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November 27th, 2003, 05:13 PM
Marvel's newish collaboration between writer Joe Quesada (The company's actual editor in chief) and artist Josh Middleton has managed to generate pretty awesome word-of-mouth interest, at least where I'm from.

Quesada is fusing traditional Marvel mutant-themed storylines with a healthy injection of issues closer to home. These characters aren't the comic book teens your grandad might have enjoyed reading about.... The series promises to deal with issues of drug use, homelesness, underage sex, bereavment and gang violence.

But indie comics makers have been hitting that angle long before Marvel graced us with Nyx, right? And even recent Marvel material has been shooting for these angles...

What people here are really enthused about is simple : Josh Middleton's incredible art work. The luminous quality of his stuff and the clean lines just blow me away. Really ethereal, and with a clever use of colour: muted tones for the flashback and then subtle plays with a wider range for the rest of the comic.

Incrediblely funky work. Some of it is previewed at http://www.comixtreme.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5426 I encourage you guys to look at the first panel, which is cover art of Kiden for issue one. The brown and grey panels are flashbacks to her childhood. And the last coloured panel is from a scene in a rave.

A few people are already raising the issue of whether or not Middleton's work unecessarily sexualises his young female characters. I'll leave that up to forumites to decide, personally I feel that maybe Middleton's art taps into something that makes some people uncomfortable- in the same way as films like Kids, Bully and the recent Thirteen do.

Nyx as a whole probably isn't this harsh, it's closer to being a comic book version of Go or Human Traffic. I think we've all seen a lot worse than this. Marvel is still keeping reining things in, still censoring the swearing, for example.

I just find some of this stuff so good I want to frame it. Story be damned, just give me more art like this.