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fluffy bunny
November 18th, 2003, 10:31 AM
From another message board:

A very reputable sci fi news service reports the following:

Quote from Sci FI Guys newsletter

I probably shouldn't even report this as I have no hard facts at all. But, rumors are everywhere that "Farscape" might be revived for a four hour miniseries to resolve the cliff-hanging ending of the series. At the San Diego Comic-Conv, Farscape star Ben Browder was closed lipped about the possibility; but neither denied nor dismissed it. Yeah, that's all I have, so don't get your hopes up.

That ain't the HALF of it. Rumors abound.

From the Dark Horizons website:

Farscape (TV): The cancelled but highly acclaimed Sci-Fi Channel series which had its plug pulled earlier this year may be making a comeback. Last week an insider sent along this rumour: "Farscape is back in production - the series is to be wrapped up in 4-6 new episodes with the usual crew, cast and producers. The props and sets are being dusted off and are being assembled in preparation for filming in Sydney. The new mini-season will complete the story arc and bring closure". An interesting story and a solid source but still it sounded almost like wishful thinking and as there still hasn't been any official announcement about it I held off. After all, you would've thought Sci-Fi would have shouted it from the rooftops that its coming back to appease the ravenous fans of the show (incl. me). Then some people I know connected with the show started mentioning it's coming back and its confirmed that the Sydney production office is open again. I placed three separate calls to them on Tuesday to confirm/deny the rumours and all three calls were not only summarily cut off at their end but the secretary hurled nasty insults (courtesy is a dying art) - I've never had problems with these guys before so best guess would be they've been advised not to speak to press at all (which would explain the lack of coverage locally). That would also explain that when I got in contact with a US publicity rep for Sci-Fi, they said they couldn't comment on it at this time but will be releasing details when they're available soon. Something IS stirring, I guess we'll have to wait to find out what exactly.


you want more?


you want more


Okay silly quotes aside, that is what I want though. My main "Yeah, Farscape should've been cancelled" beef was the fact they opened plot arcs constantly that they just felt they never needed to bother finishing. A great example of just how potent they were at doing this was the transition from Season 3 to Season 4.

End of Season 3, Billions of unanswered questions.

Beginning of Season 4, let's start a new plotline about how Earth(at least the symbol was from Earth) was part of an Ancient alliance and may be the font of the Peacekeepers and other human ala Stargate SG-1.

Never bothered going beyond that episode with that plotline though and they wasted a 2-parter explaining it?

Okay enough ranting. If there's a mini-series I want this explained:

1) The above

2) Truth about Scorpi-Sue, works for the Emperor, but does he have only power in mind, or does he truly believe he is a Peacekeeper? (I think John Quixote tells us the truth when fake Aeryn Princess claims: Oh Harvey, he's just an inscrutable liar and a Butler) Besides being literal, I think she was really talking about the real world as well. The Butler meaning he's just a servant to the Emperor, and the liar part because everything he says is almost always a lie? I found it interesting anyway, she seemed to be letting on to something.

3) Sicoza(spelling) and the Bioloids (spelling); ugh, another opened plotline that failed to close. Are the Bioloids a new faction kinda like the Bene Tleilax? People who are replicas like Facedancers but have evolved to where they want to revolt against the system? I'm totally confused about her loyalties. Because they're not just Kalish(sp) Aeryn too was made into a bioloid at one time, so humans/sabatians can be them as well.

4) Ancients, Good/Bad? Part of the old alliance talked about in the beginning of season 4? Real motives? Always figured they were planning on making these guys a bad guy at some point.

5) Narenti, why the secrecy about her race, job? At first I thought she was an Ancient, but now I think she was just a generic character from a random world. Her appearence on the show was simply explained by "You picked us up in a transport pod when the Carrier exploded" and the others had already been dropped off, okay.

6) Stark, see above. What's his real connection to Scorpius and the Skarons? Scorpius said he helped in their death rituals, could he have been more vague?

Farscape could've been a much better show had it followed up on loose ends, after watching B5, LEXX, EFC; Farscape had a lot to live up to, so I may have been a bit harsh the first time around.

