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March 23rd, 2005, 03:42 AM
Mr. Mayor:

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will not need to purchase an adventuring liscense. My offer still stands to pay out all the debts acrued by Loveable Rogue Inc. I take it that there is evidence that the previous owner of the liscense is Alive and has not retired. If you can pass a message on for me let them know that I will cover their debts until they return, and when they do I simply wish to work for Loveable Rogue in an advisory and/or administrative capacity. If you cannot then any leads you have will help me greatly. As I have said I do not wish to take anything from anyone, I wish to help revive Loveable Rogue Inc.

May the stars bring your fortune

Zhuge Liang: styled Kongming, Master Sleeping Dragon, Prime Minister of Shu-Han.

March 23rd, 2005, 10:09 AM
Boldar took a long swig of thin beer, and looked at Khan. "Old maybe, but still alive enough to crack a skull or two..."

Khan swallowed a mouthful of meat. "Settle yourself, old man, I'm sure it was a simple mistake. Besides, we were gone a long time, and people wonder, you know."

Boldar shrugged. "Saving the world takes time." And then he flatulated loudly and smiled a smug small smile.

Khan waved his hands before his face choking. "Perhaps now I understand why they think YOUR dead..."

Boldar just smiled and sipped more beer.

March 23rd, 2005, 10:25 AM
A fist held the struggling Urk by the ankles in front of Kahn's face.

'This belong to you?' said Juzzza.

'Well I'll be a chicken's giblet!' said Boldar after spraying his beer across the table. 'I thought you were dead?'

'So did I big man... so did I.'

March 23rd, 2005, 10:38 AM
Boldar wiped the beer off his chin. "If not dead, where have you been?"

Juzzza smiled. "Story for another day mate. What about you?"

Boldar grimaced. "I uh... well, you know about Mya, and well... we got..."

Khan's eyebrows rose. "You MARRIED her?"

Boldar flinched, then stuck his chin out. "I did, and I'll not hear anything said about my wife!"

Juzzza laughed. "Calm down. Its not her we wonder about, but Boldar your old enough..."

"To know a few tricks to hold onto a girl like Mya!" Boldar interupted.

Juzzza smiled. "Right then. Though knowing a trick and being able to perform it..."

Boldar stood up, menacingly. "I'll show you..."

Juzzza looked nonplussed at the huge man. "Actually, I've heard stories about a night at camp you 'showed' everyone."

Boldar sat back down. "Damn straight, I did. And they won't forget it."

Khan chuckled, looking at the huge grissled old man. "No, I don't imagine they will."

March 23rd, 2005, 11:05 AM
A skinny man with a long beard walked over, smiling and holding a tattered book of some sort. "I know you! I know you!" He waved the book about.

Boldar stood and grabbed the book from the old man.

Juzzza looked at Boldar. "What is it?" Then he looked at the excited little man. "And how do you know us?"

"The book, man, I've read the book!"

Juzzza frowned and muttered, "Crazy as a loot..."

"No," Boldar interupted, "its the story of our mission from last year. They wrote the damned thing down!"

Juzzza looked shocked. "I'd heard they were working on that but I thought it would never be finished!"

The skinny man grabbed the book back. "Its not done! Its still in editing!"

"Then how did you get..." Boldar began.

"None of your business." The skinny man said. "Would you all sign it?"

The three men looked at each other, bemused, then Juzzza spoke. "Boldar, grab him. Khan get the book and burn it."

The man squeeled as Boldar grabbed him, and then even louder as Khan took the book and tossed it into the fire. "Why, what, why...!"

Juzzza leaned in close to the man and whispered. "I don't want to hear a thing about that again... when its done, then we'll see."

The little man was released and he ran off, complaining loudly about 'critics' and 'bloody heros'.

Boldar laughed. "Juz, you really need to learn some social skills."

Juzzza just mubled something about 'bloody books' and sat down and picked up a beer and took a swig. "Mate, I'm just here to have an adventure or two. That hogswill", he pointed to the burning book, "could drive an honest adventurer crazy."

Boldar and Khan just sat and enjoyed their drinks, enjoying the company.

March 23rd, 2005, 06:30 PM

Bounty hunter or Ranger for recon mission.
Not for capture or kill.
Former government minister needs message passed to adventurers.
Pays in gold.
Interested parties can contact me through a Medium of any strength.

March 23rd, 2005, 07:23 PM

Bounty hunter or Ranger for recon mission.
Not for capture or kill.
Former government minister needs message passed to adventurers.
Pays in gold.
Interested parties can contact me through a Medium of any strength.

"Cassandra? What is it?"
"Hmmm?" the raven-haired woman asked, glancing over to the Mayor. "I'm not sure. There's been a lot of strange things today. Like that letter...."
"I know what you mean," Sebastian grinned, leaning back. "Ours is barely out the door and this new letter comes in thanking us for a letter that's just left. Spooky."

He smiled reassuringly. "Some conjuror's trick I'm certain."
The carrage gave a small shudder as it slowed. Moments later the door popped open.
"Milady?" inquired a footman repectfully.
"Your stop Cassie dear," Sebastian sighed, then looked at her mischeviously. "Are you certain I can't tempt you to go out on the town with me tonight?"
"Not tonight," Cassie grinned. "I really do feel strange so I'd rather stay at home."
"Ah well, but that does mean I know where to find you!"
Blushing deeply, she stepped out of the carrage, accepting the footman's gloved hand.
"Until later, my sweet sweet Cassandra!"
"I'll see you tomorrow, my lord mayor," she said, bowing her head mockingly.

