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August 28th, 2003, 11:48 AM
“There isn’t any blue-black car following us, there is a red one and a……….. A blue-black car just went through a light blue one. I think they are on to you, not me, besides it’s a ‘64 ford something or other” I mutter. Why I wondered why was it when “he” was a round I saw ghosts coming round every corner. I had chronic heartburn; Arthur’s stocking clad foot trying to come up my leg had made it hard to eat.

“Still doll, we best loose them.” The inspector said and pointed in the direction of an alley.

“Pay tell me how does one loose a ghost.” I retort and swing the swing the car across and headed down the alley.

“Get behind a church.” Wells muttered.

“I seem to remember we have been behind a number of churches.”

“Just do it Mavis, pull up there.” I narrowed my lips, no doll, angel, or kid. Just Mavis, things were getting serious. We pull up by the dumpster hard against the back door to a rather run down looking chapel.


“In where.”

“The church.” Wells was out of the car and running. I grabbed my purse and did the same.

“Behind the far pew.” The inspector hissed and ducked behind the font.

I crept down low and watched two rather large men in ill-fitting suits enter.

“Ivan, can you sense him?”


“Speak English”




“Thank you, what the hell are you on about? We need to find out if they know about Tony? They were talking to the broad we stashed.”

Ivan sighs and moves down towards the font. Wells peers over the top and starts to blow across the water, it ripples then rises in a thin steam hitting Ivan, he screams “Net, Net,” and vanishes.

Wells smiles at the other stunned ghost, who shouts, “You put him out.”

“Should stay where it’s hot,” The Inspector replies and blows again. The water hits the other guy on the back of his head he vanishes too.

“Well, Inspector Wells.” I say and get up.

“They should have stayed where it was hot, doll.” He flicks his coin and straightens his hat.

“Yes, I see, but… Both Russian"

"One Russian, the other? Angel, he had a new Jersey Accent..."

"Right, I didn't notice..." I mumble and flip through the papers Arthur had given me. “Hmmmm Tony… Tony Warren, he worked for the then CIA running a number of agents, seems they were involved with a raid on the motel, or rather a swift protection hit to cover up a certain politician’s rep.”

“Greta’s Handler maybe”

“Possible, but what has this to do with the diappearance of a little girl 10 years ago.”

“Don’t know yet sweetheart, but looks like we have two cases on our hands not one.