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November 24th, 2003, 03:03 PM
This will inevitably cause a stir in the press and allow Daily Mail readers, and asimovian, to get up on their soap boxes again. The game is sickeningly violent and children under 18 will blatantly get their hands on it, is this a good thing for video games?

November 25th, 2003, 12:13 PM
I've only seen the TV ads for it, but as it's from Rockstar, it already has that leaning of wanton violence and such. Games like this could very well be bad for the game industry if many come out like it, and kids get it, the industry could get slapped with government regulations like the movie industry instead of being self-regulated like it is now. If parents are so pissed about violent video games and such though, they need to watch what their kids get and pay attention, i.e. be a responsible parent, and leave everyone else the f*ck out of it, in my opinion. The government and corporations aren't going to coddle your kids for you, so suck it up. Oh, and if anyone says "the video game warped his mind so he couldn't tell the difference between games and reality, they're to blame for my kid shooting all those people." No, if your kid is unstable enough to where a video game causes that, then they have mental problems, don't blame a game. And then there are some people who say video games teach kids how to shoot guns. First of all, last time I checked, we didn't have laser guns, second of all, if you think firing a gun in a game is even remotely similar to firing a gun in real life, then you need to go on a long walk and get back in touch with reality. Stop using the video game industry as a scapegoat, b@stards.

November 25th, 2003, 04:28 PM
My husband bought it today - the UK version. We will see, but it already looks very violent . . .

We both wonder if it will get out in Germany at all - and if so, we think it has to be put on the Index.
What's that? The Index is a list of games and movies and CDs and such things with 'not under 18 years of age' AND a ban to be advertised and openly displayed/sold.
So you can really only get it if you are over 18 years old.

We had some changes in our laws about all that age classification following a massacre in a school almost 2 years ago - but I am not sure those are changes for the better.
It's not self-controlled anymore - which is okay with me. But there are some details, I am not sure will work well . . .

But about Manhunt: I am really not sure yet. I think I will have no problem with it - but it is surely not a game for kids. Is it a game to be forbidden?
Mmh, don't think so yet . . .

Will it have an effect on the video game market and a negative one at that?
That depends on what happens - will there be a violent deed by young adults that can be in any way related to the game . . . new scandal.
Will it change the market, so that more of these games come out and children can play them because no one effectively controls the distribution?
Mmh . . .

And will we ever learn not to simply put the guilt on things like movies and games instead of taking responsibility ourselves?
Wow, philosophical . . .

I will play the game and then give a statement about what I think about its violent content.

November 28th, 2003, 11:21 AM
I played it yesterday and have to say it can't be good for the computer games industry, while I accept that the industry now appeals to a more mature audience in general it is still way beyond what an equivalent movie, tv series or book would be. Its almost a new genre 'snuff game', underneath the violence is a decent if shoddy version of MGS but the content and subject make it an ordeal to play.