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December 1st, 2003, 01:12 AM
hey! Just want your valuable comments on this piece....wrote it days back...whatever...my second post:)
Jeepers! Do drop in!


I am in love with the sun, I adore Sun in winters a lot. After a long freezing night that leaves me shivering out of chill (which itself is quite joyful), as the dawn cracks, I rest tranquilly facing the beautiful sun rising above the horizon. As it showers its warmth, I feel so sanctified. The lukewarm rays penetrate inside as if a stream of energy gushes into me from the immeasurable pool of love and warmth. I love Sun as for me it is the symbol of that divine power. I love it for I feel it is something for which I long every moment. If someone says…I vision God in the sun, it won’t be wrong perhaps. God communicates to us every day through the lovely Sun.
I remember I had written a poem in my childhood…well another poem… lost amid my ramblings but its few words are still swirling fresh in my mind…perhaps images or imprints of what I have felt once, stays somewhere inside me forever…..
Its first stanza, yes I remember that…

Standing on the roof of my house,
looking at sky above
I feel stars are my best friend,
Yet moon is my only love

I used to think this when I was a child…perhaps at that time, it was just a play of words for me….a childish attempt to fit…rhyming words like Love and Above in some sort of poetic verse...…but now I am able to understand its meaning…well once again I am able to associate something with me… I feel it’s a great art…O God! Pardon your fool child…I wasn’t praising myself…was just lost in the associations…
Moon…I see in it my reflection…another wanderer…wandering and wandering forever for someone. To have a slight touch of the intangible, to have a slight taste of the indescribable. It longs throughout the cold night for the sunrise… may be someone says….as the sun rises, it kicks away the moon from the throne…but nah! For me it is so different. The throne was never for the moon…it has no existence of its own. When it gets lost in the morning, for me it is such a cherishable moment. For I know it isn’t lost but after a long night, it has hidden in its beloved light. Lost in love so much, that none can perceive it. The Sun is so defensive about its lover that it hides it from the lurking human eyes….for it knows how much the moon loves it.
Moon and Sun…each seems so incomplete without the other. Though both are never visible together, one brightens the day while other illumines the nights, one may appear as a burning orb and other as a cool ball. Amid all these contrarieties, when I gaze at the moon for a moment, it seems to be mad for the Sun. My imagination visualizes it this way. As the dusking Sun kindles the horizon into a blaze of glory…and gradually hides itself behind the fathomless sky, it leaves behind its lover…the moon…discernible. Moon… a rough physical body with its surface full of craters, scars, chasms, dust, lifelessness… just like me….full or ambiguities, mistakes, deficiencies, weaknesses, flaws….just a mess of imperfections…. still the moon is adorable, still the world admires it….just cause it always faces the Sun…as it is always safe and sheltered…fearless lying enclosed, locked in the arms of sunlight. What it does…nothing … just reflects the light of its beloved and the world cherishes its beauty….the light hides all its blemishes…all imperfections get vanished…throughout the night, the moon longs for the sun. So peacefully and composedly because perhaps it knows the joy of craving…the cool fire aflame in its heart does nothing but refines it day be day, moment by moment. The way impure gold thrown into intense fire, loses all its impurities and gets reborn as shining pure gold, the same way His fire does its work….and the moon perhaps now enjoys this burning…the fire hasn’t reached its zenith, but yes! it is kindling somewhere in the heart…the storm comes, endeavors to extinguish the fire but collapses in front of some invincible power. Who knows who is adding fuel into the fire every moment and who knows when this fire will grow wild…but no rush…just a longing for the Sun’s proximity. A hope… someday, the Sun will be of the moon… is it possessiveness? …nah…it is just divine love…love which throws off all the constraints leaving behind just a mesmerizing feeling of oneness…no barriers, no bounds, no limits, no confines…just oneness prevails. O Lord! Bless the moon with endurance for the night is so dark and dawn is too far….for the journey has just begun and the path is too long…

:) Hey wish me Good Luck and May God bless you all :)