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April 1st, 2004, 10:31 PM
Dear Friends How are Thee :)

I am a video student and as the School year is coming to an end we have been assigned our final project. As such my production crew is all in agreement it would be much cooler to hold a small contest (so to speak) for our final project. We would like to make a suspense film out of a Short story / Fan Fic.. Due to copyrights and such to qualify it has to be an original story. We are looking for a suspenseful, eery and possibly frightening story to turn into a 7 - 15 minute video.

The person whose story is chosen will get a complimentary DVD (or SVCD / VCD depending upon what medium we decide to choose) of the film, as well as recognition in the beginning and ending credits. Also the author will have the opportunity to review the screenplay before filming starts (we don't want to turn it into something the author didn't intend). Please send your fan fics to:
video_contest (-at-) address.com
Spam Guarded just replaec " (-at-) " with an @ .

Please Try to get these in by April 23, 2004

Thanks a Bunch OH and for legal purposes YOU PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK! ...awesome :)

Please attach the Story as an attachment (Copy and paste it into notepad and save it as a .txt if you want but please dont put it directly in teh Email). Please just put your name and stuff and a short message...

Awesome Thanks guys :)

Note: If your Fan Fic or Story doesn't win or get chosen, it will be deleted. WE WILL NOT take your work and claim it as our own...that's just...wrong. We will contact you either way if you do submit something :)

PS Please post here if you are interested so we can figure if this is worth it :)