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December 19th, 2003, 01:50 PM
Managed to miss 1st hr of new BSG an can't find 2d encore listed.

Please fill me in on some details.

What's the connection between the old 1978 Cylon basestars and centurions shown at the beginning and the "present"?

I gather Galactica is a relic sched for decommisioning and use as a museum piece and not a frontline ship as in the '78 BSG. Was there a previous Cylon war?

Who's the Cylon babe that keeps following Boltar. Was she a lover? Is she human sympathetic or a spy?
Did Boltar know she was a Cylon? What's her name?

Are the humanoid Cylons subordinate to the mechanoid Cylons or their rulers?

Have the humanoid Cylons developed the idea that they have a soul and are now God's chosen?

Who is Gaius Boltar? Scientific genius/sociopolitical dupe or evil traitor like the '78 Boltar?

Brian, Des Moines