The footman closed the door and picked up the tiny step, leaping gracefully onto the back of the carrrage as the driver gave the reins a flick. She watched it down the street for a moment then turned towards her door.

A shadow next to her door moved. "Ms. Guildentstein?"
"Yes," she answered automatically, stepping back. "Who... who are you?"
The shadow stepped forward, becoming a lean tall man with short blonde hair and a cold look in his eye.
"I need to contact someone," he said flatly. "I was given your name."
"I see," Cassie's replied, mind working furiously. "You... better come inside then."

He stood quietly as she struggled with her key to open the door, then glanced back at him as he followed her inside the house. She waved to an open doorway. "In there please."

He turned, giving the room beyond a good hard look before gliding into the room, his feet making almost no sound on the wood floors. She could feel the blood chilling in her veins as she waved him to a chair across from a bare table. Her palor was often used for seniance

"So who is it you wish to contact, Mister...?"
"Paris. Just call me Paris." the assassin said. From somewhere in his robes he produced a slip of paper. "I want to contact a Zhuge Liang. He's made a very interesting offer."

March 24th, 2005, 02:47 AM
Hull City, Post Office.

"Sir, you might find this interesting. We have received a lucrative offer for mass distribution of a certain... ah... document." Josh Dangleways stood infront of his Boss's desk, watching the chubby man sort papers and ignore him.

"Good man," Eugene Certingrate finally said without looking up. "Go work, will you. You cannot come interrupt any time you're proud of a new contract."

"I mean, sir," Josh said, gripping the paper a touch to tightly, "you might be interested in the document's contents."

Mr. Certingrate's head came up, and he raised an eyebrow at Josh. Involuntarily, Josh started to tremble.

"Well?" Mr. C began.

Josh scuttled forward and handed his Boss the advertisment.

"This Zhuge Liang person?" Mr. C asked.

Josh nodded quickly.

"The one you referred to as 'Zhung' in your letter?"

Josh's face coloured. He stared to the ground.

"You do know that - sometimes - we have to deliver letters to... foreigners. You can't go around getting their names wrong. You see, letters are addressed to people, and we, we must see to it that they arrive. It is a noble calling. Without our humble service all of society would collapse. Why, you would write a letter and not know whether it will arrive!" By the time Mr. Certingrate had finished his speech, his round face resembled nothing so much as a tomato. He took a few loud breaths and stared down at the advertisment.

"Mr. Zhuge Liang is a very honorable person. He knows the value of the postal service, and is prepared to go to expenses for the good cause. Perhaps, he will succeed where we have not."

Josh avoided his Boss's eyes. "Well, we did find this Boldar Dread guy. He doesn't exactly hide..."

"You know very well that we cannot bill mere employees." Mr. C said. "Hah! I bet they didn't pay him either." Advertisment in hand, he stood up, walked over to the filing cabinet, and reached a hand to the drawer labelled "LRI".

"No, sir, I did not suggest to... It's just... We've spent more on tracking down LRI members than they owe us. I wonder..." Josh's words came slowly, and his voice was anything but loud.

Mr. Certingrate whirled around. "Money?" he exclaimed. "You dare mention money? These are villains! I should never have dealt with people who refer to themselves as the Loveable Rogue Inc. Chances are they are rogues. Juzzza, Hume, Mik. Hmmph. I should have been suspicious when they only signed their first names, shouldn't I? It's obvious. They have plotted to disrupt the Hull City Postal Service. I will find them no matter the cost."

Josh rubbed his temples. "And then?"

"And then," Mr. C said, "I will walk up to them and ask them to settle their bill. And I will demand..." He chuckled evilly. "...an apology!"

March 25th, 2005, 10:33 PM
Rahid Zaj sat and wiped his sweating brow. He looked back along the road. For the most part it was a worn dirt path, but there were moments when one looked beneath the dust and saw the old road beneath. Anyone knowledgeable of this sort of thing could see the craftsmanship. Now, however, this old road was little more than a compass.

Sighing, Rahid set out his pack for the night. Lying on a beautifully woven thick cotton blanket, he looked up at the stars. A shooting star passed the dipper in the sky. Rahid sat up and looked behind him.

A figure walked down the road. As he came closer, Rahid could see that he was dressed in bright coloured robes in the style of a Taoist monk. He held a feathered fan in his hand and as he came closer he pointed the fan at Rahid. "May I share your fire young man?"

Rahid smiled and nodded. "For my honourable ancestor, anything."

Kongming came forward and sat by Rahid. "You have made good time."

Rahid sat back, leaning on a rock, hands behind his hand. "I will be in Hull City tomorrow. I have brought some of my portion with me, the rest will be sent along through other sources. Will any of the others come?"

Kongming smiled. "For now, I do not need access to anymore of my wealth for this assignment. My other progeny are dealing with other projects or remain untapped. But I may invite some others later if the need or desire arises. For now you are enough."

Rahid began to pick his nails clean with his ceremonial dagger. "Well and good Great Kongming. I live to serve the legacy."

"I know."

March 25th, 2005, 10:49 PM
To all Mediums:

Greetings. This is Sleeping Dragon. If you receive a client answering an advertisement from myself please give them the following message:

Please see Rahid Zaj in Hull City to negotiate for payment.