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October 9th, 2003, 06:06 PM
I see we've got "Watcha reading?" threads in the SF and Fantasy categories, but none in Horror. And I thought, "What better time to start such a thread in the Horror category than in October, Halloween month?"

So, here it is! Have you got a particularly creepy favorite you like to curl up with as the nights get chillier? As I said over in the Fantasy folder, I'm currently reading Cthulhu 2000, a Lovecraftian anthology edited by Jim Turner. Great stuff if you like your boogeymen large, cosmic, and insanity-inducing.


Tanith :)

fluffy bunny
October 10th, 2003, 08:57 AM
heard of cthulu 2000, but never got around to reading it. About to start imajica by Clive Barker- the opening reads well, but the size of the book seems a tad daunting.

October 10th, 2003, 09:42 AM
Have to toss in Orangefield by Al Sarrantonio. Great halloween reading.


October 10th, 2003, 05:23 PM
LOL...good idea, Tanith!

I find with Halloween, I like older material - less contemporary, more 'traditional'- so probably no surprises here!

I like a bit of Ray Bradbury at Halloween - short stories like the October Country stories or Something Wicked This Way Comes...there's a lovely wistful melancholic feel to his material.

...then some good 'ghostie-type' stories are always good. I like deserted churchyards, dimly lit streets, mist and gloom in my Halloween stories!

So...something creepy and gothic, (but I can usually only handle in small doses I find!) some H.P. Lovecraft. Creepy buildings and libraries!

Then there's always the classics - still find Dracula great. Add MR James too.

Slightly more contemporary - I like a lot of Phil Rickman's stuff - Crybbe, and the recent Rev. Merrily Watkins series. If i had to pick a Stephen King I'd probably go for something older of his like Salem's Lot, or something shorter like 'The Fog'. Ooooh, oooh and Peter Straub's Ghost Story!


October 10th, 2003, 09:15 PM
I'm going to read some more stories in the October Dreams anthology, as well as The Night Country, the new book by Stewart O'Nan. It's about teenagers who died in a car crash on Halloween. They come back a year later. Not sure why yet -- they're not your typical ghosts. It's very good.

October 11th, 2003, 07:23 PM
You guys have made some great suggestions, including authors entirely new to me. :)

Well, I finally finished Cthulhu 2000, and pretty much liked it. I get the sense the editor was stretching a little bit toward the end, grabbing anything with a Lovecraft reference, however obscure. Still a pretty good read, though.

Now I'm working on Wagner and Wise's collection Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural. It was first published in 1944, and it's got 52 stories by every major author imaginable. And it's a great night for reading in Georgia--chilly and rainy.

Excuse me. I hear my recliner calling.

Tanith ;)

October 11th, 2003, 07:41 PM
Sounds really good, Talith. I've had a look at Amazon!

One of the first books to frighten me silly when I was little was a book I borrowed from an uncle called Tales of the Uncanny and Supernatural by Algernon Blackwood - shown here (http://dogbert.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?ph=2&bi=183459286). Very similar to yours, I think, though all from one author. Can't go wrong though with Poe, James, Lovecraft, Benson and Algernon Blackwood, though! I'm so impressed with your example I've ordered a copy!



October 12th, 2003, 06:34 PM
I usually like reading something by James Herbert around this time of year.

But you guys have giving me several new suggestions for this year. Thanks!:)

October 12th, 2003, 08:34 PM
So come on then, Kanin - which James Herbert?

I would've thought Haunted or the Ghosts of Sleath myself, as they are more like older ghost story type tales - or is it more gross-out stuff, like The Rats books?


October 12th, 2003, 09:50 PM
Haunted was the first book by Herbert I read so I always read that one.

The first time I read it, I read it in one day!!!!

I was hooked.

And I think Hell House by Richard Matheson and The Haunting of Hill House are on this year's slate also.