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April 6th, 2004, 06:45 PM
I'm borrowing this idea from another writer's forum I visit periodically. The idea is that everyone posts updates of their progress on the latest story/novel/poem/whatever. It was pretty popular out there, and I think it's a great motivational tool.

I guess I'll start :cool:.

I just recently finished Chapter 12 of 'Untitled', which is one of my few non-fantasy works that's been plaguing me for a while. I think I've got about 4-5 chapters left, and then it's done, which I'm kind of optimistic about. It's a dark, ugly kind of story and at times it's almost painful to write.

I'm also into 'Twilight War', which is basically an action-movie in book form ;p. This one's great fun to write, and the characters are starting to come to life and do things on their own, which is nice.

Stuck on Sleeping Dragon for the moment, trying to decide what I want to do with it.

Also retooled the website (http://cool.sapphiresoft.net/noctis/) (shameless plug. You can read all the afore-mentioned here ;p), made a cool new logo thanks to CoolText (I can track down the URL if anyone's interested. Free 3D logos, bunch of different styles).

Anywhoo, how's everyone else doing with their various projects?

April 6th, 2004, 08:59 PM
Hi PaxNoctis,

Welcome to the forums.

There used to be a "sticky" with the same general idea - where people could post what they were currently working on. I'm not sure what happened to it, but I'm guessing that it got old and after a while people didn't bother updating in and it lost its "sticky" status.

Anyway, my primary writing project over the summer and into the fall is a thesis. It's an epic adventure story involving radiation transport, Monte Carlo simulations, a lot of portal imaging and energy fluence measurement, with a little nuclear medicine mixed in for a twist. Exciting!

On the side I have a number of projects on the go:
- a hard-boiled ninja story that just won't lie down and die
- a colourful epic fantasy with some hardcore characters and no plot
- a military science fiction story that is really a disguised outlet for my political arguments against the evil of "hippies"
- a suspenceful thriller that is neither suspenceful, nor thrilling

When I get around to finishing a story or two, I'm probably going to look into POD - but that's too far into the future. I can't even remember what I'm supposed to do tommorrow.

April 6th, 2004, 11:38 PM
Gosh, where to start.

1) Massive update of book 1.
I wrote this book back in 1996 and have done several overhauls on it. After reading many books and learning 'style' I decided to delve back into this one and give it a major face lift. I didn't change the story, just wording and grammar.

2) Once I'm done with book 1, it's onto 2 and 3 to do the same.

3) Once those three have been 'lifted' I'll finish off book 4 and get into writing book 5.

4) In my spare time, I've written the following short stories this year

Ed's Vacation 992 Published
Stan's Mirror 2300 Published
Pat and the Apple Pie 998On my Web Page
Mike and the Pizza 998On My Web Page
Land of Ice and Snow 7500Submitted
Stan's Dilema 55Submitted
Gohn's Arm 3500Submitted
Don't Eat the Bread 6400Submitted
The Tear of a Wizard 2500Submitted
Drought 621Submitted
The Empty Letter 4700Submitted
Rainy Night 2100Submitted
Freeway Man 1900Submitted
Don't Use the Phone 4500Submitted
Niboowin Jibwah Gimiwun 5400Editing Room
Dragon Slayer? 4000Editing Room
Little Deaths 4600Editing Room
The Father and the Sun 1200Editing Room
Note from the Castle's Dungeon 1700Editing Room

The number next to the title is the word count. Each story -- with the exception of Don't Eat the Bread and The Land of Ice and Snow -- were written in one day's time (2-5 hours each). Busy, busy, busy. Most stories are currently in the submission process somewhere. I need to clean up the last 4 or 5 I've written.

5) Being that editing is dull and writing exciting, I started researching VX nerve toxin (also the name of a friend's ex-band) and am writing Graveyard Shift which was a song by said band. A happy little story.

If only I had more time to write. The ideas are coming faster than I can get them out. It's as if someone lit a firecracker in my brain and I'm trying to get the pieces back in order. Argh!

Short blurbs can be read about any of the stories at My Bibliography (http://www.ofgnomesanddwarves.com/bibliography.asp). If you're curious about any of the stories, I'd be more than happy to e-mail you a copy for review.

And of course, Well met PaxNoctis!

April 6th, 2004, 11:50 PM
Trying to get sci-fi short published with a pro zine.

Gregg Bradley
April 7th, 2004, 04:36 PM
An interesting thread that you started here, PaxNoctis, and a very good idea!

Maus99--I admire your writing accomplishments. That's quite a number of short storys. Can't wait to see your first book when your done.

