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April 25th, 2004, 09:51 PM
"That can't be them!" Mya exclaimed. It was hard to make out faces from the castle walls, but down there, in the middle of combat, a group of three people walked at a leisuly gait through the chaos. Wherever they went elves and kobolds jumped aside, creating a path for them. One of them had definitely the figure to be Arleena.

"Never seen anything like that, and I've seen a lot in my time," Boldar said.

"Well, they're careful not to trigger the shadows. Wouldn't you be?"

"You!" Mya said, not returning Gilli's smile. "Is Gina okay?" She had better be.

"Yes, she is. She's coming with us to the Underdark. Meet an old acquaintance of ours, that kind of thing. Not dangerous at all." Gilli smiled.

"If anything happens to her, I swear..." Mya didn't finish the sentence.

"Her own decision. Reed offered to drop her off along the way."

"But why would she..." Another sentence remained unfinished.

"Would be pretty hard to open the gates, anyway," Boldar mumbled, looking down.

Mya shot him an acid glance. Then she turned back to Gilli, bowing her head, "you'll take good care of her, won't you?"

"Promise," said Gilli. "Oh, and when Bass is no longer busy throwing fireballs, you might tell him to contact the chained one. There's something going on with the Kult'ar."


"What does it unlock?" asked Quinot.

"We don't know," Gilli replied. "You may ask Cromwell, when he's got the time. Reed said that this may well be the stupidest gift you ever got, but he doesn't have anything else he can spare."

"I wonder what it unlocks..." said Quinot. Reed had given him a mystery. Gilli smiled at the boy.

"Well, I'll be off then. You stay here, in the middle of the castle. And don't hide from your guards."

"Wait," Quinot exclaimed and rushed to a table, where there was pen and paper to keep him busy. He scribbled something. Gilli was impatient to get back to Reed, but she waited for Quinot to finish.

"This is for uncle Reed," Quinot said, as he pushed the sheet of paper into her spectral hand. Gilli looked at it. It was a drawing. A drawing of... some kind of animal?

"It's a fire drake," Quinot said. "They come from the heavens."

April 25th, 2004, 11:22 PM
Lord Gravin, standing on the crenellated northeast tower of Castle Cleft was not in a good mood. "Bloody goat kissing drow... and these little green vermin with them."

Boldar was standing next to him, pleased to be able to talk with the man for once without the blasted little boy about. "Ah now, if you got to know them you just may like them..."

Gravin turned to Boldar, mouth open. "Get to know them?"

Boldar colored. "Well, just a bit of a joke."

Gravin grunted. "Joke, that seems about all I hear from you Boldar... jokes."

"I could spend all day bitching instead, yer Lordship..., but that's just not my way. I don't mean anything by it."

Gravin nodded. "I know Boldar, I know. It's just being trapped here and waiting for Juzzza. It is starting to rub me the wrong way. And we are running very low on supplies."

Boldar grimaced. "Ogre's don't do well without food, lots of food."

Gravin nodded again. "Exactly."

"So, let's do something about it."

"Well, Boldar, that is my thought exactly. We are going to retake the valley, and hold it this time."

Boldar rolled his shoulders, stretching his muscles. "Now that sounds like my kind of fun! When do we go?"

Gravin grinned. "Today, full noon. The damned drow don't like the sun, so we will take advantage. Besides, the last food went into the breakfast that they are eating as we speak."

"Full charge out the gate?"

Gravin shook his head. "No, actually I was thinking of having Bass distract them with a few of those wonderful fireballs, and having LRI exit out the small sally port on the east wall. Nedrak and about four of his biggest toughs will go with you. I think you should get their attention nicely, then we will launch a volley of stones from the walls. When they begin to break up to avoid the stones, the regiment will charge through the gate."

Boldar nodded. "If you time it all well, it should keep them from forming up against us effectively. I think we can do it! Hell, even if its suicide, I'd rather die fighting in the open than starving in here. Besides, I don't wan't that smug bastard Juzzza dropping in here thinking we needed him to save us..."

Gravin smiled a grim smile. "Whatever get's you excited, Boldar. Go tell LRI the plan, and have them ready to go in three hours."

"We'll be ready and waiting at the sally port. See you a bit before noon?"

Gravin nodded. "Clash will come to you when it is time."

Boldar and Bass were sitting in the relative quiet of one of storage rooms below one of the towers about an hour later.

