View Full Version : Did anyone here understand the ending to the graphic novel Wolverine:Weapon X ?

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August 16th, 2001, 06:53 AM
Well, for a while now I've been reading some of the Wolverine grephic novels, and I just finished the one called Wolverine: Weapon X, which I thought was great, but I really didn't understand the ending. What happens is he kills the mad professor and Dr.Cornelius,and seemingly escapes the complex, but after that happens it shows the professor and Doctor Cornelius discussing Wolverine fighting the mountain lion, and observing him, and also discussing how they each got killed by Wolverine. Then, Wolverine kills the wranglers and breaks into the laboratory/observatory where the professor and Dr. Cornelius are and looks like he is about to kill them, along with Miss Hines. Then it says THE END and goes straight to a scene where Wolverine is escaping into the wilds of northern Canada and Doctor Cornelius and Miss Hines are talking about him as if he is still being experimented on in the lab. I find this somewhat hard to understand.
Could somebody who has read the Weapon X graphic novel please tell me what all this is supposed to mean?

Rob B
August 16th, 2001, 07:11 AM
Moved this to General Discussion.

Anyway, Marvel is going to be publishing a limited series later this year tentatively titled Wolverine: The Origin. Your questions may be answered there.