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May 28th, 2001, 07:02 AM
did anyone like the ending of this film?
I think it's a shame that most of the films about mars are very much the same. I would like to see one which focussed more along the lines of Red Mars and concentrated on the actual colonisation of the planet.

May 28th, 2001, 12:51 PM
Was that the one with the bugs, or the one with the 2001/alien-hippie-ending?

May 29th, 2001, 02:03 AM
I didn't mind the ending. I was expecting the contact "let down" ending, but the alien actually showed up.
They did it in a way that didn't totally take away the mystery of the alien(unlike in men in black) but still gave enough for the viewer to be satisfied.

August 26th, 2006, 03:29 PM
When I click "search" writing Mission Mars I found 27 threads (I imagine I can find additional stuff if I write Total Recall, etc) but the thing is people should understand -whether you agree or not is irrelevant- the plots receive a green light or not according to certain interests and subliminal messages. If you doubt me read this about Pentagon:
FOX itself has a name taken from Pythagorean number code:
Hence, is no surprise Brian Di Palma used the information from his brother Bruce to give a message of the sphinx's daddy (hyperdimensional Typhon/hurricane) swallowing astronauts but only allowing the "chosen one" (actor who repeatedly teamed Tom Hanks and is associated with a woman from Bush family regarding Iraq issues) to travel to the lap of the gods but only after they discovered the sphinx's riddle (Cydonia face which was completely CHANGED to make believe a styled sort of Et which is completely different from the real fused bifurcated zoo-anthropomorphic cryptogram hidden by Nasa with flatten images and odd angles after a dust storm covered the whole planet and using high-pass filters, etc).


Like Edipo the sphinx commits suicide exploding in this case after they discover the secret of our DNA being harvested (and they teach us Panspermia with virtual 3D reality).








Only when people star to understand this, they will comprehend why in Total Recall we see a scene in which Arnold Schwarzenegger suggests the MARTIAN BLUE SKIES ARE MERELY IMPLANT when we know reality is just the opposite and NASA wants YOU to believe Mars is more red than it is,they hide blue Martian skies for real , lakes and vegetation with red-filtered images that make green chlorophyll look like dark spots!
And now the same guys at Nasa announced they "lost" Apolo XI original tapes!:eek:
In Total Recall 99.9% of the audience didn't pay attention Arnold signs up in a hotel with the name of a character taken out from a film Capricorn One which is a fake mission to Mars "prepared" with Hollywood system. Who paid attentio to a photo ad of green Martian landscapes from Edgar Rice Burroughs in that film?

Who cared to pay attention to the FELINE FACE of Cydonia existed at least 50 years before we knew from photos?
Who paid attention in Dr. Who tv English series there was an episode about a Martian pyramid ONE YEAR before Viking photos shot the real Martian tetrahedrons or the lion-men trapped in Warrior's Stargate?
Who paid attention to the political message saying "let's go to Iraq" means "let's go to Mars"?
Who saw the Bush official ad in order to send Freemason astronauts to Mars does have a negro feature in a huge Martian face and even inscriptions on ruins ?

August 26th, 2006, 03:32 PM
Ooops! I mispelled this link, it is this actually:

August 26th, 2006, 03:34 PM
Wow, that's some good science fiction. You should have put "CRITIQUE" in the subject line though or nobody's going to comment on it.

August 26th, 2006, 03:44 PM
I suppose no tmany of you check the Total Recall poster not usually showed shows a huge Martian pyramid and celestial alignement which are not really a theme in the film. I guess you ignore as well the 5th revision of the plot had a sphinx machine tapped straight down to molten core of the planet representing Osiris Hall of Records:



So, people didn't, aren't & won't understand the meaning of some films if they don't know other hidden things. Mars has 3 "pyramid" 3 gigantic volcanoes Tharsis Montes corresponding to Orion belt stars and the pyramids in Gizah, Egypy. Cairo in ancient Arab language was Al Qahir meaning Mars the Conqueror and the Egyptian sphinx was painted red.
Watch the match-up:
Pathfinder tetrahedron was positioned 19.5 degrees N and 33 W latitude which is Freemason code and NASA is infatuated with these numbers:
So, people need to know things in order to understand..let's say 2001 Space Odyssey...and the orgy ritual in Eyes Wide Shut made by the same Freemason Stanley Kubrick director. Shall I discuss about that as well somewhere else?:rolleyes:

August 26th, 2006, 03:49 PM
Nop! Science in fact is being hidden from you usually with science fiction that eventually can be transformed into science:



Of course, people who "jump" the links and what is written will never know because they don't have the patience to read & learn whatever learnable thing and are quick to make easy criticism with superficial & general statements. Let' em be....

August 26th, 2006, 06:41 PM

Rob B
August 27th, 2006, 05:27 PM
chinitial - why revive a 5-year old thread to primarily post all these links? Do you have a point?