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March 28th, 2004, 04:27 PM
A long while back in the comics forum I commented on Image's charming (can I use that word in reference to a vampire / terrorism themed work?) 'Sword of Dracula'.

The storyline of this black and white Image comic has sort of morphed since its inception. Initially, it was a stark tale of vampirism as a metaphor for global terrorism. Van Helsing is at the helm of the UN's intelligence and military services, and she (!) is hunting the "Osama Bin Laden of vampires" (Sword of Dracula #1), count Dracula himself.

Subsequently the mythos has deepened, with Dracula being brought into the fold as an ally against your run-of-the-mill uber demons, fallen angels who created vampires in the first place (yawn).

So why the hell is this in the film forum?

The good news is that the rights to 'Sword of Dracula' have been settled after a bidding war, and its coming to the big screen .... the original concept, that is...

The producers of 'Die Hard' and the soon to be here 'Spy Hunter' have optioned it and are going to bring it to us as a terrorist thriller. Insiders say it will be along the lines of 'Raiders of the Lost ark' except that instead of the bad guys seeking the power of god, they are looking for Dracula's tomb, the idea being that vampirism would be ultimate global terror weapon.

There's obviously plenty of room to bugger this one up, but the source material certainly won't be to blame, being regarded as one of the better reworkings of the Dracula theme in recent years.

Oh yeah, and theres a first person shooter in the works as well.