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August 27th, 2003, 05:23 PM
Synopsis: A boy has a near fatal accident and has a strange out-of-body experience like no other. His is like this: He is suddenly floating, everything goes white, he is seeing out of some evil persons close companion's eyes, he overhears a plan to conquer the world . So he has to save the earth from the evil dude.

"Hey, Kev, catch!," shouted Kevin's pal, Andrew.
"OK I'll try," he answers. He's not very good with footballs.
They were playing in their treehouse, now worn old with ivy crawling right into the door. The wood was soggy and the roof looked like it would collapse any minute. Why would a boy notice these eye-widening features? He was only ten years of age. He had only seen those PlaySafe videos in school last week. No, he hasn't even thought about it once. Let the inevitable happen said Kevin's Gran once.
Kevin gave a leap into the air, the ball hit his head, he fell to the floor, carried on through it and... smack!
Kevin escaped that accident with a few broken ribs and bones, would have been more serious if he hadn't landed on a pile of leaves.
"KEVIN!!" cried Andrew as he climbed down the ladder of the derilect treehouse. Snap, the ladder's bolts broke off and Andrew went tumbling to the ground. He landed in a pile of mud and lay still, his heart still beating.
"Hey, gourgeous," a man said in the woods to his girlfriend.
"Don't flirt with me, I think I heard someone scream!"...

August 28th, 2003, 06:26 PM
sry, but i really don't understand wat this is about. it is very confusing... the last part is at least. can u clarify it pleez?

Rocket Sheep
September 8th, 2003, 06:18 AM
Andrew's girlfriend, Tahlia, just stared at the man. "What do you mean you don't understand? Scream, thunk! Someone is in trouble! My mother told me about men like you who hang out in the woods... she didn't tell me you were so stupid!" Tahlia ran then. Ran from the strange man and ran towards the sound of the scream. As she ran she cursed the human race. How did kids who were once her age turn into men like that?

Tahlia heard branches breaking behind her and broke into a cold sweat. The creep was following her. She ran blindly, a surge of adrenaline and concentration sped her limbs and made her footfalls sure. She didn't want to think about what perverted desires drove the man behind her. Men didn't chase girls through the woods. Not in the real world. Not those who play by the rules. Men who didn't play by real world rules were dangerous. Sweating and panting she stumbled onto a path and recognised it as leading to the treehouse where Andrew played. She followed. Perhaps he would be there now. Perhaps she would be safe once she found him.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw Andrew and Kevin sprawled, unmoving, under the tree. She rushed to Andrew first and knelt down beside him... he was pale and his forehead cold. "Andrew!" She shook him. No response. She crawled to Kevin. "Kevin! Wake up!" No response. The creep burst through the trees behind her. Tahlia knew she couldn't show fear... not to a creep like this. She spun angrily to face him. "You have to get help! Call an ambulance! Help them! They might die!"

The man looked alarmed. This obviously wasn't how he'd planned things... he looked about and then backed away into the woods. "I was never here," he growled and then vanished between the trees.

"That's right! You're a coward and a bastard!" Tahlia screamed. Her voice was powerful with relief and frustration. Relief he had given up but frustration at being left with two unconscious boys.

Kevin groaned and Tahlia rushed back to him.

* * *

Andrew knew something was wrong. His eyes were open but nothing made sense. Figures around him seemed to waiver in and out of focus and they were ugly. Incredibly ugly. He didn't want to focus on them but curiousity forced him to and fascination made him look on.

"We can rule the world of men!" A wrinkled spectre with glowing eyes yelled.

"It has never been done. We rule their sleep. We should be content-"

"Content? Content! Is a Nightmare to be content with despoiling dreams that are so easily forgotten in the light of day? Why can we not rule their waking hours too? Why not make them feel like they are falling as they ride the underground? Why not make them feel like they are naked as they walk the street? Why not twist their tiny minds until they perform that which they never imagined possible? Men are our playthings, our puppets. Have they not brought a plague of nightmares upon themselves? Has anything we could have imagined come close to the deeds they perform everyday? Who will know that it is Nightmares behind the next spate of evil?"

The Nightmares chuckled at this. They chuckled and then they cackled horribly. They cackled and howled until their opaque wrinkled flesh jiggled and their glowing eyes half-closed. Something grabbed at Andrew and he screamed and tried to wriggle free.


Kevin and Tahlia leaned over him, and above them, leaves and sky...

September 9th, 2003, 12:29 PM
The man watched,silent, from the shelter of the trees. Tahlia was shouting for help. After an eternity of waiting, a dog walker passed and stopped with the children. The man under the trees waited until he saw the newcomer call an ambulance, and then he ran. Lungs burning, he stumbled and tripped his way through the length of the woods, to where he had hidden the car he had borrowed for the day. Subsiding gratefully into the driver's seat, he pulled away onto the main road, mind racing.

It wasn't meant to happen like this. Get the girl, that's all they told him. No-one was supposed to get hurt. And it was obviously them who had done it. But why? Why disrupt his plans just as he was getting close to the girl, after all these weeks of searching?

One thing was sure: If he wanted his money, then sooner or later he was going to have to go back and get her.