kept watching Issa, speculatively. "What?" she finally asked, catching his eye on her once more.

"Nothing at all, my love," he replied mildly. He had noticed her amethyst color growing a darker shade all day and knew it would not be long before she reached her next maturation.

Issa felt a warmth growing within her after the meal. It was not the normal sated heat that she had felt before, but so much more than that. She gazed heavenward as the sun began it's downward path and moved out into the open courtyard. A part of her heard Galen calling her name, but something within her that she could not explain forced her to ignore him. Daphne had told her about this phenomenon, however it was all forgotten as instinct took over. She knew she had to take to the air or she would die. Her wings unfurled and she lifted off, the ground falling away, taking her higher and farther from Galen.

The Bahamut watched his mate for a moment, smiling to himself. Finally her time had come and she would be truly, irrevocably his forever. He took to flight after her, knowing he could catch up at any time since she was still slightly clumsy. He lost sight of her in a cloud then backwinged as she dove out of it, twisting her body then shot out horizontally at a faster speed than he thought she could accomplish.

Issa concentrated fiercely on this flight. For some reason, it was crucial that she flew better than she ever thought possible. Her very life depended on her being the best, the fastest. She felt Galen's presence close by and dipped lower, spinning around and shooting in the other direction. She laughed as her mate took longer to turn around, but a small part in the back of her mind silently willed him to be better, faster, stronger. She needed him to prove worthy.

Galen was outmaneuvered by Issabella time and time again, his frustration at his inability to catch her growing. He knew this was part of their draconian life, but never had he dreamed she could be this talented this soon. He heard her laughter as she dipped and whirled in a series of aerobatics, taunting him. They both flew into a cloudbank, both exhilarated with the wildness of their flight. The silence around them in the blankness was only broken by the sound of their massive bodies cutting through the thick air. Issa broke through the cloud and tried to backwing in astonishment. "NOOOOOOOO!" she screamed in fury at Galen's outwitting her. "Gotcha!" he growled, wrapping his wings around her.

Issa tried to break free of his hold, but he proved he was the true king by keeping her firmly against him. They rose higher, his neck wrapping around hers, until she was bound to him in every way. She submitted to him joyfully, although a small part of her bade goodbye to her youth and freedom. The joy overrode everything else soon, leaving both of them with no regrets.