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October 23rd, 2003, 11:17 AM
Hi to all of you.

Well thanks for your suggestions and a real warm applaud. Really, I didn’t know where I was writing. A huge blunder. How stupidly I was writing my feelings on COLLABORATIVE STORIES. I haven’t thought of writing a story. But the idea is good, really good. Let’s see if I am able to write one………oh! Looks tough, but then if I have reached here, may be mistakably, let me try.

So I start. What? I don’t know.

Ok not to waste your time…. here it goes…..

A lonely road………lying stretched in the arms of a dark night, no one knows where it goes and the noise…..from the hazy wind…. gently trying to break the silence of the quiet night. Oh this silence! It appears to be withholding immense cries and screams. It can burst any moment. And these Screams, screams of those who dared to walk…who dared to rebel against the world….who dared to search for the truth renouncing the world, are driving me mad. I’m not able to hear those yells through ears but yeah! these are there, I can feel them piercing in my heart….asking me to move ahead, to follow the road….to begin a new journey and I…unaware of the target, feel like going ahead, following my heart. But alas I am not able to move….something hinders…Oh it’s my mind- full of vague fears…qualms…. suspicions, blocking me. And I am standing on the road…my heart forcing me to take a forward step and mind doing just the reverse, and I …..like a helpless witness watch the conflict going on…waiting for my heart to win and to start this journey…….and move to wherever it leads……and then I hear some voice…..dont know from where it emerged………but yeah…it’s a call from someone waiting for me asking…….

Ok…. you complete it.

Oh! I don’t know what I have written and where does it lead. Perhaps no where. See if any one of you can mould it into something readable.. Well I’ll be glad if you just tell me which type of stories you like. I mean this was my first random story and as such it’s not a story. But I can try starting something really good…of course if you help me…bye

:) neha

Hereford Eye
October 23rd, 2003, 05:03 PM
The fun and challenge in collaborative writing is not knowing where the next post will come from or how the new writer will twist what you think you've started. Welcome aboard, neha.

“You cannot stay. You may not return. Where then do you go, wanderer? Up? Sideways? Or straight ahead?
“Of those who preceded you – you do not believe you are the first, do you? – all went forward to the greater glory of the Designers. Should you be different?
“In your thoughts you dare difference but in your heart you seek the comfort of conformance. There is solace in your heart’s course, maybe safety, possibly certainty. Your inclination is always to follow your heart.
“Save for your mind, your intellect, that disdains safety, certainty, fitting in. Your mind demands freedom, exploration, spontaneity while your heart screams caution. Sideways, upwards, viable options but perhaps, maybe, probably dangerous.
“Choose, wanderer!
“Select now for all eternity because once moving, inertia is inexorable. You cannot stop, not of your own free will. You commit your own free will with your selection. Changing direction in this existence requires an outside push and where will that come from, who can provide it for you? Me? Do not trust that to be so. Trust yourself….alone…in all this universe.
“But, choose!"

October 23rd, 2003, 08:27 PM
Thanks for a nice suggestion. So here I try to explain it more

It’s not that it’s a road where everyone reaches. Nope, most of the people are lost in the illusionary glitter and oppulence of the world. In that light, they are unable to see the hidden darkness, something I am able to see so clearly. And looking at it, my heart asks me, “Is this the true place for you? And it itself replies, “No, it’s not”. And then I wander to find something that’s for me, that can make me cry loud………yeah it’s the place I was longing for ….which I feel mine….where there are no questions or doubts and then one day………somewhere in that darkness……. I feel the light coming from a distant place…. but the path which takes there is blurred and then……I find that lonely road…..i don’t know where it goes but yeah I feel… to somewhere better than this….perhaps towards that constant light and I yearn to take a step, to taste the unknown but I see a strange fear….increasing so fast in my mind………yes there are many who took this road…..but how many were able to find the source of that light……I am not sure of a single one……..this world comes in-between. Will I be the blessed one? And the mind leaves a fullisade of questions…..and asks, “Do you have any evidence or proof?” and the heart says……I have faith.

So what should I do? I don’t know…….