"It will be to dangerous for you out there." Boldar insisted, not for the first time.

"Boldar," Bass started calmly, "You don't understand. You are going to need my magic to survive the initial assault without losing half the party."


"No, Boldar. You forget what I am capable of. I am old... but my power is not in my arms, but in my magic, and it is at it's peak. I will levitate down from the tower after throwing the fireballs and join you. I fully expect you will watch my back. Boldar, you may be the big one, but it has chaffed to be trapped in here by those green scum and their drow keepers."

Boldar looked a long time at his friend. "Fine then. Just be careful old friend."

"You stick to the humor, big man. Leave the rest to me."

"Fine then. Just remember, I like my kobold well done."

"I'll set you up with all you can eat."

Boldar grinned a feral grin. "I expect you will, old man, I expect you will."

Mya walked in. "Let's get out there, we need to be in place and be ready, or we may not get the first kills."

Boldar smiled. "That's my savage little lass!"

Mya looked over her shoulder and down. "You think it's little?"

Boldar grinned lavishishly. "I said lass, girl. But since you ask..."

Bass groaned. "I'm not sure which of you is the worse."

Mya smiled and walked out. Boldar helped Bass to his feet and they walked into the courtyard together.

April 26th, 2004, 11:41 PM
The first fireball was falling towards the already scorched earth as a second, and a third were launching skyward. The yellow green balls of flame seemed to grow as they moved through their high arc, becoming the size of a large house by the time they reached the ground.

"Now, you go now!" Clash motioned to Boldar and the rest of LRI. The sally port was wide open, several armed ogres standing to each side. Mik and Cromwell were the first through, charging with silent fury, weapons ready.

Mya winked at Boldar. "You gonna let them have all the fun?" And she charged right behind the first two.

Boldar grunted. "The foolish energy of youth..." And he too charged, following Mya closely. For a change, his greatsword was sheathed to his back, and he carried a long sword in each hand, a feat made possible by his size and strength. It had been a decade since he had fought with two blades, but it seemed appropriate for the upcoming melee.

Bringing up the rear were Nedrack and his toughs.

Outside, they found hell. The first two fireballs had struck, scattering hordes of kobolds and a goodly number of orcs and a few drow. Several dozen had not managed to move quickly enough, Boldar noted, by the scorched corpses. However, the enemy in front of him precluded further thought.

Mik and Cromwell were ten paces ahead and had plowed into a horde of milling kobolds, which had been looking the other way. They barrelled into the mass, bringing death in a spinning and twisting wall of steel. A dozen kobold were down in the few seconds it took Boldar to move into position along side of them, Mya only a few feet away. The ogres had scattered and were individual mounds of destruction off to the left and the right. Nerak was bellowing incomprehensible curses and sweeping anything in his path away with a great spiked mace.

Boldar, conserving his energy, systematically cut down anything that attempted to flank Mik, who was directly in front of him. Mya was providing the same service for Crom.

"Where are those damned stones!" Boldar bellowed.

"I told them to hold a moment, while we do some damage and get them focussed and clustered near us."

Boldar was temporarily surprised by the voice of his friend. "Bass? Where the hells are you."

A blast of blue energy blasted out from a few paces away, blowing through three large orcs like a windstorm through a wheat field. "Invisible, a few paces behind you, Boldar. Just mind Mik's flank, and I'll mind yours!"

Boldar cut down a drow that had darted in low with one blade and blocked a short sword thrust from a kobold with another. Mya was effectively keeping Crom's side protected. Off in the near distance, two of the ogre's were down, and the third had joined Nedrak, who was battling like a force of nature.

Mik lurched into another flurry of destruction, grunting over his shoulder. "You care to take a turn up front, Boldar?"

"Your doing fine lad, just fine, but remember to slash, don't stab!"

Mik caughed a laugh. "Don't give me lessons old man!" He then proceeded to thrust his long blade into a kobold as if to make a point. The blade passed through to the hilt. When Mik pulled the blade back, to his surprise, the kobold stuck, and he found himself lifting the small creature into the air, impaled on his blade.

Boldar dispatched two more kobolds and laughed fiercely. "Kobold's stick, idiot!"