As for myself, I started on my second novel in March of last year, but due to bouts of writer's block over the winter, i'm still working on it.

To keep the name of the title secret, I simply call it "DDG". Currently I am on page 135 and still going strong. I finished chapter 11 in March and now working on #12.

DDG is a story of an American soldier who is transported to a distant primitive planet where he encounters viscious sword wielding aliens and even more nastier high tech soldiers from other empires.

My first book is mostly military sci-fi, the second is mostly fantasy.

The third book idea is only four pages long and that one goes back into the space opera field. The third will be really fun to write.

April 7th, 2004, 04:37 PM
LoL. Damn maus99, you've gotten a lot done this year. Makes me jealous ;p.

I'm kinda stuck in a rut today. I've got a killer idea for my next work, but I have a rule that i limit myself to 3 at a time, and I'm at the cap already. It's kinda aggravating me.

Gonna spend the rest of the evening plugging away at Untitled. Now I *really* wanna hurry up and get it done.

April 7th, 2004, 05:06 PM

One novel called Llafn Meistr, undergoing re-edit. took two years to research and one to write, this is now in the final stages of prep for a NY agent.

One Novel called "The Hat Man" took 18months to write and edit. This was sent to various publishers had a few letters from editors. Submitted it to NY agent, who liked my writing style but not the book, has since requested other work, see above.

The Hat Man as since been entered in the Lichfield Prize 2004, short list announced in June, hoping to make the short list...

A set of short stories co written with Hereford Eye (Dan) published by EQ books.

A set of short stories/flash fiction, upward of 15 so far, being edited for submission to various mags etc. (Hopefully this summer, health and time permitting.)

Pebble and Stone novel outline, first draft chapter one was chosen as Editor's choice for March on, online writing workshop, and was reviewed by a DelRey editor. This is in outline with part of the first chapter written, rest in rough outline...

I have three more novels outlined. Runes of the Necromancer, Night Hawk, Shards in the Heart.

I also write on various forums, mostly for fun.... some are role play , some collab stories.

April 7th, 2004, 07:03 PM
Thank you to those who encourage. I hope to inspire by posting in this one, not intimidate.

Finished today.

In an effort to encourage and show it's possible -- I had the bug again -- and finished Graveyard Shift. Coming in at just under 4K words.

I had the begining and kinda had the end, but it turned out quite differently than I'd planned.

A young man is tricked into thinking he is an alien. In fact, the person tricking him is trying to lure him into a specific location in order to kill him. The VX worked into the story as did the Rosewell crash. The dates I chose for everything, including the March 1968 release of the VX nerve agent worked out to be all full moons! I thought it was quite funny. My test readers today were thrown for a complete loop as they all expected him to be carried away by aliens.

I also sat down and plotted out a new book. It'll be roughly 26 chapters, perhaps more if I get aggressive. I'm planning on a novella unless I end up with more story to tell. It's about a canibal. Not a Lector type, in fact, quite different. Much less violent. I plan on making it almost a satire as the antagonist will be a gay doctor who likes 'fresh' meat. My curiosity, can I get a reader to laugh at a man who's being eaten alive. hmmm... a challenge.

To those with writers block, I found a great cure. Write every day. Who cares what it is, how good it is, or if it's even part of your book. Write. It's totally crushed my block (of nearly a year) and you can see the results from my start this year. It's possible. Go for it.

Now I sit to edit. I've got a LOT of editing to do. I discovered the stories pour forth. The editing STILL takes a lot of time.

April 8th, 2004, 11:52 AM
If it was a sticky before, might as well make it a sticky again. (Unless of course someone yells at me about it.)

I'm about 100 pages in on a first draft of a fantasy novel, trying to finish a sf short story and doing bits of a non-genre novel. And Maus should give us writing tips on how to be productive. :)

April 8th, 2004, 12:00 PM
I'm waiting...

Still waiting...

I finished the first draft of my novel about a month ago. Since then I've gone through it two times editing out all the grammar errors I could find. So far only my mom has read it (I'm not tricked by all the "This is incredible!"s of hers, though :) What I'm waiting for? I've handed the novel to two of my friends and to my sister. They have promised to read it and tell what they think of it (and to mark if there's something funny in the text).

This is the most exciting and somewhat horrible time of my life so far. I've NEVER shown ANYTHING to ANYONE before.

Now I'm thinking of new ideas to write about. I have a feeling that my next project will be something like Hitch Hiker's, I'm just not sure yet if I am up for it.