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August 30th, 2003, 08:12 AM
Ok maybe you will be more interested in this one?:D

Synopsis: There is a boy who plays in dangerous areas like abandoned railway stations. One day he is playing on a building site, he sees someone and hides. The person is walking around like he was a worker though he didn't look like one. The boy ends up being told a mysterious plot to conquer the world. He has to save it because the man who told him dies.

Jack was a foolish boy. At the age of twelve he chopped off his friends finger by accident. He was prone to accidents. Today, he was running around a construction site on his own. He started climbing up a pole to the higher levels. Up there was a large walking area for the workers. There was the office for the manager. Jack liked it up there, he had made a sort of den out of it, though he didn't dare bring anything up there with him, in fear of leaving it behind. He was standing up there and messing about in the office when he heard the crunch of gravel. He was very scared. He went out of the office and crawled to the edge of the walkway.
There was a man in a black suit on the grounf and he was holding a black breifcase. The man looked very grim and grey, plain. He had a thin mouth that didn't smile nor frown. Jack had to get nearer. he moved closer to the edge, with his feet moving about like a snake. His left foot connected with a piece of concrete and sent it tumbling to the ground. He heard the pling! it made. Dammit Jack what did you do that for? he whispered to himself, crawling backwards as quickly as he could. The Plain man looked up, and saw a patch of brown hair dissapearing past the edge. He saw the pipe and tucking his briefcase in his armpit, he began to climb.
Jack stood up and ran into the office. He crouched behind a table and looked underneeath it.
"Boy, come out. I want to talk to you." whispered the plain man in a hoarse voice. He came into the office and spotted Jack in the corner, cowering away.
"Get up and have a seat," he said.
Jack got up and sat down
"Please don't kill me," he whined.
"Whoever said I was? Now, Jack my name is Isigno. Isigno Trew. How did I know your name? You told me, remember: Dammit Jack what did you do that for? Eh?"
"What do you want?"
"What I want is for this conversation to take place with a boy of your age. Now Jack, hear me out. This is what you must do...

Rocket Sheep
September 8th, 2003, 05:42 AM
"... in this briefcase is something that can save the world. I need you to take it to your school tomorrow and open it in front of all your friends." Isigno wiped a sweaty palm on his trousers.

Jack studied him. He looked kinda creepy. "If it is porn, forget it. We see that stuff all the time. Nobody's interested."

Isigno grit his teeth and when he spoke his voice was strained. "Jack, now I told you this is important. This is something that can save the world. This is not something grubby. I am not an evil man. All I am asking you to do is to have a little faith in my story."

"Why should I?" Jack sneered. "And why don't you just take it to a school yourself?"

"This briefcase will not open for me, Jack. It will only open for those with pure untainted minds."

"Yeah sure. A briefcase can think?" Jack laughed.

Isigno Trew took a deep breath. "Not the briefcase, what is inside."

"What IS inside?"

Trew narrowed his eyes. "You're a suspicious little mongrel aren't you?"

Jack backed away.

"Wait. Tell me what it will take for you to do as I asked. $10? $20? Name your price."

Jack pouted as he considered the offer. "$150!"

"Forget it. I'll find someone more pure and less tainted and certainly less greedy!" Trew spun on his heel.

"OK! OK! $30 and that is my final offer!"

Isigno turned back to Jack, a crooked smile played on his lips as he said, "it's a deal. $30. $15 now and once you do the job and return here, another $15."

Jack felt important as he took the briefcase and the $15 Trew offered. He strode off and it wasn't until Trew was out of sight that Jack began to wonder exactly what the world needed saving FROM.