Mik grunted in annoyance and did the only thing he could. He shook his blade, trying to get the damned thing off, but it stuck. Then he made a mighty swing of the blade at a nearby orc that took advantage of his predicament and charged in with its short sword. The blade cut through the kobold and released it from the blade, and continued through the orc, cutting it in half from the neck down through the upper chest. Half the kobold was stuck to half the orc.

"God's man, that's disgusting!" Boldar commented.

Mik just grunted, though Cromwell barked a laugh.

Several more bolts of power had shot out from Bass, who was still invisible, striking down dozens of creatures. Thus far the party had evaded serious harm, though each carried minor wounds. In front of them, hundreds of kobold and several dozen drow were beginning to form an organized resistance. About two minutes had passed since leaving the castle, and the members of LRI were tiring.

Then the stone barrage struck.

Stones ranging in size from the size of a man's head to half the size of the kobolds began to rain from the castle walls. When they struck, creatures exploded from the impacts. Other stones bounced from the stony ground, only to bowl through the ranks of enemy, mangling several at a time.

April 27th, 2004, 12:06 AM
About fifty stones rained down, and the forces opposing the members of LRI began to break from the pressure of the assault. The pack losened and Boldar suddenly found a moment to breath, with no enemy within several paces, and those running away.

Then the gates crashed open, and the remains of the ogre's regiment poured forth in a massive wedge. The wedge was led by Clash, wielding a seven foot claymore. They hit the disorganized flank of drow and kobold and broke through easily, further scattering the enemy.

Boldar clapped Mik, who was hunched over catching his breath, on the shoulder. "Need to pace yourself, boy. Here now, let me step forward for a minute."

He gestured to Mya, and the two of them replaced Mik and Crom in the lead and weighed into the seething disorganized mass. Bass, now visible was sheathed in a bubble of force and was moving about touching individual enemies... each one he touched instantly died.

Mya and Boldar moved slowly, but fluidly, each waiting for an ememy to come into their range before effeciently dispatching it. Boldar with his great reach and two blades was very efficiently cutting a swath through the creatures in front of him.

"Boldar go to help Nedrak!" Crom called from behind him.

Boldar looked around and saw the massive ogre fifty paces away surrounded by a pack of a dozen large orcs. He was alone now, his last companion down in a bloody heap by his feet. Without thinking, he charged, leaving Mya behind. With both swords sweeping counter arcs in front of him, he cleared a path to Nedrak, cutting down two drow and at least five kobold on the way. Without Mya to watch his flank, he took several stinging cuts, one on the leg, an another across his chest.

Nedrak rallied seeing help coming and cleared away several orc's before Boldar reached him. Boldar cut down two more in a heartbeat and was beside the huge ogre.

"Boldar having fun?" Nedrak bellowed.

"Boldar want's a drink!" Boldar returned, and made a double bladed inward sweep, neatly popping an orc's head from its shoulders.

"Neat trick, that!" Nedrak said admiringly.

Before Boldar could answer, a half dozen orc's in front of him simply exploded in a spray of blood and flesh, spattering him thoroughly. As Boldar blinked grime from his eyes, and found Bass standing in front of him, the area now clear.

"Even better!" Said Nedrak, completely enamored.

Mya and Mik then arrived into the eye of the storm. Mya was glaring angrily at Boldar muttering something about stupid men thinking with their manhood instead of their heads.

As they stood resting in the relative calm, they could see that the fight had passed them as the remants of the drow and kobold were retreating towards the entrance to the underdark. There were only several hundred kobold and maybe fifty drow remaining.

"Looks like we're done for the day!" Shouted Mik.

That's when two things happened almost simultaneously.

The first surprise was the appearance of a great horned dragon from the cave opening the drow were retreating.

The second was a strange hole appearing in the air near castle cleft.

Boldar gaped, first at the dragon, then at the swirling hole in the air.

He was the first in the group to speak. "Son of a septic goat... I knew he'd want to take all the glory"

The entire group turned in surprise to see what he was talking about. Boldar, however, turned towards where the dragon was beginning to engage the now disorganized ogre regiment.

"Come on Bass, not the first wyrm we've come across!"

Bass looked at the planar gate, and back at Boldar. "Stupid prideful old man," he mumbled, and followed, preparing a handful of spells.

April 27th, 2004, 04:47 AM
Bass turned away from the dragon and watched as Juzzza, Albert, the Firedrake and a female Dark Elf slowly descended from the vortex.

They touched down gently and Juzzza immediately ran forward and drew his sword, slicing into a group of Orcs.

