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December 12th, 2003, 09:40 AM
does anyone else like this show. I do I think it is one of the better shows on TV these days. I got a few theroies I want to run past fellow veiwers.

1. Chris is Paige's Child. Think about it he is part whitelighter and part wicth. This means he had to get it from somewhere. Paige is half-whitelighter and very powerful wicth. In the last episode he went back to the future and wyatt did not kill him. This means one of two things that either chris is so powerful that wyatt would rather turn him than kill him( ala star wars) or that they have close relationship( family) another supporting statement is that chris could summon the book shadows.

2. Piper and Leo should get back together.

3. That richard(paiges current boyfriend) is alot more powerful than he lets on.

Comments on this would be welcome