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November 28th, 2003, 01:42 PM
What are your favourite adaptions of comics to live action/cartoons?

What prerequisites are you looking for?

I think this has been done somewhere before, so if anyone can find it, could I please get a mind meld.

For me there are four standards.

The campy Batman show of the sixties. (Remember Batman and robin (Dick Grayson) looking for the Joker after he had been let out of jail. They end up at a place called the 'Sleazy Motel.' Priceless)

The Tick. Nine shows (Eight aired on fox in the US) before the show was cancelled. Starring Patrick Walburton, this was priceless as a complete tar job on the superhero genre. (Quote: Batmanuel 'No offence intended' Tick 'None comprehended' Quote: Cpt Liberty 'Do you understand?' Tick 'Nope.' Quote: Arthur 'Tick, that's bigamy.' Tick 'Yes Arthur, that's awfullly big of you.' Quote: Tick 'Don't be an Adolf Quitler!')

Flash Gordon. We all remember when Timothy Dalton and Sam Jones placed their hands in the tree stump. Everyone held their breath when this happened. Or hows about when Flash did his big football thing in the palace. Priceless. Flash, Ahhahh, he'll save everyone of us.

Footrot Flats:Wallace Footrot is priceless as the NZ farmer who has dreams of granduer. Single handedly beating teh British Lions for the All Blacks. Magic (even though it didn't happen until the Lions came down to Oz.)

November 28th, 2003, 02:06 PM
The Tick was awesome. Loved that show. And the Adolf Quitler line was hilarious.

The first two (Tim Burton) Batman films were great. Three and four were horrid.