Albert whispered into the ear of the Firedrake and the creature seemed to tremble before expanding into a giant version of itself. Its great wings spread wide and the drake took flight and swooped towards the dragon.

Bass strode casually towards the highmage and his companion, touching enemies as he passed, ignoring them as they collapsed around him.

"Good timing," said Bass.

"You seem to have everything under control old boy," replied Albert, "I'm glad there is a dragon here, Daniel is starving."

Bass looked at the Dark Elf, who was smiling unnervingly at him. She looked down at his hand and he self-consciously gripped his fingers tighter around the demon bottle.

"Have we met," he asked.

"Many times Avatar," she replied with the voice of many.

"Varysna!" Bass gasped falling to his knees.

Albert sighed, "I never have that effect on folk, I am actually quite jealous."

April 27th, 2004, 05:54 AM
Albert's attention span at times tends to slip. Sometimes at rather tricky moments and times when his companions would rather have him there, than three sheets to the wind and the fourth ablowing.

This was one of those moments. Brought about by the mixture Suz's comments about flipping switches, long limbed, curvy hipped Elven Goddesses appearing, Daniel's lack of table manners and the sound of Bass' knee joints as he knelt down.

He found himself again with Dani and the item, which should never have been made, sitting on a table between them.

"What we going to do?" Dani asked.

"I don't know, what you want to do?" Albert replied rubbing his chin.

"I asked first, so what are we doing?"


"Takes a lot of effort that thinking about what?"

"What we're going to do?" Albert leaned forward and looked at the "item" "How do you feel like being a mother?"

"What? Huh.... are you? Oh........." Dani's voice went from an indignant howl to a confused gasp, then to a giggle of understanding. "Don't know anything about being a mother, know about being a sister."

"Ok, that will do" Albert leant back and reached for the switch on the item

"So what are we going to do?" Dani's eyes widened.


"By that dragon was good." Daniel burbed and shrank, though this stomach was so distended you could see the outline of the dragon's face on his downy skin. The look of shock was a picture.

The Elven Goddesses raised a curved eyebrow. "Least he only brought one of me along..." Daniel hiccuped and winked at the lady.

"Indeed... for that we must be thankful.." She replied and returned her attention to her beloved and faithful Avatar.

"Heads removal of! Time for!" Albert bellowed.

April 27th, 2004, 12:01 PM
"Damnable, bloody, stupid..." Boldar was growling a long string of curses.

Mya stood by his side patting his shoulder. "Don't let it bother you. After all, you were GOING to kill the dragon, right?"

"Oh, so now its resolved to patronizing me?"

Mya giggled. "Oh Boldar, you are so childish sometimes. Just be glad the fight is over and we are all fine."

"But the firedrake... the blasted firedrake TOOK MY DRAGON! Do you know how rare horned dragons are? I always wanted a horned dragons head on the wall at home. HE ATE IT MYA!"

Mya shrugged uncomfortably. "I'll admit, that was... odd." She paused, looked across at Bass. "Why is Bass kneeling in front of that woman?"

Boldar shrugged. "Begging for some..."

He was inturrupted by a solid whack on the head by Mya.

"Hey, don't do that!" Boldar looked sulky for a moment. Finally, looking at Mya he continued. "Okay, okay, I really don't know for sure, but I think he has been... getting into things again. I don't know who she is, though. Ask him."

Mya shook her head. "I am not getting in the middle of it, whatever it is."

Boldar chuckled. "Lass, I've been saying that for four decades. It never helps. We're in it whether we ask or not."

Further conversation was cut short as Nedrak lumbered over and dropped to the ground by Boldar. He raised his hand showing Boldar what appeared to be a wine skin, covered in gore, and a long string of... intestine? "Nedrak find drink for Boldar. Orc had it!

Boldar looked in horror as Nedrak opened the skin and took a long drink. Most of the stringy intestine transfered to Nedraks chin. Boldar shook in revulsion as Nedrak then passed the skin to him. "Ah, no, that's okay friend."

Nedrak pushed the skin at him more agressively. "Boldar drink!"

Boldar looked to Mya for help, but found her looking purposefully towards Bass. He reached out and gingerly took the skin, and poored a small amount into his mouth without ever touching the bloody thing. He choked. "Crap, what is that?"

Nedrak smiled. "Curdled lizard milk. Good underdark drink!"