Hope there is a mini-series just to round out the series a bit better.


After I posted today I sent an e-mail to a buddy of mine that works for TVGuide, he sends me a lot of little tidbits and press releases in things I'm interested in, so I asked him to ask around about Farscape. Turns out his department are HUGE fans of Farscape and had already announced yesterday that a news conference was to be held today! Yikes, how'd I miss that! Later that afternoon though he sent me a message that it was cancelled and he didn't know why. I don't know if this means trouble or simply they didn't give enough time to get enough press out there.

From what he tells me they have already begun pre-production and in principle have come to an agreement with most the main cast. Whatever the case he assures me that by this time next week one way or another all our answers will be revealed. I also may have an exclusive rumor to spread next week on a character that "...may not have been blown up after all, but sent to another dimension." Stay tuned. http://www.sadgeezer.com/html/modules/phpBB2/images/smiles/icon_twisted.


The Burbank con is going on this weekend and I wonder if someone might spill the beans about what is going on. Claudia, Ben and many of the show's stars are scheduled to be there, so who knows.

Finally, Farscape will get a proper conclusion. I've been hearing rumors about a movie or mini-series and now it turns out to be true (hopefully).


It's amazing how accurate Saddys info was!

Indeed it will be a 4-hour miniseries. I got a few of the goodies this weekend and was told flat out:

"It won't be on Sci-Fi. Unless they want to pay through the nose."

It seems Henson and Obannon took a little offense to the way they were ceremoniously 'dumped' by Sci-Fi. On the other hand, Sci-Fi has not seemed to show any interest in a mini-series. Their loss I suppose.

It also sounds like most the actors are back. While only Claudia Black and B.B are confirmed through "official" sources at this time, word is everyone won't be asked back due to time constraints, they begin filming in a couple weeks; "Early December" and no word on when filming will be complete.

To print out another report verbatim from

TVguide.com (http://tvguide.com/news/entertainment/index.asp)

Frellin' awesome!! As reported in next week's TV Guide magazine, the Jim Henson Company is producing a four-hour Farscape miniseries that will tie up the loose ends left dangling when the cult hit was prematurely axed last year by Sci Fi Channel. "It's an epic conclusion to the series," confides a source. The project which will reunite leads Ben Browder and Claudia Black will start shooting in December in Australia. Since the telefilm is unlikely to air on Sci Fi, word is it may be sold into syndication. So there!

That's all I got for now folks! I'll keep my ear to the wall.


Let's hope its not an unrealized reality :D

November 18th, 2003, 11:25 AM
A mini-season to wrap things up would be fantastic, I love Farscape and own every episode on DVD.

I think it is by far the best TV SciFi out there.


November 18th, 2003, 04:53 PM
That sounds cool, but I never got into Farscape, but I saw the first episode, and it was good but I just drifted away from it. I'm pretty sure I saw the last episode, but I got confused because I think it said 'To Be Continued' at the end. Anyway did the whole thing end with whats his name and whats her name in a boat somewhere, and then this guy's face opened and he blasted them to bits....???

If so, what is going to happen about that?? If not, what did happen? I got back into Farscape a bit near the end, but I don't know what happened! Or is this one thing to get sorted out by a short series?

I'm sooo confused!!!!!

fluffy bunny
November 18th, 2003, 07:03 PM
filming starts in december. 4hr mini series

Tomsk- I'd try and borrow the actual episodes from a friend or something along those lines.

Failing that, there are episode synopses at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/farscape/story/
(not the best way to see the episodes, but at least you can catch up with what you missed if you can be bothered)

November 18th, 2003, 11:06 PM
They last they showed in Australia on free-to-air TV were the episodes involving Aeryn's mother. I assume we have some catching up to do?

November 19th, 2003, 05:55 AM

That makes my day a happy day!
I love Farscape - and I own the first two seasons on DVD. The rest will follow, but I am yet undecided if I should wait for the complete box of the third season . . . those boxes have more special features like audio commentaries. :(

Nonetheless: Farscape rulez.
And thanks to fluffy bunny for posting all those informations!