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December 21st, 2003, 01:50 AM
I've subscribed to Writer's Digest for a long, long time and I'm beginning to realize that less and less of every issue is of any interest to me. I don't care about the non-fiction stuff, I don't care about journaling, I don't care about the random writing exercises and most of what's left seems to be very generic writing tips that I've read a dozen times before and really doesn't give me much, if anything new.

I write almost entirely science fiction and Writer's Digest is blandly generic. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything else really worthwhile.

Ideas? Suggestions?

December 21st, 2003, 10:38 AM
I myself have never subscribed to any writing magazines. With the internet being so full of the same information, I never saw the need. You can find a forum like this invaluable. You can also find other websites with extensive information.

For writing exercises, enter a contest or two. Most are less than $5 and there are quite a number of monthly contests. You can also submit your work to Magazines, Zines or E-zines and most of the time you will get feedback on your work.


December 21st, 2003, 11:34 AM
I used to subsribe to Writer's Digest magazine for a long time... I still have them somewhere, but I let the subscription run out a couple of years ago.

December 21st, 2003, 10:50 PM
Try www.ralan.com They seem to have a listing for everything.

Rocket Sheep
December 22nd, 2003, 05:44 AM
Writing4Success (http://www.writing4success.com/index.htm) is a good one. Well worth the money.

There is a free tipsheet you can sign up for, and, at the bottom of the page, links to Marg's other fields of expertise. She also runs a great online course for writers who are pretty good but want to be better... ie.. not beginners.