For the second time in as many weeks, Boldar noisily emtied his stomach.

April 27th, 2004, 12:01 PM
Tularis yelled out, instructions screeching through wind and rain. Dirt flew up, hooves thundered. A wave of slick black coats swept across the plains, splitting in two. Steel glinted, visors slammed down, swords swirled, warcries echoed.

Mystiqe slapped her horse's neck, urging it to race with the left wedge.

"Myst, we ain't got the armour for this", Red pleaded.

She laughed, drawing her curved blade. "Just hold on tight, baby, this is gonna be some ride".

The horses sped up, galloping faster and faster. Riders crouched low, weapons ready, braced for impact. Now there were no individuals, only a streamlined arrowhead of horse and elf. Wide eyed and breathless, the elves rode hard, relinquishing themselves to each other. Merged and blended, they swept forth on a wave of shared emotion. Fears and dreams, love and pain, coursed through their veins, crackling like energy, setting their souls ablaze.

The ground rolled away beneath them, trees and rocks, grass and earth blurring into one. There was only the black wave, hurtling onwards. Beyond life, beyond death, caught in a maelstrom of nothingness. Rising ever upwards, scaling the heights of a tsunami, fearless and relentless, fueled with righteous fury. The world flew by in a blaze of colour, a beauty so intense, it hurt like no other. Time ceased to exist, overthrown by the moment, there was no past, no future, only the present.

Faster and faster the wave surged forth, unable to stop, unable to halt, unable to change course. A single heartbeat pounded through its core, throbbing and pulsating, roused in excitation. One desire, one need, one hope, one dream. The intensity peaked, reaching a crescendo, trembling and jolting. Anticipation, wild and desperate, releasing exquisite pleasure. Onwards, onwards, the wave rolled, seeking its destiny, till it fell upon it.

The horses collided with the berserker line, shaking and shuddering. They plunged through, swords slashing down on either side, hacking and slamming, blindly attacking. From the heights of delirium, the elven riders plummeted, rent asunder. Screams of agony tore through flesh and bone, every wound intensified a thousand fold. Pain and fear, terror and horror, revulsion and numbness, devastated the riders. Every strike, every fall, imprinted upon their souls.


"Myst, what the hell was that?", Red shouted, voice hoarse.

The dark elf leant forward in the saddle, resting against the horse's neck. Gasping for breath, she tried to respond. "What the hell was what?".

Red laughed, wiping sweat away with his sleeve. "I've never experienced anything like it. How do those guys go through it time and again?". He nodded towards the surviving cavalry.

"It's kind of addictive", she murmurred, grinning.

"I'll say", he agreed, hands still shaking. "So... when are you going to tell Juzzza how you feel about him?".

"What?," Mystiqe yelped, startled.

Red laughed again. "You've forgotten already, angel? I know exactly how you feel about him now, after that shared experience. Why the heck don't you tell him though?".

"Juz knows how i feel", she replied defensively, breathing deeply and looking towards the castle. Tularis was ascending the slopes, preparing to meet the leader of the human guards.

"How does he know?", Red challenged. "You only told him that you love him once and even that was in the past tense. If he knew how intense... how deeply you love him... how much you want and need him... how you think about him all the time... how lost you are without him... how devastated you were ten years ago... not to mention your, umm, more intimate...".

"I'm not much good with words...", Mystiqe said quietly, stroking the horse's mane.

"Liar", Red teased. "You're just too afraid of your feelings."

April 27th, 2004, 03:38 PM
"I told you. I saw you slink away and thought you were up to something." Gina stared at the path before them as she walked.

Reed's voice was casual. "We offered to drop you off at the castle, didn't we? Nobody asked you take the risk and join us on a journey into the Underdark. I mean, you're basically with a bunch of people you're not sure you can trust."

"Look. If you didn't want me to come along, you should have said so long ago, shouldn't you." Reed was a true test of her patience. He kept asking her why she came along, she kept telling him, but he wouldn't accept her answer.

"Just so happens that you're welcome to walk with us. You're the only competent survivalist among us. Except for, maybe, Gilli, but I don't know if she counts. She's dead to begin with." For a while it looked like that was it, but then Reed added, "I'm only curious why you came along, you see?"

Gina inhaled. "How many more times do I have to answer this?" she growled.

