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May 15th, 2004, 03:34 PM
Well, I hope that they reload properly and after reading District X(yeah, kind of cheesy), I have high hopes, at least for this comic. It's a hybrid of The Shield and Top Ten.

************SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!***************** ******

Bishop, the star, doesn't show up until the very end of the comic, but you don't need the big for most of the story. It starts off in the hospital , where one cop is in bed with a bullet wound to the head. You learn through flashbacks, what happens. The cop in the bed, a stereo-typical older cop named Gus and his partner, Ismael Ortega, a young cop who makes a very serious decision. As Ortega relates the story to Gus, who can't remember how he was put into the hospital, we see what is a normal day in District X, home to the downtrodden and mutants and how GUs ends up where he is.

They help out a mutant who has fallen asleep and rooted himself to a park bench, Izzy(Ortega) is concerned; whereas Gus makes the usual tired comments of a racist. So far I'm thinking nothing special, but as the story continues, we see the partners investigate a hostage situation invovling a husband and wife. It seems that the husband won't allow the wife out the house or even speak to anyone. That's where things get dicey and Gus winds up in the hospital. You see Gus killed the wife and husband as to why, I won't spoil everything.

Thus being laid up and being investigated by Internal Affairs, Izzy is partnered with a new guy, who turns out to be Bishop. As a first issue, it was ok, but I am intrigued enough to stay around for another issue or two. But they are going to have to blow me away, since I'm not the biggest fan of Bishop.

SO anyone else read this comic or other reloaded X-men?