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January 15th, 2004, 10:39 AM
Hi there,

Perhaps the bulk of you are new to the word "web-comics" or "Online- Comics". Well, I seriously hope not! However, in the event that you NEVER heard of such words, "web-comics" simply refer to comics or manga for that matter, that exist only in cyber space. Manga/ comic strips are updated usually twice a week, and a freely available to all. Due to the lack of restrictions or control, web-manga has the ability to express more powerful sometimes provoking issues; but this is usually NOT the case. The artists just wanna have some fun, drawing and getting their work appreciated via the feedback and votes they get for their production.

Having said all that, my new online web manga is finally up and I hope I can get some support!

You can read it here (http://www27.brinkster.com/skookumanga/debut)

SKOOKUM! debuted on 5th January 2004 and there will be fresh updates every Mon, Wed and Fri. Basically it is about a high school known as Palpicterian High School which is infamous for its student gangs. The gangs hold regular bouts against one another wanting to be the strongest and most influential in school.

Though the gangs may be aggressive and mean; they lack brains. Our protagonist is 17 year old Yoruki, who is highly skilled but is a loner with an attitude, and conciously avoids all the gangs and effectively defeating a few of them. However, Yoruki is defenceless against an invisible enemy: A Voodoo Curse. He surives and with his new found friends, swore to purge the shroud of Black Magic out of Palpicterian High.

Please support by reading, any support received at the initial stage is crucial for the eventual survival of the web-manga! Thank You