"Don't know," Reed said. "Until you stop giving us rationalizations, I suppose."

Gina sighed, but said nothing, determined to keep up the silence, hoping that, eventually, it would be contagious.

Of course, Reed went on. "I mean, Mya's going to worry about you. And if I'm any judge of character, you're going to worry about her. If the both of you had come along, now, that would have been a different story."

Gina swollowed a reply and focussed on walking.

"So, why, then," Reed went on, "aren't you at Mya's side, where..."

Gina stopped, whirled around and fixed Reed with her stare. Reed stopped in mid-movement, his torso slightly jerking back, but he met her stare. He opened his eyes wide and pursed his lips.

And Gina exploded: "Where... what? Where I belong? Mya's faithful companion? Is that what I am to you?"

And Reed smiled. "...where you really want to be. That's what I was going to say. She's your friend, isn't she?"

"I... Yes, she's my friend, but I don't know..." Gina calmed down. "Way back in the Juzzza's training camp she said she came along because it was a challenge, but now... She's just following that old fighter around, doesn't seem to have an agenda of her own anymore. And I don't know what to say... It's not like her at all. She's..."

"...in love?" Gilli drifted closer.

Gina bowed her head. "Perhaps I needed to get away from her, for a while. I don't know what to say to her, anymore. This is... confusing."

Gilli glanced at Reed. "Yeah, love can really mess up your priorities." Reed returned her glance with a sad smile, but didn't speak.

Arleena laid her hand on Gina's shoulder from behind. "Decisions, huh?" she said. Gina turned her head to look at her. Arleena went on: "Do you know why Reed invoked the Shadow Legion?"

Gina looked at Reed, who, in consequence, looked to the ground. Gilli giggled. "He told me, he did it, so I could be free. I think I talked to you about it, back then, didn't I?" she said.

Gina nodded. "I remember."

"If that's why he'd done it, that would have been incredibly stupid. I am free, always have been. And I choose to protect him," Gilli said.

Reed swallowed, and slowly raised his head to face Gina. "I... really believed that's why I did it. To free her. Because if I'd faced the truth, I'd never have let myself call the shadows. And, boy, did I want to."

Gina frowned. "But why?"

Reed shrugged. "It's complicated. I was feeling guilty. For not being able to take better care of myself. For not protecting Gilli, when she was being stabbed to death. I was angry. At Sharn, for dragging me into this mess. At the Rogue, for going at me with a blade, instead of talking to me. I was scared. Of just about anything, including pigeons in the street." Reed shrugged. "All of that was triggered when Bass froze her. It left me totally unsettled. I couldn't bear failing her again."

Gina frowned. "And you brought the shadows upon us for that?"

Reed gave her a weary smile. "Our decisions aren't always what they seem, are they? Sometimes they just erupt from the mess we've let accumulate inside."

April 27th, 2004, 06:42 PM
A few minutes later, Boldar was feeling a bit better, especially since Nedrak had wandered off to share his find with the others. Mya was sitting quietly by his side.

"You thinking about Gina?" Boldar asked.

"Yeah, I can't help but feel like I abandoned her... and I feel like she needs me."

Boldar turned and carefully considered Mya. "Why did you let her go?"

"As if I could have..."

Boldar interupted. "No excuses. Why?"

"To show everyone."

Boldar raised his eyebrows. "Show everyone what?"

Mya sat quietly a moment, then burst out. "You all thought it... I mean you all believed that we... I mean that she and I... well, you said the thing about carpet munchers... and then even the ogre couldn't understand..., well, I'm not like that!"

Bolder looked confused. "Girl, I was wrong, but I got over it. What in the world would lead you to let your friend go off on her own just to prove that you are not 'like that'. Hell, I thought you were sexy either way, and kinda hoped I, and the two of you might..."

"Boldar!" Mya's shock carried in the word.

"It was just a thought at the time. But I'd like to know; is that the whole reason you stayed?"

Mya blushed and spoke softly. "No, you know that there is more than that."

"An old man would like to hear the words, you know!"

"Perhaps when you get old, I'll say them."

Boldar chuckled. "Seems to me that we have to go find her, lass."

Mya smiled. "Yes, Boldar, we do. But I think that we are ALL going to go find her, not just the two of us. They went into the underdark, and that is where we are headed too."

"Fine, but I'd go alone with you, if you wanted."

Mya smiled again. "I know you would Boldar."