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August 26th, 2003, 06:17 AM
Originally posted by didi
okay, i'm doing a little research, brought on by my recent encounter with a flyer in a 7-11 encouraging me to come to some meeting for a religious group i had never heard of. What kind of cults are out there? Did anyone have a weird experience?

Hehehe - yer recent encounter with a flyer................LOL...... is that like Close Encounters of the shopping kind? ;)

*Sits back imagining a little flyer cozying up to Didi*

Hehe - OK, sorry, I probably shouldn't joke about it, but the whole religion thing is rather naf IMO - church vs cult vs sect vs alternative religion. In the end it's remains subjective. Sure there are some common denominators, but everything that makes a cult a CULT also makes a church what it is. My advice would be to do as you see fit - but try making informed choices.

Oh and get some proper books & READ about it - no use asking the lot of us, we each have our own idea of what the truth might be & I doubt that any of us are experts. All we can give you is our opinions, which may be informative & interesting, but nowhere near enough to help you decide if the distributors of the flyer was a cult.

Have I had any weird experiences? Of course I have - after all, I figure the whole christian church thing to be rather weird, but that's just my opinion.